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VinePair Magazine Interviews Three Prohibition Party Leaders

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

VinePair is a publication that celebrates the beverage alcohol experience. It has an interview with three leaders of the Prohibition Party here.

From the article cited, written by Nick Hines:

To be fair, the Prohibition Party was far from a major contender. It only received a total of 5,525 votes.… Read more ...

Green Party Will Make All-Out Effort to Win a Legislative Special Election in Philadelphia Next Month

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Cheri Honkala, who was Jill Stein’s running mate in 2012, will be the Green Party nominee in a special legislative election in Pennsylvania on March 21. The 197th district seat is empty because the Democrat who won the seat in November 2016 resigned on December 16, 2016, before her new term had even started.… Read more ...

Clayton Hunt: Gary Johnson Supporters – The Pragmatists That Weren’t

johnsonsupportersFrom Clayton Hunt at Liberty Hangout:

The main thrust of the moderate wing of the Libertarian Party is to claim that they are the pragmatic and realistic purveyors of realpolitik clear headedness. This group is primarily all out for the Johnson/Weld campaign, and highly hostile to anyone that raises criticism, even if it is warranted.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry Announces Limited Presidential Write-In Campaign

Campaign Press Release:

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Darryl W. Perry, announced today his intention to launch a limited write-in campaign for the 2016 US Presidential Race.

When radio personality, libertarian activist, and CEO of Liberty Lobby LLC, Darryl W. Perry, embarked on his Presidential Campaign, he did so with three goals in mind: 1) to run the most libertarian presidential campaign in history; 2) to proclaim the ideas of liberty as boldly and as often as possible; and 3) to give as many people as possible the opportunity to vote for an actual libertarian in November.… Read more ...

McMullin Supporters Protest in Florida Governor’s Office Over Ballot Exclusion (with Muffins)

636101413948820561-muffins3From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On September 22, supporters of Evan McMullin protested his exclusion from the Florida ballotby dropping off 300 muffins at Governor Rick Scott’s office. Unexplained is why the McMullin campaign has not sued Florida over its unconstitutional ballot access laws for president. Florida won’t print the presidential nominee of a qualified party on the ballot unless it is recognized by the Federal Election Commission as a national committee, or unless it submits 119,316 signatures by July 15.… Read more ...

Stein/Baraka Statement on the Death of Keith Lamont Scott

p_keith_lamont_scottFrom the Jill2016 website:

Stein/Baraka statement on the death of Keith Lamont Scott and protests in Charlotte, NC – the demand is simple: stop the killing.

Our hearts are breaking once again. Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled father of seven, was reportedly killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday while sitting in a car reading a book.… Read more ...

Caryn Ann Harlos’ Letter to the LNC: Motion to Rescind the Authority of the Chair to Negotiate a Contract with the Johnson-Weld Campaign

fb_img_1474520509105Letter submitted to the LNC by Region 1 Representative and IPR contributor Caryn Ann Harlos to the LNC, co-sponsored by at-large members Daniel Hayes & Starchild, as posted to Facebook by Kimberly Ruff:

“Submitted just now. Motion to Rescind – request for co-sponsors.

“Fellow LNC members, it is with great regret that I have to present this Motion and ask for support, but I feel this is our duty – our duty to our Bylaws, this Party, and its members.… Read more ...