Kshama Sawant Urges Bernie Sanders to Join Jill Stein on Green Ticket, or Run As Independent

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

From Green Party Watch:

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has launched an online petition urging Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is currently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, to join Jill Stein on a Green Party ticket or to run as an independent.

Sawant said, “The stakes are too high to let this moment slip through our fingers. That’s why I’ve launched this petition urging Bernie — if he is blocked in the rigged primary process — to run as an independent, or as a Green on the ticket with Jill Stein. We can’t allow the corporate media, Wall Street PACs, and the Democratic Party establishment to derail this movement before the real presidential election even begins.”

9 thoughts on “Kshama Sawant Urges Bernie Sanders to Join Jill Stein on Green Ticket, or Run As Independent

  1. Jim

    Very foolish advice. Changes are excellent Hitlery will be indicted, and that will be Bernie’s chance. If she isn’t indicted, and Bernie joins a third party, he will virtually guarantee (at least he would, in an ordinary year) that the Republican candidate would win. Many people hate Hitlery, as they should. Bernie running as an alternative-party candidate will give them exactly the excuse they want to vote for Bernie, and not for Hitlery.

  2. DJH2036

    This may be very close to reality- and not needing any sort of petition at all.

    If this email investigation into Clinton’s email ends up with her arrested, the DNC would probably try to throw Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, or Mark Warner in over Bernie Sanders. They’d rewrite the book probably to put Biden at the top of the ticket. Obama hates the Clintons (an with good reason), so the idea of the DOJ arresting her isn’t that far out there (considering this is an extremely political DOJ).
    If that does happen- I imagine Bernie Sanders would then turn to the Green Party. He won’t run Independent- by the time the convention ends and he has the organization up and running to get an Independent bid, most states will have already passed their access deadlines (same reason why Trump won’t). With the Democrats pretty much screwing him, he’s going to look to the GP for a ticket spot.
    I’m not entirely positive how the Green nomination works- but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bernie Sanders go full force Green Party and become the first Green in the US Congress. It would make sense to me to nominate him for President (probably with Stein, or a major politician who fits the Green bill, as VP) but again- not sure.

    (NOTE- I heard this from a, shall we say, notable news source at a dinner in March that the DNC actually didn’t want Biden to run due to the email investigation; they knew Clinton was screwed, and they wanted him to be prepared for the general without getting too many primary wounds; they were going to put him in at the convention to unite the disenfranchised party. Is this still a plan? Well- the FBI is still investigating, Biden is acting Presidential, and the only thing in the way is Bernie- who has a base that they feel can easily be moved back to the Democrats with Elizabeth Warren.)

  3. Gene Berkman

    Sen. Sanders has stated that he will support the Democrat nominee for President, as he always has since 1984. Additionally, he would face a variety of obstacles to ballot access if he decides to run as an Independent or Green Party candidate after the Democratic National Convention – petition deadlines, sore loser laws etc.

    Sen. Sanders can build an alternative political movement by campaigning for candidates for Congress and state office who are running on the Vermont Progressive Party ticket, or the Working Families Party ticket – both parties have endorsed Sen. Sanders for President. And he can campaign for Green Party candidates where they have a substantial campaign. That will do more to build a new progressive coalition than a protest vote in the race for President.

  4. Bondurant

    @ Jim

    Do you actually believe Clinton will be indicted in an election year when the Dems are in control? Heck, these are the same people that claim Benghazi was the result of a YouTube video.

    I’d love to see Bernie run as a Green or independent and throw another wrench in the election. That, however, is why he won’t. Sanders is controlled opposition.

  5. Steven Wilson

    Sanders could always run as a write in candidate.

    In order to join the Greens, I do believe Sanders would have to drop out of the Dem race before the convention. It is highly unlikely that Sanders would want the shadow of Ralph Nader cast upon his legacy he built in Vermont.

    He could go Ross Perot avenue and use his momentum to get the youth to form a new party which would make progressives see the Democratic party for what it has become.

  6. Deran

    As much as admire Sawant I think her suggestions are foolish.

    I think this article makes more sense – the movent of Sanders voters could build a new progressive party via their ability to raise lots of money in small amounts. I like the general idea because it is not based on a particular candidate, champion.


    I think SAlt has got itself in a corner. What will they do if Sanders doesn’t get the Dems nomination. Support the Green Party for President?! Lame.

  7. bruce bostick

    None strategic approach—one that hands the election to the extreme right, with ZERO approach toward actually addressing the real concerns our people. Need independent approach, but it needs to be actually connected to reality.

  8. jim

    Bruce Bostick: You said,
    “None strategic approach—one that hands the election to the extreme right, with ZERO approach toward actually addressing the real concerns our people. Need independent approach, but it needs to be actually connected to reality.”

    Your message would be much easier to read if you simply didn’t (idiosyncratically) omit words, and you proof-read things a bit before posting.

  9. Eric Brooks

    I have the deepest respect for Sanders and the movement he has helped build. But as a Green, I must ask socialists and others to stop speaking on our behalf and stop suggesting that Sanders join our party ticket and ballot lines.

    This is simply not going to happen. Sanders’ positions on the war on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, drone bombings and military aid to Israel are diametrically opposed the Green Party’s key foundational values and platform positions opposing violence and war making.

    I am happy to support Sanders. I am happy to even vote for him if he wins the nomination. But I and most other Greens will not support him being our candidate and those of you pushing this need to stop and actually ask the Green Party what we think before speaking for us.

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