Sean Haugh endorses Austin Petersen for President

Remso W. Martinez at Freedom Gulch (Disclaimer: Remso is currently the campaign manager for Austin Petersen’s presidential campaign):

Team Petersen is happy to announce that former Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, Sean Haugh, has endorsed Austin Petersen for President of the United States. Sean is known for his previous high profile Senate race in North Carolina, and his highly popular fireside chat videos.

Here is Sean’s official letter of endorsement:

I was very happy to hear from my old friend Austin Petersen today, seeking my support for his Presidential campaign. It didn’t take much convincing. Once I heard the passion in his voice for this, I was pretty much sold. His enthusiasm is pretty infectious.

Austin and I met when we worked together for the Libertarian National Committee 8 years ago. I’ve always admired his genius and am so very happy that he got the sense early enough to hang out his own shingle and take full creative control of his own activism.

We don’t agree on everything, but I have absolutely no doubt about his total commitment to the core principles of Liberty. I would be so very proud to see him advance Libertarian ideas as our standard bearer and campaign with him here in North Carolina. (I will confess I have an ulterior motive: if he is the nominee I can easily convince him to come visit me and grab some sushi.)

My endorsement of Austin Petersen is not a knock on Gary Johnson or any other Libertarian seeking the nomination. I love Gary. His general election campaign in 2012 made me damn proud to be a Libertarian. I believe Austin would be even better.

Given the national mood of 2016, I’m convinced Austin Petersen has the personality, the communication skills, and the social media and marketing be our most successful Presidential candidate yet. I would love to see him in every newspaper and on every TV screen and all over facebook and twitter and whatever else, bringing a warm, human, engaging Libertarian message to the people.

Seriously, if I could introduce one of my friends to all of my friends and say, this is Libertarianism personified, isn’t hecool?, it would be Austin. Once you see him on your TV, you’re gonna want to tell your Mom to vote for this guy.

20 thoughts on “Sean Haugh endorses Austin Petersen for President

  1. Steven Wilson

    Buzz marketing is still strategic, regardless of what it looks like in the end: Folgers vs. Maxwell house, Pepsi vs. Coke, Ford vs. Chevy.

    Austin should follow a few rules from Business school.

    1. He should’ve used a third party voice to announce the news.
    2. He should use volume testimonials to avoid confusing unique customers with favoritism.
    3. He should’ve timed it better with a holiday or festival.

    I wish all candidates luck, but you shouldn’t avoid years of empirical data mining in marketing to American consumers.

    Peace in 2016

  2. Andy

    Yeah, let’s have a candidate who openly reject the NAP, which is the foundation of the party, and who attacks people who question what the government says and does by calling the “conspiracy theorists,” which is a pejorative created by the CIA to smear those who question government.

    Yeah, this is a guy I want representing my party….NOT!

  3. Wang Tang-Fu

    Well this is a noteworthy endorsement. LOL!!!!!!!

    The Petersen campaign certainly seems to think so. The original headline at Freedom Gulch posted by Petersen Campaign Manager Remso Martinez and spread all over facebook by the candidate himself is “Petersen Picks Up Key Libertarian Party Endorsement.”

  4. Andy

    Lance, I’d say that Alfred E. Neuman is a more accurate description than Stephen Hawking.

    The picture ought to have a caption that reads, “What, me screw up political party?”

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    The upcoming year promises to be even more entertainlng that last year!

    Either that, or the champagne flowed particularly fast and long in North Carolina.

  6. Andy Craig

    Petersen will be on the NC primary ballot, which will be one of what… two? three? a half-dozen?… LP beauty-contest primaries before the convention. Johnson will also be on that ballot, as reported below. Haugh is of course, the once-and-current candidate for U.S. Senate in NC, as well as somebody who is fairly well known by those in the party. He was definitely one of the highest-profile Senate candidates last year (how many of his peers got interviewed on major cable news by someone like Chris Matthews?). He also managed to bank a respectable vote %.

    “Key” LP endorsement? I wouldn’t go that far. I doubt it will sway all that many votes in the NC primary, and even fewer in Orlando. But I don’t hold it against AP for touting and promoting it as something to brag about. It’s certainly the biggest endorsement in the party he’s had to date, even if that’s not saying much.

    Will it change my opinion of Petersen? No. Does it change my opinion of Sean Haugh? A little bit, but not all that much.

  7. Jacob C. Witmer

    I didn’t think Austin was a bad guy, but now I may have to rethink this. If there is any better way to add a little stink to Austin, I don’t know it. Austin would do well to distance himself from Sean’s endorsement.

    Reason compels me to agree with Andy and Tom Knapp’s initial comments. I’ve seen Austin do, speak, and write great things, and I’ve seen him do, speak, and write bad/weak things. For example, Austin’s partial conversion/befuddlement of a communist in debate at a University in TX was, for a long time, one of the best examples of libertarian debate on YouTube. He shined as a public speaker, and unlike the typical LP meeting member, he didn’t have a gray beard, a major speech impediment, a habit of yelling aggressively at his opponent, a habit of demanding that newly-arrived questioners of libertarianism read “Atlas Shrugged,” etc. He remembered to be “a real person,” not an asocial caricature of verbally-aggressive libertarianism.

    Some of the things Austin said and did while working as a tool for Scott Kohlhaas and Bill Redpath were often malevolent, even if not entirely his fault. (I have a view that’s sometimes considered naive by other political activists: I don’t think that a person who is partially corrupted is always corrupted, or “irredeemable.”) Austin’s needless and unenlightened antagonism of a significant subset of the LP (while running for the position of being the LP’s “standard bearer”) over the pointless and hair-splitting NAP debate seems poorly-thought-out and not worth any minor benefits to philosophical clarity (and certainly not “worth it” to the people we wish to vote for our candidates).

    The differences between NAP-centric libertarians and absolute-Property-rights libertarians are negligible, if they exist at all. (Like most libertarian debates, they are often a matter of one blind man feeling the elephant’s trunk and saying “an elephant is like a snake,” and another feeling its leg and saying “an elephant is like a tree,” while both occupying the same low level of the pattern-recognition hierarchy. …It’s far better to avoid debating in such cases until you can see the entire elephant, and know something about how it has behaved in the past.)

    If Austin is nominated, he will likely continue the LP’s long losing streak, but, if I had to guess, he will probably do so in a relatively non-embarrassing way. He also serves another purpose: to help us all gauge how serious Gary Johnson and John McAfee are at engaging the delegates and the public strategically. Will they put forth just enough effort to beat him, or will they put forth enough effort to help restore America to freedom?

    Austin is probably not a John Lilburne or a Frederick Douglass, but he’s certainly not the worst possible choice.

    Without reservation, that would be Sean Haugh.

  8. Andy

    Yeah, that was really cool when Sean Haugh worked for the LP national office and caused the party to squander thousands upon thousands of dollars. This is a guy who really deserves to be taken seriously…NOT!

  9. Marc Montoni

    Sean Haugh has a long history of being an irredeemable ass when it would have been great for both him (and the movement) to be a calm, reasonable “elder statesman”.

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