Sharpe NY Campaign Finance Update

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe’s campaign has filed their 11-day pre-general campaign finance report. In the first three weeks of October the campaign raised another $73,000 and spent $65,000, closing with $32,000 in cash on hand.

The largest sums were spent on consultants and lawn signs, with campaign manager Brian Waddell receiving nearly $7000. They did report spending small sums on radio advertising. WYSL, a libertarian station south of Rochester, received $900. Another $800 went to Roser Communications which runs four radio stations in or near Utica and Amsterdam. Facebook got nearly $4000 this period for ads, with a total of nearly $30,000 for 2018.

The largest individual contribution, $5000, came from Kari Bittner. She is a software executive in Rochester who describes herself as a volunteer campaign manager for Sharpe. She also gave another $800 in the same time period, and a total of over $10,000 so far. Total fundraising for the campaign is now well over $400,000 and may be over $450,000.

At this point it appears the campaign has made a strategic decision not to spend significant funds on TV or radio ads. Total campaign spending on “TVADS” shows nearly $40,000 over the course of the campaign, but our review shows that most of that money was spent on Facebook and Google, along with some consultants. None of that went to any TV stations that we can see. Roughly $8000 was spent on radio advertising, nearly all of it with WYSL.

By contrast Republican Marc Molinaro reports spending over $500,000 of the $1.3 million he spent on TVADS and incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo reports $13 million on TVADS out of $25 million spent. Neither reports any code for radio.

Election Day is coming very soon and we will see if the Sharpe strategy has been effective.

The latest filings are below. First spending:
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And then contributions:
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8 thoughts on “Sharpe NY Campaign Finance Update

  1. Paul

    Advertising to Libertarians seems a lot like fishing for more donations than getting a message out to non-Libertarians.

  2. Fred Stein

    Being a consultant is where the money is. Will the consultants refund the money when the vote totals are

  3. Eric Sundwall

    I’m enjoying the blockchain & K-10 satire the campaign has been deploying so brilliantly. We can only imagine the electricity in the air last summer during the Casino Talks.

    The bad break came when Jimmy McMillan didn’t make the ballot. Without him and two Roger Stone inspired cartoon candidates, all the high drama of a NY debate was squelched liked the Yankees World Series ambitions….

    Maybe the yard signs win the day. The underground revolution that upstate has been fostering since the Rent Riots against the Van Rensselears. That fifteen to thirty percent lurking between Fulton County and Facebook.

    Alas, the watering holes in Watervliet and Watertown are abuzz with chatter about the Rogan & Rubin reflections. Soccer moms everywhere urging their pre-teens to get their associate degrees, prepping them in MIT Courseware.

    I’d just like to warn everyone about my bid for Town of Kinderhook Supervisor now I’ll only have to get my wife’s signature instead of that onerous two dozen. My platform of eliminating the snow plows will break the chains of the muh statists and put them on their own tires. No more free busing!

    Damn Knappists at IPR have been holding us back for too long… it all ends now.

  4. Tony From Long Island

    I just worked the overnight shift and now my regular shift, so I needed to chuckle.

  5. paulie

    Am I the only one who loves the cryptic Sundwall missives?

    It reminds me of Hunter Thompson. I miss Hunter. Not a close associate, but we hung out any number of times, and I was a long time fan of his writing ever since some kid I did not recognize came up to me Freshman year of High School, handed me Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, said “this book is about you” and walked off. As far as I can remember I did not see that kid before or since.

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