Opposition News: Constitution Party Calls Out Fellow Conservatives

The first sentence from the Constitution Party’s latest announcement illustrates why we at Opposition News have been so impressed with the party lately. “I know many Constitution Party supporters are listening to conservative commentators and are involved in a number of patriotic groups. I urge you to be educated and motivated on the issues – and to serve in the trenches,” Frank Fluckiger urges, showing members that getting involved is much more important than just sending money. Although, like all opposition parties in the US, they could use the money too.

“Some organizations, and their leaders, are making a lot of money from grass roots activists who send in $25 and $50 gifts, a lot of money,” he continues, “And often the expenditures far outweigh the impact.” The announcement goes on to give some unnamed examples:

‘One conservative media star hauls in $70 million annually…another earned $90 million last year – more than Oprah Winfrey. That same broadcaster was paid a flat fee of one million dollars to raise money for a national Tea Party operation (which has no local affiliates), but his efforts only netted the group $850,000…after expenses.

A conservative “think tank” president earns a million dollars a year, plus benefits.

In 2012, political consulting companies – media, fundraising, direct mail and others – grossed almost $470 million: about one in three dollars of what Americans donated leading up to Election Day.

One organization spent $585,000 on fundraising expenses last year but donated just three percent, $19,000, on its stated mission: financing conservative candidates.

Another operation took in an astonishing $2.1 million, mainly from small donors like you and I, but contributed just six percent of its earnings to political campaigns – the rest was shelled out in salaries and on “expenses.”

One immigration reform PAC raised $560,000, and spent only $10,000 supporting candidates.’

Read the full article here.

8 thoughts on “Opposition News: Constitution Party Calls Out Fellow Conservatives

  1. Mark Seidenberg

    I have a different view than Cody and paulie. I think Frank is a”better National Chairman” than
    Cymer”. Frank was not a party to the “Lock out of Michael P.” at Concord, NH in 2006. 2004 was the last great person running for POTUS coming from the CP.


    Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  2. Cody Quirk

    Yet Frank doesn’t want to have anything to do with you or the AIP, Mark, and he and the national leadership of the CP threw me and Joshua Fauver under the bus at the CP Baltimore meeting last year because we were trying to reach out to you and Markham.

    BTW, what’s your new cell number? You can email me if you want.

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