Gary Johnson is Coming to Southern California! Rally on October 19th

Gary Johnson for President 2016
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Volunteers in California make plans at a strategy meeting

You are a Rockstar!

Thank you for showing your support for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Because of you this election is going to make history. Never before has a Libertarian Party candidate shown so strongly in the polls. Never before has a third party candidate retained it’s polling numbers through the summer.¬†Pollsters and politicos have been on the edge of their seats because they cannot predict this election.

In California, even though we are not a targeted or battleground state, we have been one of the strongest and liveliest in showing our support. Volunteers across the California have organized and been very active in phone banking support pushing those polling numbers sky high in targeted areas.

Volunteers in California have Gone Wild

We have held dozens of volunteer orientations and everywhere Gary Johnson for President outreach tables at local street festivals have engaged voters with remarkably positive response and excitement. Sign waving and mini-rallies organized locally have gotten out the word and our numbers continue to swell.

Your support has made the establishment parties so concerned that they are spending tens of millions of dollars to try and discredit the campaign, sponsor skewed polls and send paid agents to social media to spread disinformation, but their efforts have failed.
The campaign remains strong and growing. The reason we have been so resilient is you.

Literally tens of thousands of Californians like you have done significant outreach and shared Gary Johnson memes and announcements. After spreading his name far and wide, it is time we got to see up close what our efforts have brought. We are holding a rally in California and we need you to be there!

for Gary Johnson in California is remarkable and dominated Politicon

California is rallying for Gary Johnson this Wednesday in Hollywood!

On Wednesday October 19th, 2016 at 3pm the doors open for a fun filled history making rally in Hollywood. Following the Gary Johnson taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live we are all gathering for a HUGE RALLY for Gary Johnson. We have a terrific location picked out just down the street from the studio where the taping will take place.


We need you, your family and your friends! It is going to be a lot of fun and we are going to knock Hollywood’s socks off!


Wednesday October 19, 2016 Doors Open at 3pm (first come first admitted)


Boulevard 3
6523 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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RSVP Now at Eventbright

in California get oriented on outreach tools and get supplies for

You Deserve This Win

This is history in the making and you deserve to be a part of it, to be able to tell people for decades to come that you were there when the system changed. You deserve to show of all time that you were a solid supporter for freedom in the face of growing tyranny, that you stood up and said, “No More War! No More Taxes! No More Corruption! We the People are taking back America and making it Sane Again!”

Join us Wednesday, and come with friends. Let us show the world what they can expect on election day: A Revolution for the people and by the people!

There are Two Things You Can Do to Help Right Now:

Volunteer to help us phone critical places to get out the vote. We have a system that will do the dialing for you and let you reach people with ease from your computer, phone or tablet.

Donate a few dollars (or Bitcoin) and help us get more signs and TShirts for the rally and out there on the street in the last weeks before the election

California for Johnson Weld

Paid for by Gary Johnson 2016
Gary Johnson for President 2016 · PO Box 4422, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-4422, United States

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