Rocky J. Suhayda on Native Americans and White People These Days

keepamericabeautifulFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades and all you other pale-faced creatures living in the Twilight-Zone –

Recently I was asked by a curious observer, about National Socialism’s viewpoint on “Native Americans”.

In a knee-jerk reaction, I was prepared to rattle off the usual diatribe that “well they lost, and there wouldn’t BE an “America” without the White/Aryan Europeans crossing vast oceans of water and all that that entailed, discovering AND settling a wild wilderness, and through hardships unbelievable to the weaklings of TODAY’S “white” population, sweating, toiling, fighting and BUILDING – this CREATION of America, and its Western based society.

With the “white” people of TODAY, I cannot even imagine it being able to be done again.

TODAY’S “white” population are so damn SELFISH, GREEDY, COWARDLY, and let’s be honest – PHYSICALLY dysfunctional – that just about ANY hardship or self-sacrifice seems beyond them.

Just as their bodies have become flabby, so have their spirits – literally, they have become SPINELESS, instant-gratification demanding, “MATERIALISTS” in every sense of the word. The Folk who — USED to be able – and willing – to WORK from dawn to dusk, meanwhile fighting off savage Indians, and all the forces of nature itself, and RISE up the next morning, ready and able to “face another day” of it – WHERE ARE THEY?

Our Race’s HISTORY is filled with men AND women, who through all the toil and difficulties, were still able to dream GREAT THOUGHTS – and even more – were able to IMPLEMENT these ideas. They didn’t “NEED” to be constantly “entertained”, outside their own minds, 24/7/365 days of the year.

Our Folk were a HEALTHY lot, not only in body, but in their minds as well. Oh hell, of course they weren’t all “perfect”, they certainly weren’t “angels” in thought and deed – they were HUMAN BEINGS. But, they created BEAUTY and strived for DECENCY on the whole. UNLIKE today’s pale-faced creatures, on the whole they knew DEPRAVITY when they saw it, and refused to embrace obvious DECADENCE as just another “alternative lifestyle” or a new “trendy fashion”.

Our race as well believed in FREEDOM. Sure, for a very long time our people “accepted” serfdom and slavery from the “ruling 1%ers”, but they were the ONLY race who EVENTUALLY demanded and got a degree of independence from the “Ruling Class/Caste” despotism that they suffered under for centuries – and which they are RETURNING to, passively today…

WITHOUT the White/Aryan race of people landing on the North American continent, there would BE – NO “AMERICA” as the world knows it.

IF the Native Americans would have been left to their own devices, the North American continent would still be a landscape populated by warring “Native Tribes”, who were basically a nomadic people, living in the Stone Age. There would be no horses (the White man brought the horse to the continent) and housing would be similar to Africa – WITHOUT White/Aryan intervention – NO plumbing, NO electricity, NO solid buildings, honestly without ALL the White/Aryans CREATIONS…it would STILL be a basic WILDERNESS, with the “natives” killing each other off with flint arrows, clubs and hardened wood spears, as the White man first found them.

I am NOT attempting to “denigrate” either the Native Americans, nor the Africans, I’m simply stating FACTS. In areas in Africa, where the White/Aryans did NOT settle or attempt to exploit the native populations – it’s still basically a Stone Age situation. I read recently, that in East Africa, an area where the Chinese are attempting to build and exploit the territory, the local pottery industry made of wood and clay are going the way of the Do-Do Bird, as Chinese businessmen are selling PLASTIC bowls and dishes… And so goes the cultural/economy of the indigenous population – negroes there don’t/cannot produce PLASTIC, or much else we take for granted.

I seriously doubt if the Native Americans would have fared much better, without the White/Aryans – do you?

At the same time as I’m smugly rattling off the “accomplishments” of our HISTORICAL Folk – I must in all fairness – state the OBVIOUS. At LEAST the Native Americans on the whole, were quite willing to FIGHT to keep their land and their culture(s)!

What brought about their eventual COMPLETE defeat at the hands of the INVADERS, was their LACK of UNITY as “Native Americans” ( they were as busy killing off each other, as they were at killing the pale-faces ) and their – let’s be honest again folks – their inability to combat the creative inventiveness of the White/Aryan invaders. So eventually they were either KILLED OFF, or they were herded like vermin into CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Where they were abused, mistreated, and often, eventually, culturally destroyed as a Racial Folk. They were INFLUENCED in ALL the BAD “habits” of the White/Aryan – ie drunkenness, and sloth, and instead of PROVIDING for THEMSELVES as the hunter/gatherers that they had been – they were “given” a sad form of “WELFARE” – just enough to subsist upon. As their self-reliance was broken, they eventually began RACE MIXING with the INVADER, where today you cannot truly even FIND a remnant of this once brave, and independent race of people. They’re a FOOTNOTE in history…

Well, you know what?

TODAY’S once mighty PALE-FACE here in North America is heading down that same road.

Where ONCE the word and the deed of the PALE-FACE was law – TODAY – they are being OVERWHELMED by ANOTHER INVADER.

These INVADERS wear BROWN, or YELLOW, or BLACK faces – and they are INVADING North America from every corner of planet Earth. Already, FIVE U.S. states are MINORITY White/Aryan, where ONCE the mighty PALE-FACE tread. This INVASION is occurring ACROSS the entire land – and the SYSTEM is grudgingly admitting that in another TEN years – the White/Aryan population will OFFICIALLY become a racial MINORITY in the land that once they RULED.

And only TIME will EVENTUALLY make the White/Aryans a smaller, and Smaller, and SMALLER – MINORITY in North America.

Now, this INVASION is NOT being brought about by FORCE of ARMS. NO! North America is NOT being INVADED by weapon-bearing ARMIES of RACIAL ALIENS.

By and large, it’s being accomplished by PALE-FACED traitors, who see the VALUE of CHEAP LABOR vs the “demands” of the White/Aryans who seek – DECENT PAY for a DECENT DAY’S labor – the ONLY race of people btw, who have EVER demanded, fought for, and received such, in the constant struggle of the “little guy” against the greedy, decadent, wealthy 1%ers of ANY age.

And Comrades, just WHAT is the RESPONSE of the average PALE-FACE ( of course, not the 1%ers who are all for a replacing of those unmanageable White Workers and their unreasonable demands ) to the INVASION of THEIR Homelands? Well, it’s certainly NOT the response of the Native Americans – is it? It’s certainly NOT the response of those of our ANCESTORS who ROSE UP in peasant rebellions, and “YES!” even in outright REVOLUTIONS against the 1%er CRIMINALS of ages past.

WHAT IS THE CURRENT RESPONSE? Well, what the hell is it? NOTHING, or worse than NOTHING.

For all those “White Nationalists” who tend to SNEER at the poor old Native American Indians – at LEAST THEY FOUGHT!

YOU’RE going down the tubes without even a SHOUT. Without even a groan, or maybe just a WHIMPER for “MERCY”, from all those gleeful NON-WHITE faces! DISGUSTING…

You ALL know (right?), that your LYING, CORRUPT, PALE-FACED TRAITOROUS “POLITICAL HACKS” ( who are selling YOU out in the first place, hoping for a few crumbs from their employers in the 1% ) aren’t going to “SAVE YOU”. Neither is “PRAYING” to a “SUPERNATURAL DEITY” going to change things much. Oh, gee golly gosh – WHO’S – going to RIDE to the RESCUE at the last moment in time?

Is it going to be one of those kosher “Hollywood Heroes” that you all seem to LOVE so much? A “SUPERMAN”? Or, maybe the green “MUTANT TURTLES”? How about “BATMAN” or some “VAMPIRE/ZOMBIE/MUTANT” clone? Sorry Whitey, your ass has had it!

ALL the WEALTH and plastic GOODIES that you’ve strived so damn hard to accumulate, and scrape together – do you REALLY believe that when YOU are the ever SHRINKING RACIAL MINORITY – that the “MUDS” are going to allow YOU to keep them, when by “VOTING” alone – they can TAX and STRIP AWAY – ALL that you apparently LIVE FOR, you stupid materialistic drones.

I wouldn’t IF I was one of them. Honestly – would you? Well, silly Whitey – the THIRD WORLD does NOT live your unnatural, “love everybody”, “we’re all brothers and sisters” nonsense. WHY do you THINK they are POURING across OUR borders? They WANT what YOU’VE got! There are only so many “pieces in the pie” to “SHARE” – WHOSE piece of the pie do you THINK the 1%ers are prepared to GIVE THEM to keep them docile for a while?

In the White population, MOST are ZOMBIES to MATERIALISM already. They’ll sell their souls, as long as it means they can “live the supposed Good Life” for a little white longer. You know the sort – “I agree that things are getting worrisome, but I CAN’T RISK losing all that I’ve got by rocking the boat” – or the “things aren’t THAT bad – yet” types.

But, even worse in my eyes are the ones who “KNOW the SCORE” and STILL find some kind of EXC– USE – NOT – to get SERIOUSLY involved in the possible SOLUTION.

THEY want SALVATION on the CHEAP. Instead of pouring their heart, soul, and resources into the RESISTANCE to “WHAT’S HAPPENING” – they give a FEW CRUMBS towards the fight, NOTHING to INCONVENIENCE their precious lifestyles you understand – just enough to salve their consciences a wee bit.

Perhaps these folks deep inside believe that it’s a LOST CA– USE. Perhaps they think that “well, I’ll be dead and gone by then…” – what about their CHILDREN? Perhaps these people have been so CORRUPTED living in this PUTRID TOILET of a society that they are so INFECTED that they HONESTLY DON’T CARE?

Lip service and a few peanuts tossed to what they believe is the losing team, makes them feel a little better…

Well folks, I’VE been in this fight since 1967 when I was 16 years old. In all this time I’ve always given it my ALL – and I still haven’t SURRENDERED. And I never will. I KNOW what is RIGHT and what is WRONG – win OR lose.

Even IF we Pale-Faces become a MINORITY in ten years or so, there’s STILL a lot of fight in a slice of the population that size – IF – they seriously ORGANIZE in their own self-interests, and IF they’ve begun building towards that goal, BEFORE the clock winds down.

THAT’S the goal of the American Nazi Party right NOW. Come on, we ALL know realistically that we’re NOT going to be hoisting the Swastika over the White House relatively soon. I’m not sure about all of you, but I’M not a moron, nor am I some fantasy dreamer who likes to play “Fuhrer” for the ego boost that it gives my pathetic life.

I would like to believe that I’m a PRAGMATIC revolutionary thinker, who DOES believe in the words that I’ve just written.

At the PRESENT time – WHAT other organization or leadership – says and promotes what the ANP does? What’s LEFT of the “white movement” are the literal dregs of the Phase One FANTASY era of “let’s play dress-up, and make spectacles of ourselves” OR the “let’s secede and go back in time” ( yeah, that worked great in the 1860’s, eh ) bunch. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING but what the National Socialists of the ANP propose.


Let’s FINALLY start DOING what our Comrades OVERSEAS are involved in. REAL political ACTIVITY.

And that’s going to take some SERIOUS COMMITMENT – be it personal INVOLVEMENT, sacrificial financial $UPPORT, and most of all – the willingness to STAY the COURSE over WHATEVER TIME IT TAKES to achieve our goals. PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE must be our common watchwords!

This land wasn’t TAKEN, SETTLED and BUILT from the Native Americans OVERNIGHT.

Being a “Long-timer” in this Struggle, I personally KNOW how difficult it is, to carry on for what you know is RIGHT when so little seems to be accomplished by all that you’ve sacrificed and attempted and done. But compared to our ANCESTORS, those PIONEERS who would no doubt laugh at our current “hardships” – WHATEVER we “sacrifice” – is so minimal in comparison ( you KNOW it is ) to THEIRS, that isn’t our NOT doing all we can to KEEP the legacy that our Folk granted us, WORSE than any “SIN” imaginable?

Well, that’s my “sermon” for today…

The March issue of The White Worker magazine was apparently pretty well received by those who got it. Yes, I really like the cover illustration too of Commander Rockwell – for those of you who asked, it was adapted from an old Rockwell era collation of pics from that period. Thanks for the kind words about my article about the Commander’s life as well. I appreciate the kind words and thoughts that many of you sent.

I want to add up front, that The White Worker wouldn’t be possible without Comrade Axl Hess and the many other contributors of articles and illustrations – it shows what TEAMWORK can accomplish.

I would like to remind all of you that the ANP Annual Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign continues through the month of April, especially in honor of Adolf Hitler’s birthday on the 20th. I sincerely urge each National Socialist to take part!

To those faint-hearts out there who feel that “victory” isn’t coming quickly enough, or that whatever “sacrifices” that they might have made towards that goal, aren’t “appreciated” – let me remind you that WHATEVER you OR I have ever done, is NOTHING to the REAL SACRIFICES that others have made, who have gone before us, in this Struggle for the 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class, just to get us to this point in time.

I wonder sometimes just where these types would have run off to, when their wagon train was stranded on the plains, surrounded by hostile Native Americans, no water, less food and ammo, and women and children to provide for and protect… Would you be one of those types to sneak off at night, taking what you could and leaving the others in the lurch – you shouldn’t perhaps have joined those tough pioneers in the first place. They were maybe counting upon you…

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

12 thoughts on “Rocky J. Suhayda on Native Americans and White People These Days

  1. Matt Cholko

    The amount of racist garbage reported on at IPR seems to have increased quite a bit in the last year or so. I know that these assholes are tied to “third” parties. But, really, things like the A3P, or whatever they’re calling it now, are itty bitty specks of dust compared to even the Reform Party. Do they really deserve this much attention?

  2. Matt Cholko

    I’m not trying to criticize your work, Jed, or anyone else. I’m just sayin’……

    With some of the right-wing crazies (Riley Hood, for example), there’s a comedy factor, and a link to a significant third party. But, with some others there doesn’t seem to be much of anything except a few racist pricks and a blog. Generally speaking, I don’t think the latter group is deserving of the attention.

  3. Jed Ziggler Post author

    It’s cool, I always hesitate to post stuff like this. It’s always a toss up. I don’t think they should be completely ignored though, but I certainly get why you & others feel differently.

    I will say I do post more AFP stuff than others, but they’re a nationally-organized party that fields candidates in several states, so I try to give them equal coverage. Plus, I feel like it’s a good reminder that it’s a GOOD thing that they’re so tiny. There was a time when the AFP’s views were mainstream, and codified national law.

    Personally, I find humor in Rocky J.’s stuff. The random CAPITALIZATION always makes me snicker a little.

  4. Dave

    I read the author in the voice of that teacher from Daria who always STRESSED certain words.

  5. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    >> IF the Native Americans would have been left to their own devices, the North American continent would still be a landscape populated by warring “Native Tribes”, who were basically a nomadic people, living in the Stone Age. <<

    Stone Age? That might be true of some Native American tribes, I'm not sure.

    But the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans had fairly advanced civilizations, making use of astronomy, mathematics, some impressive architecture, and irrigation farming.

  6. Jake Porter

    “I was prepared to rattle off the usual diatribe that “well they lost, and there wouldn’t BE an “America” without the White/Aryan Europeans crossing vast oceans of water and all that that entailed,”

    That was mighty white of him.

  7. short sheeted sam

    So you used a picture of an Italian actor who called himself Iron Eyes Cody as I recall.

  8. Jim

    The Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans were all south of the Rio Grande. They were closer to Civilization than the North of Rio tribes because of ONE issue: Farming and Storage of Food to prevent famine. You will find the populations much larger in a people or tribe if they cultivate or farm…not just hunt or fish. The birth rate is higher and the death rate is lower. In fact, in all of World History, any tribe, culture, or people, is not classified as civilized unless you farm and are not nomadic.

    The estimated populations of the tribes in the USA and Canada before heavy White interference was about 1 million. The farming in the USA was mostly done in the Southwest by the Navajos and other tribes in warm areas. In addition, the males in the USA and Canada generally regarded farming as effeminate and not for real men, hence rituals for hunting and fishing expeditions.

    The estimated populations of the tribes of South America, Mexico, and Central America was about 15 million. From Ancient Times to modern, the key trigger to the advancement of Civilization was having food on the table, and how many people had leisure time to discover, invent, and develop culture and not have to daily forage for food or starve. A historian discovered that the key ratio is 1:4…1 farmer able to feed 4 others. If it was 1:3….Civilization was not able to trigger fast progress. can’t have civilization. (Today 1 american farmer can feed 155 people, an amazing statistic. It was 1:35 just 50 years ago in America.) This produced available free time for many to invent, create, and develop culture in Medieval Times in order to move to the Modern Age, in turn to also improve Farming and Crops to further trigger more efficiency, ie. delivery trucks & trains and supermarkets.

    So the Tribes in the USA and Canada never go to the moon or get a smart phone in their hands (or Whiskey) unless they conquer the food and starvation issue. Ever.

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