Riley J. Hood: Restore the Department of War

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By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

            Before the Department of Defense, we had the Department of War, which was essentially the US Army. The Constitution Party of Wisconsin has a Real War Policy, which means a Congressional Declaration of War, and the pursuit of victory, namely a neutralized or destroyed enemy, and an exit policy, that doesn’t include longstanding occupation, foreign aid and nation building.

During his first term as President, George Washington did much to shape our executive branch, he created the cabinet, and it had three secretaries, The Department of the Treasury, the State Department, and the Department of War. The Department of the Navy was added by John Adams. The Secretary of War wasn’t a substitute for the President as Commander in Chief; but was delegated responsibilities for organization and maintenance.

The Dept. of Defense was created by the National Security Act of 1947, which combined the Departments of War, (the Army) Navy and was called the National Military Establishment; it became the Dept. of Defense when the act was amended (1949). Under the act, the Secretary of Defense directs the entire military. Under the Secretary of Defense is the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made up of a chairman and senior military officers that head the three main services, and the USMC.

Why do I as CPoW State Chairman favor a return to the Department of War? The answer is that it is in line with a Real War policy. The return to the Department of War doesn’t have to separate Army and Navy, but it would force federal politicians to be honest about their intentions with the American people. The preamble to the US Constitution says the Federal government is to “Provide for the Common Defense.”

The CPoW Platform reads, “US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clauses 11-16 give Congress further direction and authority in this area, including the power ‘To raise and support Armies’ and ‘To provide and maintain a Navy.’ It is a primary obligation of the federal government to provide for the common defense….We oppose unilateral disarmament and dismemberment of America’s defense infrastructure. That which is hastily torn down will not be easily rebuilt. We condemn the presidential assumption of authority to deploy American troops into combat without a declaration of war by Congress, pursuant to Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. Under no circumstances would we commit US forces to serve under any foreign flag or command.”

Our Platform further states, “The goal of US policy is to defend the national security interests of these United States. We should be the friend of liberty everywhere, but the guarantor of ours alone.”   America doesn’t have to take sides every time one group of Muslims is fighting another group of Muslims; who more often than not, will unite with each other to fight “The Great Satan,” namely us.  The only “good guys,” in Syria are Syrian Christians, who suffer in silence, and receive almost no attention in the press.  Regarding Obama’s designs to bomb Syria, CPoW states that this isn’t a Real War, there is no mission objective for victory, and expended ordinance is costly, when one considers the price tag of a smart bomb, or a missile.

CPoW is never in favor of perpetual warfare, neither are we in favor of a perpetual defense that includes a perpetual high alert; which is a perpetual warfare one can never win. CPoW favors victory, and to win a war, one must fight it as a war, and not a police action, or conflict resolution. One must resolve to identify, combat, and destroy one’s enemy as quickly as possible. CPoW believes the best “eternal vigilance” America can have is a right standing with God, and His blessings upon our nation. America isn’t right with God, which is why CPoW promotes the Moral Order front and center.

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