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Workers World Party Salutes Chicago Teachers Strike

downloadFrom Workers World:

Workers World Party’s 2016 Presidential Election Campaign released the following statement on April 1.

On April 1, 25,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union alongside over 50 community and union organizations will launch a massive strike against the status quo, against the racist capitalist ruling class of Chicago.… Read more ...

American Nazi Party Chairman Weighs In On Donald Trump

3f7c5983-6fba-4b9f-b183-8115a8a6f42cFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades: Today I was contacted once again by the “Buzzfeed” so-called “news-site”, you know, the one that gave us international press about a month ago, over a hit piece on Donald Trump.

Well, the “reporter” wrote to me, per this controversy over Trump dis-avowing old Dave Duke, per Duke’s “support”, so I thought – what the hell, I’ll throw my two cents in…

Here’s what I sent him, of course it wasn’t wholly published, but at least I set the record straight.… Read more ...

Rand Paul to Announce Endorsement of Austin Petersen

From The Liberty Bacon:

Several sources from within both the Rand Paul and the Austin Petersen camps confirmed talks have been taking place for Senator Paul’s endorsement of the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

One source said that Senator Paul had considered endorsing fellow Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, saying if Rand thought he had a future with the GOP, he would have endorse Cruz.… Read more ...

Andrew W.K. Announces the Formation of The Party Party

FB_IMG_1459483833745From Zoe Camp at

Andrew W.K. has launched what appears to be a new political party, called (of course) “The Party Party.” Today, the musician rolled out a new website and social media accounts for the organization, which he’s framing as “an all-inclusive alternative to the traditional two party model.”… Read more ...

Green Party National Committee Votes to Establish Animal Rights Committee

From Peter Orvetti at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of the United States National Committee has voted 67-14 to establish a GPUS Animal Rights Committee. There were eight abstentions. The National Committee voted to establish rules for the Animal Rights Committee by a similar margin.

According to the approved proposal, the Animal Rights Committee will “inform and advise Green Party candidates and officeholders on animal rights issues,” “develop resolutions and official position statements on animal rights issues, consistent with the GPUS Platform, for consideration by the National Committee,” “develop amendments to the GPUS Platform on animal rights issues, for consideration by the National Committee,” and “ropose endorsement of legislation of national and state significance, as well as endorsement of marches, demonstrations and similar actions of national significance, that support animal rights and are consistent with the GPUS Platform, for consideration by the National Committee,” among other tasks.… Read more ...

Union Endorses Workers World Party Election Campaign

From Workers World:

At the March 24 monthly membership meeting of the Boston School Bus Drivers, Steelworkers Local 8751, AFL-CIO, CLC [Canadian Labour Congress], the members voted unanimously to officially endorse Workers World Party candidate Monica Moorehead for president and Lamont Lilly for vice president in 2016.

Local 8751 becomes the first AFL-CIO union to formally endorse the WWP 2016 Moorehead/Lilly campaign!… Read more ...

Socialist Candidate Gets Hearing at Trump Event

From Dan Fein at The Militant:

The organized disruption that forced the cancellation of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rally here March 11 “was a blow to free speech,” Socialist Workers Party candidate for president Alyson Kennedy said. “Shutting down political expression is inevitably turned against workers.”

Kennedy’s statement stands in stark contrast to the celebration of the disruption on the left and among liberals who are increasingly shrill in charging Trump with being the spearhead of a rising racist and fascist movement.… Read more ...

Gloria La Riva Stands in Solidarity with Ongoing UC Davis Occupation

UntitledFrom Gloria La Riva at Liberation News:

Statement by Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate for President. For more information, visit VotePSL.

As someone who took active part in two building takeovers at Brandeis University to defend affirmative action, I salute the student-led occupation inside the University of California Davis’ Mrak Hall.… Read more ...