American Freedom Party Takes Robocall Campaign to AL, Tom Bowie is New VP Nominee

From the American Freedom Party website (I put the part about the new VP nominee in bold, as this is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned):

On Saturday, October 3rd, the American Freedom Party will continue its ongoing robocall campaign, this time targeting the state of Alabama.

The text of the robocall, which approximately 180,000 Alabamians will receive, is as follows:

We robocall you at home because the media won’t carry our message.
Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, but White countries for EVERYBODY!?
Flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with the third world overflow IS White Genocide.
Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions openly opposed flooding the U.S. with third world non-white refugees.
Bob Whitaker, the American Freedom Party’s candidate for president, LAUDS Senator Sessions for his stance, and adds that “DIVERSITY,” is chasing down the last White person.
If you support the present policy of flooding all White countries with third world non-whites, YOU are anti-WHITE.
Diversity equals White Genocide.
Join the American Freedom Party today and support Bob Whitaker for President.
Please help get Bob Whitaker on the Alabama ballot.
Visit; that’s Or phone 424 261 4790; that’s 424 261 4790.
Paid for by Bob Whitaker for President 2016.”

The American Freedom Party is currently circulating petitions to put Presidential candidate Bob Whitaker and Vice Presidential candidate Tom Bowie on the Alabama ballot for 2016. Citizens of Alabama may download the peitition and collect signatures of registered voters. Mail completed petitions to us at: American Freedom Party, 2753 Broadway Suite 245, New York, NY 10025.

Whitaker/Bowie are already on the ballot in a number of other states.

The American Freedom Party will be using the robocalls this Saturday to drum up support for the Whitaker/Bowie campaign.

Previous robocalls in Idaho and Mississippi brought the American Freedom Party’s message to hundreds of thousands of people in those states. “We use robocalls because the media blocks our message,” states Whitaker.

“What They Call ‘Diversity’ Has Nothing to do with Real Diversity,” he continues. “What our rulers call Diversity just means chasing down white people. Their slogan is, ‘Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and white countries for everybody’.

“Nobody says any Chinese city should not have huge areas that are all-Chinese. Only concentrations of white people in traditionally white countries are condemned.

“What they call ‘Diversity’ is just white genocide. Our country today is based on white self-hatred. A country based on self-hatred is sick.”

The American Freedom Party will continue to inform the people of the ongoing program of white genocide no matter how much the anti-white media slanders us with hate words like “racist” and “supremacist” while at the same time ignoring our actual MESSAGE.

4 thoughts on “American Freedom Party Takes Robocall Campaign to AL, Tom Bowie is New VP Nominee

  1. Wes Wagner

    No no… Mr Whitaker, you do not understand, I don’t hate myself, I just find you reprehensible – for the content of your character.

  2. Losty

    Is there actually a party trying to get elected on this (That isn’t Republican, as though they ARE this, they aren’t that obvious in all 50 states…)

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