LP.org: Libertarian Party bucks trend with 11% increase in voter registration

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Libertarian Party bucks trend with 11% increase in voter registration

WASHINGTON – According to ballot access expert Richard Winger, Libertarian Party voter registration in the U.S. has grown 11.4% since late 2012. Registration in all other nationally-organized parties has decreased.

According to Winger, the most recent figures available from state governments show that there were 368,561 registered Libertarians in March 2014, compared to 330,811 in November 2012.

Thirty states and the District of Columbia allow voters to include a party affiliation with their voter registration.

Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey Neale commented, “I think it’s great that Libertarian registration is increasing throughout America, while the Democrats and Republicans have been shrinking. Maybe it’s our across-the-board message of ‘more freedom, less government.'”

The states with the largest percent increases were Idaho (161% increase), Wyoming (68% increase), Nebraska (55% increase), and Louisiana (33% increase).

8 thoughts on “LP.org: Libertarian Party bucks trend with 11% increase in voter registration

  1. David Colborne

    At the national level, things are pretty bleak. At the state level, however, there are several encouraging signs of success. Considering how our current national leadership was elected during the nadir of state activity in the past decade, which nicely correlated with the peak of Wayne Root’s influence in the LP, it’s not surprising that national leadership is a lagging indicator in that regard.

    For all of Gary Johnson’s faults, there is one thing his campaign accomplished – it did a pretty decent job of getting libertarians to start organizing through the LP again. Many of the resurgent state parties are being built on the organizational and personnel foundations of the GJ2012 campaign. Nevada’s an excellent example of this dynamic in action.

  2. Mark Axinn


    I have no clue when this alleged nadir occurred, but it certainly was at least a decade before Wayne Root ever heard of rthe LP.

    In New York, we tripled our 2002 Gubernatorial vote total in 2006, and then tripled that in 2010 getting almost enough votes to achieve automatic ballot status for the first time in 40 years. We have a dozen active chapters and more in formation. Both Johnson and Gray have been here many times and spoken to large crowds.ur fundraising is at its best level ever.

    And this in a commie state which makes CA and MA look like Wyoming.

  3. Steven Wilson

    As long as these new members don’t look to national I think it is great. Bottom to Top is going to help against Top Two and non-media campaigns.

    This is why state chairs are so important. Great Job!!

  4. Andy

    “Jill Pyeatt April 3, 2014 at 11:51 am
    This is happening despite some of our leadership woes. Good for us!”

    Just imagine what the Libertarian Party could be doing if it was not for the leadership woes and internal feuding (like in Oregon, etc…).

  5. David Colborne

    My understanding is that New York was something of an outlier, at least compared to quite a few state affiliates 3-5 years ago. Since the Barr/Root campaign, we had to deal with a number of state party meltdowns (Oregon, Nevada, and Pennsylvania all come to mind – I also seem to remember there being a mess in NYC/Queens a couple years ago, as well as some issues in Wyoming), flat membership numbers, and some touch and go regarding ballot access.

    Granted, there were some positive signs of success back then – Georgia, Ohio and Indiana come to mind – but the bad states were in really bad shape. Thankfully, it seems from this side of the monitor that the worst is over. The last bit of LP-related drama I’ve heard about was in LP Florida, and, by the sound of things, it didn’t sound like a total catastrophe.

    My interpretation could be hideously wrong, however.

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