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Roseanne Barr Says She Will Seek the Peace and Freedom Party’s Presidential Nomination Again in 2016

Roseanne Barr

Actress and Comedienne Roseanne Barr has said since 2014 that she will run for president again in 2016. The only question was, with what party? Roseanne tweeted the answer today:

I’ll run again as a candidate 4 th nomination of th #PeaceANDFreedom party &demand a nw party charter b adopted,1 nt based on #debtslavery.

Roseanne Barr was the Peace and Freedom Party’s presidential nominee in 2012. She was on the ballot in three states. Her running mate was antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan.

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Jed Ziggler

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  1. Dan Conner Dan Conner November 15, 2021

    Roseanne: How in the world is expanding the military into space a good thing for society?

    Drew is right, you’re confusing Socialism with National Socialism.

  2. Drew Drew November 14, 2021

    So national socialism is the best kind of socialism?

  3. Roseanne Roseanne November 13, 2021

    now is the time for an actual socialism of american design to be born. it cannot ever happen within the framework of any globalist (neo-con) hustle. Trump built space force, the greatest socialist achievement of all time. amazing.

  4. David Campbell David Campbell March 16, 2015

    The idea of co-endorsing with the Greens comes up quite a bit at our meetings when we’re talking about electoral strategy, as we are eager to join forces with others on the left as much as possible. The problem is, for such a strategy to work, each party would have to agree to not run a candidate for certain seats in favor of the other party. But anyone who is registered to vote in a party can take out papers as a candidate, and claim to be that party’s candidate. And the Green Party would have to get each County Council to go along.

    We’ve made local coalitions with Greens, for example when we were part of the pro-tenant slate for Berkeley Rent Board that took that board back from the pro-landlord slate who’d been running it before, back in the ’90s I think. Both because of the Greens’ decentralized structure, and because we only have a realistic chance of winning on the local level, I think that’s where our efforts at cross-party electoral alliance should be.

  5. Steve M Steve M March 16, 2015

    a fact check here…. “I still paid $1 per vote-as opposed 2 Obama’s 2000k per vote and romney’s 4000k per vote. ”

    Obama and Romney spent a combined 2 billion for the 127 million votes that they each received which comes in at 15.75$ per vote, not 2000$ per vote.

    $2000 per vote would imply 245 billion was spent combined on the election by the 2 major vote getters.

    2000K per vote would be 245 trillion or about 17 years worth of the entire US economy.

  6. Dave Dave March 15, 2015

    I’m a big fan of yours Ms. Barr. I wish you the best of luck with your future campaign.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 15, 2015

    Ms. Barr, we’ll be happy to post campaign info, or opinion pieces from you. You can leave info in comments here, or email one of us listed in the “About IPR” section.

    We definitely need more women here, plus more non-Libertarians.

  8. Andy Andy March 15, 2015

    “Roseanne Barr

    March 15, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    to the cointelpro imbeciles here: ur figures which say I have 80 million dollars are lying bullshit.”

    The $80 million figure came from the website Celebrity Net Worth. I have no idea how accurate they are. I imagine that they include things like value of real estate in with their estimates.

  9. Rob Banks Rob Banks March 15, 2015

    That’s rarely if ever, and doesn’t apply to presidential candidates.

  10. Green_w_o_Adjectives Green_w_o_Adjectives March 15, 2015

    David Campbell,

    An (un)fortunate side effect of Top 2 is tactical alliances between non-duopoly factions become more important. Unless there is a strong third party (preferably leftist) candidate, the Reps and Dems will monopolize the November ballot as they did last year.

    Greens and P&F should probably co-endorse more candidates. At least when a candidate has a shot at the Top 2.

  11. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    The IP is from Hawaii, so I think there’s a pretty good chance this actually is Roseanne.

    Welcome to IPR. I also enjoyed your show way back when it was new.

  12. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    Couldn’t care less.

    I am mostly of Jewish descent, have relatives in Israel, and am glad my parents decided to come here instead of Israel when we left the USSR. I don’t believe Israel is uniquely bad or uniquely good among nations.

    My only interests in your campaign would be ballot access – if you want to pay decently – and news coverage, as in here. What you believe on the issues is up to you, and I would treat you as any other client if you want to pay for ballot access and strive to give you exactly what you pay for, and as a volunteer reporter here I will do my best to give your campaign the coverage it earns vis a vis others (we don’t cover Ds and Rs except as they relate to other parties and independents).

  13. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler Post author | March 15, 2015

    “also the fact that u use that picture of me is very telling.”

    It’s your Twitter avatar. I’m always wary of what pic I use because of copyright law. If you would like to email me a replacement picture, jedziggler -at- gmail -dot- com.

    Glad to have you posting at IPR. Don’t always agree with your political views, but I respect your work in alt. party politics & a big Roseanne fan from way back. 😀

  14. Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr March 15, 2015

    the next thing u will levy at me is that I am a jew who supports israeli sovereignty, I’m sure, but-b4 u employ the inevitable canards against me for that-I am for two states-and for Palestinian sovereignty and the development of a bi-state economy there-I’ve written much on the subject, which I call “Israstine”-

  15. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    I didn’t post the article, and it was most likely just an image search. What picture would you suggest?

    Just took a look at it. I don’t see what you think is sexist about it. FYI, Jed, who posted the article and selected the picture, is an openly gay man.

  16. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    No one is blacklisting you, and I don’t care about your ideology. When it comes to ballot access I’d help you get on the ballot if you pay me decently, and I can get you plenty of help, but it would have to be at competitive rates.

  17. Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr March 15, 2015

    also the fact that u use that picture of me is very telling. That was a performance I gave on a gay cruise-try a picture of me addressing the subject of native american sovereignty at Pine Ridge/Rosebud reservations. A little less sexism would be good for socialists.

  18. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    I’ll continue with the assumption this is the real Roseanne commenting here.

    Whether your net worth is 80 million or not, you are easily worth millions. Yet you only got on the ballot in the two easiest states plus one that you got thanks to the P & F nomination, and it doesn’t sound like they are too eager to repeat. So what do you plan to do differently this time as far as ballot access goes, or will two or three states be good enough again?

  19. Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr March 15, 2015

    as far as ballot access-I had the help of one man and his daughter-Paul Dahmon who sat day and night working to put my name on state ballots-all without real help from the PFP itself-who conveniently ‘forgot’ deadlines or any other of dozens of excuses-the party needs to take itself seriously- american workers deserve a socialist party which serves them-not a chattering class. there is no one as serious as me-I ask u for help once again-but know that I will not be dissuaded even if I have to do it all alone for the most part again-while u all sit there and try to blacklist me. Why do u do that?-My guess is that it’s bc u perceive that I am very Trotsky-ish, in that I believe its time 2 update the staid conservatism of socialist parties which exist in compliance with free market capitalism.

  20. Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr March 15, 2015

    to the cointelpro imbeciles here: ur figures which say I have 80 million dollars are lying bullshit. FACT: There’s 0 infrastructure w/i any US socialist party to raise money or enable a serious campaign. That is the fault of the party leaders, who are largely bought off by Koch brothers or Soros, NOT MINE!
    Despite sexist classist racist anti semitic attacks on me which are due to the fact that I’m a Jew who built a coalition as the nominee of the Black Caucus of the Green Party, and had the support of US Muslim socialists, because of the Muslim woman, Farheen Hakeem, who was my campaign manager, I still paid $1 per vote-as opposed 2 obama’s 2000k per vote and romney’s 4000k per vote. That fact alone proves that despite ‘citizens united’ we need very little actual money to win, if we employ the technology of the internet. Please educate yourselves b4 continuing to shoot yourselves in the foot, and helping to further destroy the hope of a socialist party for American workers-there’s only ONE actual intelligent post here-pfp is in need of a purge of its staid impotent status quobots. I’m happy to lead it.

  21. paulie paulie March 15, 2015

    If you are a serious candidate, assuming this is actually Roseanne, how is your ballot access plan going to be different this time?

  22. Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr March 15, 2015

    the level of duplicity and cointelpro was exceeding tough to live thru, I was blacklisted, reported & handicapped all throughout the campaign because I could increase the party’s numbers, which made the enemy nervous. I will continue-I am THE only serious comedian in the race of sexist racist clowns on the left and the right.

  23. Whether Roseanne Barr becomes more or less pro or any any given government I won’t bother speculating. I WILL however wonder if she is more pro-individual rights for people that that live in the region of Israel and/or more pro-individual rights for people that live in the region of what people say is the region of Palestine but my map says is Israel or Trans-Jordan. I really just call that whole general area “Here there be explosions-lots of them-land”.

  24. David Campbell David Campbell March 14, 2015

    I can say as a member of the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee (for identification purposes only) who just attended a meeting of that committee last weekend, this is the first I’ve heard that Roseanne Barr will be seeking our nomination. And there is absolutely zero support for such an idea. She has taken positions completely antithetical to ours (particularly on Israel/Palestine, but several others as well) and even during her campaign was prone to spouting insane gibberish.

    We would like to find a good candidate for president and are talking amongst ourselves and with other organizations about that. We all have our wish lists; for me: A revolutionary democratic socialist with support among a broad spectrum of the left nationwide, who can mobilize a large number of enthusiastic volunteers and maybe raise some money from unions and such, and command media attention. That’s just off the top of my head.

    But it’s also true, and now even more in California with top-two, that we put way too much focus on the top of the the ticket, which is purely symbolic – everyone knows we’re not going to elect the next President of the United States of America. What we should be focusing a lot more on is local races – city council, school board, sheriff – and state legislative and Congressional seats where we can field a particularly strong candidate, where like most districts it’s so gerrymandered that the “lesser evil” argument is just a joke. That’s if we’re going to take the electoral strategy seriously, anyway.

  25. paulie paulie March 14, 2015

    Oy vey!

  26. Guess what Guess what March 14, 2015

    Roseanne has seemingly become a lot more pro-Israel and anti-Palestine over the past year.

  27. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    True, and it would be even dumber to think that such a coalition could achieve its goals through the DP.


  28. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko March 13, 2015

    Unfortunately, due to the realities of ballot access retention, coalitions of minor party activists are not likely to happen. All of the parties involved would be screwed, with the possible exception of the one that they all unite behind, if that is a minor party.

    And, the arguments about putting aside party loyalty don’t work. The struggle for freedom, or socialism, of whatever you’re working towards takes longer than one election. You have to have parties around for the year after. So, it simply does not make sense, even if everyone really wanted to, to form any sort of coalition like that.

  29. Rob Banks Rob Banks March 13, 2015

    julieanna (@julieannayoga)

    Do you have a Plan B if Bernie Sanders doesn’t run or loses in the primary? Stay home? Vote for Hilary?

  30. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    It’s even more sad how much I forget. I’m not even that old yet.

  31. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler Post author | March 13, 2015

    “Wikipedia states three: California, Florida, and Colorado”

    Is it sad that I could have told you that off the top of my head, as well as for all other candidates in 2012? God I’m a nerd.

  32. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    I am betting he will not run at all, and that if he does, it will only be as a Democrat. See above for terms. Any takers?

  33. Bill Eisen Bill Eisen March 13, 2015

    I don’t know if Roseanne will run but I think that she’s a fabulous candidate for the P&F party. If Bernie runs I think that he’ll either run as a Dem or as an Independent.

  34. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    You’re right, I should have remembered they have retention in CA, especially since I had something to do with that.

  35. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer March 13, 2015

    Wikipedia states three: California, Florida, and Colorado

  36. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    I believe two.

  37. Andy Andy March 13, 2015

    Let’s see if she gets on more state ballots if she runs this time. How many ballots was she on last time, like two or three?

  38. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    Are you a mole, Paulie?

    More of a hemorrhoid.

    It felt like it to me. After all, why would a Progressive Coalition bother you?

    It doesn’t bother me. If it comes together, I hate to see it waste its time with the duopoly, because I have very ample experience that trying to change the duopoly accomplishes nothing. And I certainly would not be on board with asking candidates who are trying to build their parties and offer an actual choice in the election to not do so due to some pipe dream about a campaign that most likely won’t happen and if it does will make a small splash in the primaries and end there.

  39. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    If he is running in the Primary, then he will debate in the Primary Debates!

    I missed this one. How much would you like to bet that he will not get to debate Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate?

  40. paulie paulie March 13, 2015

    Also, I have no idea whether either one much less both of you are single, or for that matter even straight, but if you are, have you tried, you know, just asking him?

  41. paulie paulie March 13, 2015


    Rather than get bogged down in silly arguments such as whether facebook likes mean much of anything in winning elections, I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’ll bet $50 that Sanders won’t run for president at all this cycle, $100 that he won’t run as anything other than a Democrat for president for 2016, and $200 that he won’t be the nominee of the Democratic Party for president in 2016. Then I’ll bet another $500 that he will not be elected President. Wanna bet?

  42. juileanna juileanna March 13, 2015

    Above correction – a huge Third Party DEBATE, to have been televised by even MAINSTREAM MEDIA, plus Indy Media…and with a huge crowd through this University….and a massive Reception honoring the candidates afterwards. Jill Stein messed it up and refused to debate unless Roseanne Barr would not debate. Well, Roseanne had already accepted; we don’t UNinvite because of Jill Stein’s prejudices or whatevers!!

  43. to Paulie: where are your statistics, your facts, stats, and proofs about BERNIE Sanders? For starters, he has hundreds of thousands more “likes” on Facebook than Hillary…and he has received fantastic receptions in Iowa. Jill Stein said “yes” to making a Coalition after 2012. She hasn’t done a thing. She also messed up a huge Third Party three of us organized here in Los Angeles, and the Green Party was VERY uncooperative for something that would have helped them! Why did she resist? Because Roseanne Barr (whom the large University wanted in the Debate) was going to participate, Jill Stein refused. Then Gary Johnson didn’t want to come unless Jill Stein was there; then Rocky Anderson didn’t want to come unless at least one of the two (Jill and Gary) were there; then Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) didn’t want to come if the others weren’t there and only Roseanne Barr was there. She was the last person standing. What a shame. And, shame on Jill Stein, after all our work… Roseanne is not as viable a candidate as BERNIE Sanders: Sanders is smart, tough, to the point, and not afraid to be a whistleblower. He’s a member of the Progressive Caucus in Congress…and has over 20 years experience in Congress. I think you might look at him and his record…. He’s urging the USA to get out of the anti-ISIS fight, at least no more than these present strikes with many other countries in Coalition. He is aware that Saudi Arabia and certain other Arab countries have heavy weaponry and high-level skills…and it is THEIR war and problem, with the many factions, etc. Hillary will be a hawk, business as violently usual. BERNIE has ideas and practical plans. A Progressive Coalition backing him (no matter what “category”) – to get the Democratic Socialist ideas out there is what is important. If he is running in the Primary, then he will debate in the Primary Debates! Are you a mole, Paulie? It felt like it to me. After all, why would a Progressive Coalition bother you?!

  44. paulie paulie March 12, 2015

    How I would compare the three of them as presidential candidates:

    Jill Stein is a serious representative of her viewpoint, and organizer for her party, albeit extremely unlikely to ever actually be elected potus.
    Roseanne Barr is a comedy sideshow looking for an angle to get on talk shows and keep her name relevant.
    Bernie Sanders is a pipe dream, who will most likely not run, or at best make a tiny splash in the primaries.

    In November next year:

    Jill Stein will probably be on the ballot in at least 40 states;
    Roseanne Barr might be on the ballot in a very tiny handful of states; and
    Bernie Sanders will not be on the ballot as a presidential candidate anywhere.

  45. paulie paulie March 12, 2015

    WE PROGRESSIVES need to get behind a serious candidate who can win! like Sen. BERNIE SANDERS!! Won’t you please reconsider such a run, and throw your support to BERNIE…and the Peace and Freedom Party get behind BERNIE, no matter “how” he runs – as Independent, Dem (“independent Democrat, he says…but he can then debate Hillary or whoever else) or other. DON’T RUN AND FRACK THE PROGRESSIVE VOTES!!!

    As mentioned on previous threads, this is nonsense on many levels.

    1) Sanders probably won’t run at all, not even as a Democrat.
    2) If he does run, he is unlikely to even get to debate Hillary Clinton, much less win.
    3) He probably knows this, hence #1
    4) He doesn’t want to be hated by many progressives the way Nader is, lose friends, or lose power in the Senate. Hence in the unlikely event he runs at all, it will be as a Democrat.
    5) See #2
    6) Why would the Peace and Freedom and Green parties forego the general election presidential run to support a Democrat who won’t make it out of the primaries, probably won’t even get to debate Hillary Clinton, and that’s if he even runs at all, which he most likely won’t?

    That’s just silly.

  46. Green_w_o_Adjectives Green_w_o_Adjectives March 12, 2015

    “I’ll run again as a candidate 4 th nomination of th #PeaceANDFreedom party &demand a nw party charter b adopted,1 nt based on #debtslavery.”

    This is the rhetoric that I find refreshing from Roseanne. Alot of Green candidates seem to shy away from financial reform issues (knowing that these would be the most hard-fought and revolutionary reforms of all, they prefer to emphasize job creation in their rhetoric). Roseanne has the courage to say the u-word and call for radical banking and financial reform as the critical to a just and sustainable future.

  47. Green_w_o_Adjectives Green_w_o_Adjectives March 12, 2015


    This website does not explicitly call for Bernie to run as an independent rather than a Democrat. The difference is critical because if Bernie runs as a Dem then he is highly likely to endorse the Dem nominee, thus rendering efforts independent party building impotent. The value to Sanders running as a Dem is consciousness-raising…anyone who donates money should be aware of that and the liklihood that their money will eventually go towards other Democrats or towards a future Senate or gubernatorial campaign by Sanders. claims that

    “Senator Sanders will be a candidate and President for the 99%. He does not have a history of close connections and economic relationships to the very corporations who oppose our progressive agenda. He is an independent who has stood against the horribly misguided wars in the Middle East, and he is not part of the political class who are indistinguishable from the billionaires. He is truly a person of the 99% who shares our vision of a just and fair economy, and a real democracy.”

    Actually, despite hailing from a tiny left-leaning state, Sanders has taken lots of cash from the same people who funded Obama. Surely he is indeed part of the “political class” (after all, he gets support because of his fame, background and qualifications, not despite them) He seems to have played a leading role in gutting the Fed Audit back in 2011 too. While his stances on foreign policy may be better than other congressmen (eg Dems and Reps), they still leave alot to be desired.

    All that said I will seriously consider supporting Sanders if he runs as an independent and pledges to not quit and endorse the Dem nominee.

  48. Green_w_o_Adjectives Green_w_o_Adjectives March 12, 2015

    I enjoy listening to her talk. And agree with many of the things she says. She deserves more respect than she gets for her courage.

    That said, she has mental health issues. If she really wants to represent a progressive coalition than she would have to lick them somehow. Even so, I hope she runs again for the Green nomination…

    Re. Peace and Freedom, given that California is now under the domination of Top 2 (meaning they control the ballot for statewide races) it is now more imperative than ever for California progressive parties to work together.

  49. johno johno March 12, 2015

    Yet, the Vermont Progressive Party sold-out and re-elected Gov. Shumlin. Hack D. So, YAWN and boring. Don’t bank your money on the Sen. from Vermont. Will he sell out and join the hack Hillary crowd when push comes to shove? She’s a hawk on Iran and other foreign wars. If he joined the Green Party I would say he’s a true Indy. Right now I don’t think so. The Greens don’t go into fusion with the D’s.

  50. julieanna julieanna March 12, 2015

    There NEEDS TO BE A PROGRESSIVE COALITION! Europe has Coalitions – for WINNING!!! Peace and Freedom Party, Green Party, Progressive Independents, PDA org, Democratic Socialist of America org, Socialists USA and related parties, Vermont Progressives, Oregon Progressive Party, and more. WE CAN WIN, then!!! JILL STEIN should not run, either… she needs to get behind BERNIE!!!

  51. PLEASE ROSEANNE: though I appreciated that you ran in 2012, I don’t appreciate it now. The country is in a real mess and continues to be an imperialist warmonger. WE PROGRESSIVES need to get behind a serious candidate who can win! like Sen. BERNIE SANDERS!! Won’t you please reconsider such a run, and throw your support to BERNIE…and the Peace and Freedom Party get behind BERNIE, no matter “how” he runs – as Independent, Dem (“independent Democrat, he says…but he can then debate Hillary or whoever else) or other. DON’T RUN AND FRACK THE PROGRESSIVE VOTES!!!

  52. paulie paulie March 12, 2015

    I have no inside knowledge, but my crystal ball tells me it could have something to do with Milnes.

  53. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 12, 2015

    Yes, I was thinking today that April First will be here soon. I may have a big announcment to make on that day!

  54. Rob Banks Rob Banks March 12, 2015

    Ah…oldie but goodie!

    This reminds me that we are well into March, so I am hoping we’ll see some good April 1st material posted here this year.

  55. Rob Banks Rob Banks March 12, 2015

    Roseanne’s nuts: not just a book title. That may answer any questions people may have, hopefully.

  56. Andy Craig Andy Craig March 12, 2015

    I hadn’t thought of that before Paulie, so I went and checked her net worth out of curiosity. $80 million.

    Back-of-the-envelope from Richard Winger’s figures for new-party/independent presidential ballot access nationwide, minus the big hard one of California that they had automatically, would be in the range of 600k signatures. You know better than I do how much that would cost, but I would think two or three million could get it done or at least get close.

    According to the story below (about her getting fined by the FEC for filing late reports, which tends to confirm what you say about her staff), she self-funded $46,000 and got $10,000 in contributions. So she didn’t have a problem self-funding in general, she just didn’t want to do so in any meaningful amount. Why somebody with that kind of money (and apparent sincerity) would run for President, and then only put what amounts to pocket change into the effort, is something I find hard to understand. Sounds like she was more interested in “being a Presidential candidate,” than concerned about if anybody could or would actually vote for her (or if P&F grew as a party and expanded its ballot access).

    If nothing else, if she really wanted to stick it to the Greens for rejecting her, and set herself up for another run in 2016, she would put forward the minimal investment and time to get P&F on the ballot in a dozen states.

  57. paulie paulie March 11, 2015

    She easily has the resources to get on the ballot in every state, but zero interest in actually trying. Even trying to consult her team on it was a waste of time.

  58. Dave Dave March 11, 2015

    I wish the Greens would nominate her. I think she’d have done better than Stein, and while perhaps a bit eccentric, I do believe she is earnest in her activism and would be a good fit for them.

  59. David Cox David Cox March 11, 2015

    In the plus column, she went on Howard Stern last year and mentioned how hard ballot access is for everyone not Republican or Democrat, and didn’t seem to take her 2012 candidacy that seriously.

  60. Thane "Goldie" Eichenauer Thane "Goldie" Eichenauer March 11, 2015

    Bob Haran, you luckily have every opportunity to not support Roseanne Barr and to start a nationwide movement to encourage others not to support her campaign. Per PoliSci news that ticket received 48,797 votes in the 2012 Presidential election. Considering how much of the world are recurrent suckers for the war party I consider every single one of those votes a win. Her VP candidate Cindy Sheehan is IMO as serious as any other candidate for VP that I have met.

  61. Andy Craig Andy Craig March 11, 2015

    It seems to me like this is the sort of announcement that merits proper spelling, grammar, and more than 140 characters. But then again, maybe not.

  62. Bob Haran Bob Haran March 11, 2015

    She should stop wasting people’s time and get behind a serious candidate.

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