Roseanne Barr in The Daily Beast: Forget Hillary, Vote for Me!

Article by actress, comedienne, and 2012 Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee Roseanne Barr in The Daily Beast:

When I was a little girl, I heard it said, “You never know: someday, there may even be a woman president.” This was said when both Margaret Chase Smith and Shirley Chisolm ran for the highest office in America. Even at my tender age, I knew it was said in the same way that you might speculate about Martians landing in Washington, D.C., but I didn’t care. A seed was planted. I already had dreams of movie stardom and a career in top-level espionage as a youngster, but from very early on, my being President of THESE United States was always looming in the distance of my girlhood fantasies.

You have to understand something: Politics wasn’t as far removed from my childhood as it is for most kids. My house was a hotbed of political discussions as far back as I could remember, a bubbling cauldron stirred by, among others, my avowed socialist grandfather, Sam, and his son, who was my father, Jerome Barr. They were socialists stranded in Utah, the most Republican state in the union, but which also had roots in socialism, as the Mormon Church supplied cradle-to-grave protection for all of its Utah members, until the Goldwater Revolution of the ’60s that became the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s. In other words: From the beginning, I was no stranger to Realpolitik AND the potentially desperate need to swim against the tide. For those doubters who think my campaign of 2012 was a whim or just a gimmicky way to grab some attention, my documentary Roseanne For President will be an eye-opener.

That seed I mentioned at the top took root and kept growing, and in my late fifties, after nearly three decades in show business, I decided to ascend to the even loftier level of “show business’ that is presidential politics. I did it for many reasons, but my favorite one was because of the theatrical farce of “hanging chads” which brought W to the Executive Office, and actually nullified our election system itself. At the urging of my friends, notably Cynthia McKinney, herself the last Green Party candidate for president, I agreed to take on the task and “carry the water” for American workers.

It bears repeating: This was no publicity stunt.

As I said early on the campaign trail and as you can see in the documentary that chronicles my run, I accepted the very real possibility that my bid to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would squash my career as a stand-up comedian like a steamroller, and like many candidates in other countries where a “Supreme Court” determines who wins an election, I accepted that I could be killed or imprisoned here—as was a former Green Party candidate, Nativo Lopez. But, I went for it, and survived it all, and may just do it again. As I say about the whole unlikely and idealistic quest: “You gotta start somewhere!”

It’s not just a throwaway line.

When you see how much big money controls our politics and observe how stymied a president can be when Congress and the people who own it want to thwart his efforts, you come to realize that the presidency is not the seat of unbridled power it’s sold as. If you haven’t seen the late, great Bill Hicks’ bit about the “briefing” a newly-elected president gets from the shadowy figures who actually run things, well, let’s just say it should be required viewing for anyone allergic to wool being pulled over their eyes.

Upon election, according to Bill Hicks, the newly sworn-in president is taken to a private screening of the Kennedy assassination, filmed from a completely different angle than the one shown to the public. After the film ends, he is asked, “Any questions?”

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2 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr in The Daily Beast: Forget Hillary, Vote for Me!

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Rosanne is a very interesting woman. Some of the things she says really sound good to me, although, of course, some of it doesn’t. I also had a socialist grandfather, although I never met him. She certainly seems like a real person, as opposed to the group of cells that makes up Hillary Clinton.

    I wonder if she’d let me interview her? I’ll write to her this weekend, and, if so, I’ll want some questions from you folks here at IPR.

  2. NewFederalist

    If you get the interview I will provide a list of questions I would like her to answer. I must say that I am not a fan of hers either politically or from her acting work.

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