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Prohibition Party National Chairman Calls for Third Parties to Join Together in the Fight for Better Ballot Access Laws

In the latest issue of the National Prohibitionist, Prohibition Party National Chairman Rick Knox made statements on the issue of unequal ballot access laws and called for third parties and members of the public to join together in the effort of improving ballot access laws.

Here are some excerpts of his statements

“Thanks to the two-party duopoly, many citizens are denied the right to vote their consciences because preferential ballot-access laws prescribe different criteria for major party and minor party candidates. If “justice delayed is justice denied” in criminal cases, then I believe the same rule should apply to ballot access.”
“In my opinion, and I only speak for myself, the Founders would be shocked at our current political system.”
“Enough is enough! Either this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, or it is the land of political monopolies and special interests.”
“The time has come to form working alliances with other third parties, for all of us to come together against the major-party duopoly and its unfair laws restricting ballot access. I am extending a hand of friendship to the Constitution, Libertarian, and Green parties, asking that we unite in fighting the beast that is the two-party duopoly and special interests”
“We have no royalty in America except for the two-party royalty. Let’s smash the duopoly and open up the system so that all may play. We will not have equal justice under the law for all political groups until we end the “pay-to-play” system of exorbitant filing fees and unattainable signature requirements.”

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  1. FromDerSidelines FromDerSidelines April 23, 2018

    Welcome to 1991, Meester Knox…

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