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PFP Chair: On the Minneapolis Murder of George Floyd

While America is rightly transfixed by the coronavirus death toll reaching more than 100,000 fatalities, we will probably never know the number of unjustified black deaths at the hands of the police and white vigilantes. In the long history of American racism, it’s easy to imagine that the total must be over 100,000. The suffocation death of Mr. George Floyd by police action is one of the latest.

If this incident were in a murder mystery novel … well, it couldn’t be because there is no mystery here. The murder was captured on a cell phone camera. The murderous action of the police officer is plain for everyone to see. The victim’s pleas are clear. The only mystery is why hasn’t the police officer been charged with homicide?

Since our beginning more than 50 years ago, the Peace & Freedom Party has denounced racism, has taken action against racism, has worked with other like-minded groups and people to fight against racism in all its forms. While there have been some victories in the fight, it is depressingly clear that we still have a long struggle to bring about a society where there are no racist murders of black people by the police or racist vigilantes.

–John C. Reiger
Peace & Freedom Party State Chair

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  1. LoneWolf LoneWolf May 31, 2020

    America is mourning the Murder of a 46 year old Black ‘Daddy’ Pornstar:

    Black Adult Film Producer Confirms Murdered George Floyd Was One Of Their Porn ‘Actors’:

    And the Police couldn’t find this out? Nor the media?
    This changes the whole complexion of the case.
    IF a death even occurred there could be love/jealousy motives who knows what.

    That 100,000 figure for Covid-19 deaths is fake too.
    Watch it plummet as the truth comes out.

  2. wolfefan wolfefan May 31, 2020

    If a death even occurred? That’s pretty much a given. What does the victim’s alleged profession have to do with it?

  3. paulie paulie May 31, 2020

    This case is more complicated than it appears.

    Not really.

    The autopsy showed Floyd had trouble breathing before he was on the ground

    I have trouble breathing too. If someone crushed my neck for almost 9 minutes, I’m sure I’d have no trouble dying.

  4. dL dL May 31, 2020

    This case is more complicated than it appears.

    Would Floyd be alive if the police didn’t drag him out of the back of the police car and pin him to the ground for 9 minutes with a cop’s knee against his neck? Yes. Not complicated.

  5. paulie paulie May 31, 2020

    Yeah, it was a total coincidence that a cop was kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes at the exact moment he was going to die anyway. Shame how that sort of coincidence happens so often to police officers just doing their jobs.

  6. dL dL May 31, 2020

    You assume too much.

    Well, that would make a good cop joke. How many cops does it take to pin down a man having a hear attack?

  7. William Saturn William Saturn June 1, 2020

    I don’t know the full story. All I’ve seen is two videos. One where Floyd seems to be cooperating with the officers. The next where Floyd is on the ground with the officer’s knee on the back of his neck. I don’t know what happened between those two videos. The second video looks really bad; however, the autopsy result says Floyd did not die as a result of asphyxiation or suffocation. Maybe the autopsy was wrong. I know Floyd’s family wants an independent autopsy. Maybe Floyd had a heart attack due to the stress from having the officer’s knee on the back of his neck. If so, it probably would be murder. Then again, maybe the officer did not apply much pressure with his knee and Floyd suffered a heart attack as a result of resisting arrest combined with his heart disease and drug intoxication.

    There’s many plausible scenarios but it’s not helpful to make assumptions on this particular event based on past police abuses. Without all the facts, this is a complicated matter.

  8. Jared Jared June 1, 2020

    There might be aggravating or mitigating factors to consider as new information comes to light, but it doesn’t change the fact that this cop is at least guilty of manslaughter. Given his history of using excessive force, it certainly looks like the victim’s family also has a strong civil case against the Minneapolis PD.

  9. William Saturn William Saturn June 1, 2020

    The independent autopsy shows Floyd died from asphyxiation due to pressure applied to the back of his neck. If this autopsy is correct then it would be difficult to argue this was not murder.

  10. paulie paulie June 1, 2020

    Of course it was. He was dragged out of the cop car as he was already cuffed. Then they kept choking him and holding him down as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe, cried out for his mother, as he continued to thrash around past the point of speaking, and well past after he stopped moving. The leader of the cop gang has numerous past incidents. At least one of the other cops asked aloud if they should stop, and was told no.

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