Lee Wrights: Peace Works

Diplomats have caused the wars in which we are involved by meddling where they don’t belong. What we now need are leaders who know how to mind their own business. We need leaders who understand that War is waste and Peace is prosperity.

I am told I am mistaking agenda-driven politicians for those trained in the art of diplomacy. “No sir,” I say! I am enlightened enough to realize there is no longer a difference between them. They both “cause” war with their meddling. It is the American people who are left to pay the price of their policies not only in dollars and cents on balance sheets; but more tragically, Americans pay with their blood and lives on foreign battlefields.

And, I don’t see “military might” as an arm of diplomacy. Any reaction from other countries based on fear of our supposed “military might” is nothing short of terrorism. The very thing we are supposed to be fighting we use all the time in the name of Diplomacy. I guess a little bit of terror is okay, if you are the good guys. That is like standing at the edge of a huge forest fire, tossing match sticks on the flames, all the while claiming you are trying to extinguish the flames by fighting fire with fire. No wonder so many around the globe are angry at America.

You don’t teach people it is wrong to kill people by killing people. You do not teach people it is wrong to bomb people by bombing them. Diplomacy is exercised through conversation and commerce not bullets and bombs. Give us what works! Give us Peace!

At 55 (and being smart enough to know that even at 75 I will not have learned everything) my experience, both in the military and out of the service, coupled with a study of history, has taught me that peace is far more profitable to the people who must foot the bills for an out-of-control government on a spending spree. After every major conflict of our lifetimes economic prosperity and technological advances have always come once we declare peace. I am not asking to try something new. I am suggesting something that is tried and proven.

Peace works, for Texas and America. Help bring prosperity to both by electing a peaceful man as governor of Texas. If you are sick of war, you can’t go wrong with Wrights.


6 thoughts on “Lee Wrights: Peace Works

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Nice message. Seems not so much of an issue for TX guv.

    ‘course, I happen to think peace in all things is the winning message.

  2. paulie

    There’s the Texas National Guard. And many people here in Texas believe it should be, or even is, a separate nation state.

    Also, to the extent that running for offices that we are highly unlikely to win is just a platform for spreading libertarian views, it may be OK to talk about issues that are not in the purview of that office.

    With a more plausibly winnable office, you would want to be more narrowly focused.

  3. Robert Capozzi

    I wonder whether the Texas separatists make up a substantial voting bloc, and whether they are peaceniks…

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