May 2020 Open Thread

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62 thoughts on “May 2020 Open Thread

  1. Fred Stein

    This song could be a Libertarian anthem. It is found on my website
    “A New Me” by Fred Stein
    They like to tell me how to live
    They always take I always give
    I thought I had to compromise
    But no longer do I have to live their lies
    There’s going to be a new me
    Show the world what I can be
    I’m tired of sitting on the fence
    I’m striking out for my independence
    There was a time I must confess
    That I would have settled for so much less
    I will decide what is best for me
    No surrender I want victory
    Don’t need no boss, don’t need a crazy man
    Got to go out and do what I can
    Sacrificing has taken it’s toll
    Now I’m going to be in total control
    I’ve been held down for too long
    Been told I don’t belong
    Too many people have done me wrong
    But this time I am coming back strong
    Going to get smart , going to get wise,
    Going to take the world by surprise
    It is my will , it is my destiny , that my life, belongs to me.

  2. George Phillies

    Courtesy of Libertarian Republic, a quote allegedly from justin Amash:

    Justin Amash: Well, I think we’ll try to make sure that my views and the platform can exist together. I haven’t spent time studying the entire platform. I have a general idea of the what’s in the platform. But I couldn’t tell you specifically whether there are issues where I would disagree with the platform or not.

  3. paulie

    Justin Amash: Well, I think we’ll try to make sure that my views and the platform can exist together. I haven’t spent time studying the entire platform. I have a general idea of the what’s in the platform. But I couldn’t tell you specifically whether there are issues where I would disagree with the platform or not.

    Sounds about right for an establishment party politician. He probably never read the platform of the Republican Party either. Platforms are just not as big a deal in those parties.

  4. William Saturn Post author

    Stories still to cover:

    1. Max Abramson announces presidential candidacy for Veterans Party of America
    2. Virginia Constitution Party falsely accuses Don Blankenship of being responsible for the death of 29 “minors”
    3. Jesse Ventura officially joins Green Party

  5. Jose C

    Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. April 28th—

    The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County is sending a message to the Los Angeles
    County Board of Supervisors and Mayor Eric Garcetti, regarding the harmful measures
    enacted in response to COVID-19:

    The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County resolves as follows:

    People own their bodies, and it is their personal responsibility to take care of them;
    People have a natural and constitutional right to travel and trade;

    We, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, support the voluntary actions of
    individuals doing whatever they need to do to ensure their own health and the health of
    their families so long as they don’t harm the person or property of others;

    Governments, where they exist, do not have the right to impede the travel and free trade
    that people depend on for their well-being;

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Mayor Eric
    Garcetti, and his administration do not have the authority to dictate what people can and
    cannot do with their own bodies and property;

    Los Angeles’ economy depends on the free flow of goods and people acting

    The government’s orders have caused tremendous damage to the people of our county
    by subjecting them to poverty and restricting their movement. The harm disproportionately
    impacts low income people, undocumented people, LGBT people, and other at-risk

    Therefore, be it resolved the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles opposes the Los Angeles
    County shelter in place orders, all similar laws, penalties, and legislation. We call for their
    swift removal.

    The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County supports the May 1st protest against Mayor
    Garcetti’s and the LA County Board of Supervisors Stay At Home Orders. We also
    encourage people to exercise sound judgment and personal responsibility, which may
    include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing depending upon circumstances.
    Thousands are expected to attend at 1:00 pm in front of Los Angeles City Hall on Spring St.
    For press inquiries, please contact Angela McArdle of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles
    County at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.

  6. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    The harm disproportionately impacts low income people, undocumented people, LGBT people, and other at-risk populations.

    1. How do the shutdowns disproportionately harm LGBT people? I can see how poor people are more likely harmed, but how so LGBT people?

    2. The above passage mindlessly plays to Leftist identity politics. What does “at-risk populations” even mean? A catch-all for anyone other than straight, white men? So if a law disproportionately harms the latter, it’s not as immoral?

  7. Richard Winger

    As to the Virginia Constitution Party in the comment above: the party is not ballot-qualified so its decision to not support Don Blankenship doesn’t really have a direct impact on whether he gets on the Virginia ballot or not.

  8. paulie

    Joe Bishop-Henchman shared a post.
    Admin · 7 hrs

    My husband is right.

    I’ve spent the days since Saturday’s LNC meeting trying to help make what we decided succeed. I’ve been on the test calls and passed along brutally frank bullet points of things that need to be fixed. I’ve been counseling patience to people who want to go all online, reminding people it needs 2/3 of all delegates and that a lot in the party are in less-hard-hit areas and still aren’t convinced in-person is not happening. I’ve been sanguine about the Chair election being pushed from May to July, telling people we will carry on and win it whenever they finally let the delegates vote.

    I can’t speak to motive but it sure seems like a handful of my colleagues are hoping and working for the party’s failure. Perhaps they think conducting online business is so impossible that it shouldn’t happen; to that my response is that every other business and organization on the planet is figuring out now how to make it work. Perhaps they think going online is against the Bylaws; to that my response is I put forward three options to do it legally (pro forma convention, amend Articles of Incorporation, later ratification). Perhaps they think that they have a better way to do it; to that my response is put it on the table for consideration instead of just blocking everyone else’s way forward.

    I have donors asking why they should keep investing in us if we behave like this. I have candidates – including winnable candidates in the mountain West and candidates associated with the Mises Caucus – telling me the parliamentary games from this group are destructive.

    I know this is frustrating. I’ve wondered about the value of the time and effort I’m spending on it. But I’m going to stick it out. We are so close to an amazing year if we can just figure out a way to get our elections done. We’ve never had all the amazing candidates that we have now, the energized base of activists, and the opportunity served to us on a platter by the two other parties.

    If elected Chair – whenever the LNC lets delegates vote on that one – I will work hard to fix these problems. I will create a true working cabinet of LNC officers. I will work with the LNC to set strategic metrics and get us focused on providing meaningful oversight of our progress on those goals. I will invite our state chairs and other party leaders to be in a diverse advisory group to ensure constant communication between LPHQ and our people on the ground. I will completely overhaul our convention planning process, so that we are nimble and prepared rather than obstinate and flat-footed. I will do more to highlight the best of what we do so people can emulate it, and personally try to set a good example for a culture of teamwork and building and growth.

    Help me. Don’t threaten to leave, threaten to stay.

  9. paulie

    Joe Bishop-Henchman
    Admin · 10 hrs

    LNC update: Late last night, Ms. Mattson, Mr. Smith, Mr. Hewitt, and Ms. Bilyeu moved the following:

    “Rescind in its entirety the motion adopted during the May 9, 2020 LNC meeting, which called for a convention to begin on May 22, 2020 with business conducted online. Instead, in accordance with Bylaw Article 10.1, the LNC calls an in-person convention to occur during the dates of July 8-12, 2020 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida.”

    Mr. O’Donnell objected on the grounds that none of the four were on the prevailing side of last Saturday’s vote and thus are not eligible to make this motion to reconsider by another name, but the Secretary stated Mr. O’Donnell is incorrect and started an email ballot. Email ballots last 7 days or until everyone has voted, whichever occurs first. (Of our many email ballots, only one – that I sponsored! – has not lasted the full 7 days.)

  10. paulie

    Daniel Behrman
    Conversation Starter · 5 hrs

    A joke is a broken pattern:

    Setup: define a pattern
    Punchline: break the pattern

    Example setup: yesterday I went to the zoo. It was empty except for a single dog.

    This is a pattern because you know what zoos and dogs look like. If I had told you I went to the x and it was empty except for a single y, you wouldnt have a picture in your head.

    Example punchline: it was a shih tzu

    That breaks the pattern because you are no longer picturing an empty zoo, you are picturing a dog.

    It’s not a very funny joke because the pattern is not very complex. The more complex the joke, the funnier it is. If you can comprehend the complexity.

    Now we have a pattern of politicians. Dems and reps, basically the same. Throw a libertarian in there and it doesn’t match. It breaks the pattern. It causes the same reaction as telling a joke.

    Example: here’s a politician running for office
    Now you have a picture in your head of someone telling you they know exactly how to solve the world’s problems with their new program.

    Punchline: the politician is a libertarian who says his new govt program is to eliminate a govt program.

    That’s a fucking joke!

    Get it?

    People will laugh. Let them. And if you laugh with them, they’ll say “man, that’s some funny fuckin shit mother fucker.. but he’s right tho…”

    So what can we do w this information? We can use it to our advantage and embrace the fact that the LP and it’s candidates are a joke, but that’s ok.

    Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, they are jokes. Comedians. And there are a million people who would rather vote for them over Trump or Biden. You can’t be the joke and not be #inonthejoke.

    A joke doesn’t mean the LP is worthless, it means it’s a pattern breaker. Isn’t that what we want? Don’t we want to break the pattern of politicians, lies and new govt programs to fix everything? Do we want to smash the fucking pattern? And be proud of the fact that we are doing so?

    Or do we want to put on our suits and try to fit in where we don’t belong?

    I say get me a fucking sledgehammer.

  11. paulie

    Brian Ellison for LNC Secretary
    5 hrs

    My name is Brian Ellison, and I’d love the opportunity to serve as your next secretary on the Libertarian National Committee.

    I’ve been leery about seeking a representative position, because fundamentally I’ve always questioned the motives of those who aggressively seek these positions. However, this year is different. I believe the LNC is in need of a massive overhaul. I know that my tenacity, temperament, intelligence, and sound commitment to principled and practical decision making will be a massive benefit to the LNC and the Libertarian Party as a whole.

    My professional career as a construction manager gives me all of the qualifications needed to serve as an effective and efficient secretary for the party. I’ve been doing secretarial tasks for my entire professional career. This type of work is not new to me.

    While I currently serve as the chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s Legislative Committee, my tenure with the Libertarian Party has been primarily focused on campaigning and political activism. All of my campaigns have been for federal office, as I sought to represent pure libertarian values, on a platform that would elevate our message to the largest audience possible. As a candidate for US Senate and US House, I’ve fully embraced the concept of bold and audacious messaging, as I see that as the most effective way to campaign in races that are unwinnable. As a result, I’ve earned local, state, national, and international press coverage in my past races.

    However, the role of the LNC is much different than that of a federal candidate. The LNC is not a platform to be used to promote personal or factional agendas. Officers of this party must understand and adhere to libertarian principles, but have a commitment to represent the members in a professional and positive manner at all times. I have done this throughout my career and will do this as an officer of our party.

    Please support me in this endeavor, and together we can efficiently and practically manage the business of our party, as the dedicated members work tirelessly to achieve a world set free!

  12. paulie

    Victoria Paige Sexton, LNC Region 2 Alternate & At-Large Candidate
    2 hrs

    Who is Victoria Paige Sexton?

    Victoria Paige Sexton was born in Memphis, TN and has spent the majority of her life living in West Tennessee. She is married to David Sexton, Libertarian Party of Tennessee Vice Chairman, and has two children, Jonathan and Amelia.

    Paige is an alumni of Union University in Jackson, TN where in 2015 she received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She currently works as a trauma and emergency float pool registered nurse at Regional One Health and Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare in Memphis, TN.

    She is a member of the Tennessee Emergency Nurses Association, Tennessee Nurses Association, and the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Through these organizations she advocates for patient rights to cannabis treatment, the ending of violence towards healthcare workers, full practice authority for nurse practitioners, and safer nurse:patient ratios.
    In her free time Paige enjoys lounging at home with her dogs Bill Murray, Maddie, and Tessie. You will often times find her nose deep in a crime suspense novel with a steaming cup of tea in her hand. As a family the Sexton’s enjoy riding bikes, camping, kayaking, watching HGTV, and playing board games.

  13. paulie

    12 hrs

    Last night, Libertarian Presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray came out in favor of arresting people who pass out jury nullification fliers on court property for jury tampering:

    Interviewer: “If someone [is] saying here’s what a juror can do and gives it to everybody on court property, you believe that person should be arrested?”

    Gray: “Yes, if you’re gonna push it that far, the answer to you is yes. If they’re disobeying the law intentionally on court property to get involved and tamper with a jury.”

    Video in comments; they start on the idea of jury nullification and why Gray is against it, and then get to the quoted material above (the quoted material starts at around 23:43, the jury nullification segment begins at 18:43).

  14. paulie

    Desarae Lindsey is with Spike Cohen and Vermin Supreme.
    2 hrs ·

    As many of you are aware, Vermin Supreme has been running for President for quite some time now. Before, it was always a farce, a joke, a way to reveal the corruption and evil of the duopoly and pull aside the curtain. Whichever party he chose to “run in” was decided by which was pulling the most shenanigans of that election cycle. There was most certainly a method to the madness.

    There are some who are concerned that this campaign is also a farce. I assure you, it is not.

    What makes this one different?

    Vermin was ready to hang up his boot hat and call it a day. He had certainly made a difference and had to have known that there would be others inspired to reveal and smash the duopoly that attempts to claim ownership of us. His hope was that more and more people were awake to the fact that the only ones who own us are, in fact, ourselves…he was inspired by seeing so many young people taking a stand and felt like perhaps it was time to retire and live his humble life in the woods.

    But Donald Trump is the freakin President, y’all. Of the United States. HE HAS THE NUCLEAR CODES. A belligerent, rude, orange man occupies the highest office in one of the most rich, powerful, and corrupt countries on this planet. I mean, what world even IS this!?

    I was on the phone with Paul Stanton one night, who ran for Congress in 2016 in Florida in a highly contested primary, which he SLAYED. As always, we were plotting out plans to solve the world’s problems. We started talking about how great it would be if Vermin Supreme were to run for the Libertarian nomination. He had, in fact, found his political home here and we had, in fact, embraced him. The more we spoke about it, the less silly it sounded, and by the end of the conversation we’d decided we were DEFINITELY going to ask him.

    We both reached out to Vermin, and I believe it was I who actually got in touch with him first. I remember the conversation well. For the record, we’d joked on Facebook about him running back in 2018, but it was just that: a joke. It went no further at that time. However, probably because of that, I don’t think he was THAT surprised when I asked him to make a serious run for it – but he WAS definitely cautious and, dare I say, hesitant in even considering it. For him, this was uncharted territory. He’d never filed with the FEC, put together a serious organization, raised funds, or gone out of character publicly for long stints. But, to know Vermin is to love him, and even if you only know the satirical work he’s done, that alone displays his sheer brilliance.

    He’s deeper than that, though. A few years back, Josh Barton had recommended I watch the Steve Onderick documentary “Who Is Vermin Supreme?”, and seeing that turned me into a legit, no-turning-back Vermin Supreme fangirl. I had only been aware of the satire. I was ignorant to all the direct action activism, all the de-escalation, all the mutual aid he’s done in private. (He is a VERY humble man. VERY. He NEVER talks about having given his Mother a kidney until asked about it, and even then he looks SO uncomfortable talking about having done something so selfless and heroic.)

    Back to the conversation. I remember him laughing, seemingly uncomfortable at the thought of running seriously or even at all, but I laid out my case. To me, it was SO simple: This country is divided. There are people being physically harmed, even murdered, simply for BEING WHO THEY ARE. Racist and bigoted organizations were starting to emerge from the shadows and spew their hate in the light of day because they felt safe in doing so. When Trump was elected, I remember some of my GSM friends being legitimately scared, and I didn’t understand why at the time. Until I did.

    This country desperately needs to heal. We need to re-embrace our humanity. Laughter is healing. The Libertarian message offers solutions. We have a beautiful platform, a beautiful demonstrable love for our fellow human beings. Vermin Supreme, to me, personifies all of these concepts: Laughter, Healing, Love. His middle name is Love! He possesses a certain gravitas that cannot be mimicked or captured. You can’t help but pay attention to him, and once that initial shock of “What the fuck even just HAPPENED!?” is over, you’re getting boot-pilled with the Libertarian message, and I have seen, throughout the (LONG) duration of this (VERY EXCITING) campaign, in person, how effective this is. To ALL walks of life, not JUST the young people – but dammit young people eat it up. My son is 23 and we have dedicated staffers on our team who are younger than him. They’re hungry for change. And, to them, Vermin Supreme represents that change.

    “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” is a quote by Frank Zappa that had a profound effect on my 14 year old self when I first heard it. It has since been my life’s mantra.

    Vermin took a few weeks to get back to me. He had to soul search. He had to have serious discussions with his wife. He knew they would both have to make many sacrifices and their lives would be drastically changed. He knew he would be asked to do things he had never done before, as a serious campaign is a major contrast to a few months of trolling the duopoly primaries every 4 years. The more time went by after our phone call, the more nervous I got. To me, it was so obvious that he should do this, but I KNEW I was asking a lot of him. He finally called back and said, “Okay…..let’s do this.” And burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    He offered himself to the movement because he knew it was important to us and that we believed with all of our hearts that only Vermin could bring about the change we so desperately hoped for in the many ways that he knew how.

    We started building the campaign as soon as midterms were over. I’d managed several campaigns in 2018, run for Congress myself, and thought I would need to take a break, but I was ready to hit the ground running for him. I felt honored that he agreed to work with us. By January 2019, we had a full blown legitimate staff, a full blown legitimate campaign plan, and full blown legitimate love and passion in our hearts.

    There was something special happening here. Over time, this team became a family. We love one another VERY deeply, and we want to welcome so many others into this movement. Once Spike was added to the team as Vermin’s running mate, we knew there was something unique and beautiful growing around them and it is the hope of #TeamSupreme that you will join us in boot-pilling the country. We’ve GOT to get the beautiful message of Laughter, Love, and Healing out to the general public and get as many eyes and ears on our beautiful platform and message as possible.

    I really cannot stress enough what an honor it is to be a part of this. Regardless of whether we win the nomination, we will continue to work with one another in many other capacities, but DAMN I think our candidates would REALLY be THE VERY BEST nominees we could put forward.

    I am really, truly #inonthejoke and hope you will be, too. #thisistheway

  15. paulie

    ?Richard Fast?
    Libertarian Party of Tuscaloosa, AL
    Just now ·

    The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus has issued grades for the following candidates running for the LP’s nomination for president or vice president. Candidates were graded on a combination of the alignment of their stated positions with the goals and platform of the LPRC, their effectiveness in presenting those positions, and application of libertarian principles in their campaigns.
    Candidates for both offices were graded on similar criteria, and are listed together because it is often the case that a candidate for president will end up becoming a candidate for vice president — but candidates thought to be seeking only the vice presidential nomination are noted with “(vp)”.
    Arvin Vohra – A
    Spike Cohen (vp) – A
    Adam Kokesh – B
    Dan Behrman – B
    Jo Jorgensen – B
    John McAfee (vp) – B
    John Monds – B
    Vermin Supreme – B
    Jacob Hornberger – C
    Jim Gray – D
    Justin Amash – D
    Larry Sharpe (vp) – D
    James Ogle – F
    Joe Exotic – F

  16. robert capozzi

    When is the latest Exotic can file for nomination? Can he be drafted?

    Supreme/Exotic would be awesome in many ways.

  17. robert capozzi


    Oh, I’m sure he was censured for all sorts of outrages. But that was before he was a star. If the LP doesn’t want to be a real party, why not offer up 2 huge jokes as a means to make some kind of point. Supreme/Exotic is sure to get a lot of sideshow attention.

    If they want to be a joke, that’d be an unbeatably fabulous one.

  18. Bondurant

    Book recommendation.

    War Fever: Boston, Baseball and America in the Shadow of The Great War by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith

    The authors appeared on Mad Dog Unleashed (my favorite sports talk program). Intrigued by the interview and recommendation from Chris Russo I broke my no hardcover policy and ordered from Amazon. I’d prefer to spend locally but, alas, no bookstores are open.

    One of the key backdrops in this story is The Spanish Flu (talk about convenient timing). Boston is the setting. A local war hero, a baseball God and a prominent local German are the focal points. Their experiences in Boston with a flu epidemic and European war waging. Nativism and jingoism and the treatment of German-Americans rears it’s ugly head.

    Two topics discussed I was not aware of previously: the lynching of Robert Prager in Illinois because he was falsely accused of being a spy and one of the reasons “Babe” became a common in the press was the name George Herman Ruth had too much of a teutonic ring.

  19. dL

    Supreme’s campaign this time is actually serious. See Desarae’s message above.

    If you watched the zoom debate, Vermin dropped the performance art(and the boot!) and almost sounded–dare I say it–like a conventional politician. Way of less of an oddball than, say, a Ron Paul or a Mike Gravel.

  20. paulie

    If you watched the zoom debate, Vermin dropped the performance art(and the boot!) and almost sounded–dare I say it–like a conventional politician. Way of less of an oddball than, say, a Ron Paul or a Mike Gravel.

    He has campaigned out of character at most of the debates I have seen, including the in person I saw him in in Georgia.

  21. paulie

    Apparently, the Cannonball Run, the unsanctioned coast-to-coast automobile race from the 70s, has been resurrected during covid-19

    As far as I know it was never suspended. That is, it’s been going on every year.

  22. paulie

    Doing a series of LP P/VP candidates final pitches to delegates.

    Posted so far:

    Jacob Hornberger (William posted)

    Desarae Lindsey: Message to delegates on behalf of Vermin Supreme

    Sam Robb

    Phil Gray

    Jo Jorgensen

    On Deck:

    Vohra (still finalizing whether that’s the one he wants me to use)


    Jim Gray


    Help with any others would be most appreciated.

  23. paulie

    On deck above means It’s basically ready to go I think, but I want to consider which order I want to post these in and maybe add the links to all the others to them some more.

    Any IPR editors who did not already get this on the email list:

    Please don’t edit the candidates’ messages but please feel free and encouraged, if you find time to add tags, links to other articles in the series, fix any typos in anything I added or the headlines, stuff like that.

  24. dL

    “my rights don’t end where your fears begin.”

    Unless in entails people crossing imaginary lines

  25. paulie

    On the Executive Committee Conference Call that took place on Thursday, May 14, 2020, the chairman and others were discussing ways in which they could circumvent the decision of the Constitution Party of New Mexico’s State Convention to nominate a candidate other than the national nominee, Don Blankenship. Their discussion demonstrated that the National Executive Committee felt justified in interfering with the internal affairs of the State Organization of New Mexico. It was South Dakota all over again.

    Further, even though the bylaws state very clearly those elected as officers during the Spring National Committee Meeting would not be seated until the Fall National Committee Meeting, the National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger, directed the newly elected Midwestern Regional Chairman and Vice-Chairman to manage all the states within the Region, relegating me to the state of Illinois. This usurpation of Regional Authority by the National Chairman and the newly elected Midwestern Regional chairmen, with the enabling of the National Executive Committee is despicable, disrespectful, and divisive.

    I thought Fluckiger was out and Clymer was back in as chair? What happened to that?

  26. Jose C

    Vermin Supreme posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook earlier today to promote Spike Cohen for Vice president.

    This is proof positive we did the right thing in not nominating Vermin Supreme to be our presidential candidate. Fortunately we did the right thing and nominated Jo Jorgenson. Unfortunately, it is a shame we could not close the deal and nominate John Monds to be our vice-presidential candidate.

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