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Greens To Host State Gatherings in Washington, Wisconsin, and California

Members of the Green Party in three states will meet over the next 30 days for their respective annual state gatherings, allowing activists a chance to network and influence party direction. State affiliates convening for business before the start of summer include Washington, Wisconsin, and California. All three gatherings are remote.

Members attending the Wisconsin Green Party 2023 Spring Gathering are scheduled to meet on Saturday, May 20. The event’s theme is “Housing is a human right,” focusing on the many intersections of housing, including “affordability, sustainability, homelessness, and more.” Several officeholders shall participate in the discussion, including Madison Common Council members Marsha Rummel, Juliana Bennett, and John Duncan. Sam Harshner, seeking the office of Village Trustee in Shorewood, Wisconsin, will also be on the panel.

Members will also be deliberating on proposed changes to the party bylaws. A summary of the proposals provided by party leadership states that “in situations where the party membership votes on decisions, voting would be conducted online and would be open to all dues-paying members in good standing, as opposed to just those members present at a particular meeting.” A complete text of the changes is available in the most recent issue of the Wisconsin Greens newsletter.

The Green Party of Washington 2023 Spring Gathering, the next in the trio, is to be held the following evening on Sunday, May 21, 2023. Ry Armstrong and Margaret Elisabeth, both candidates for Seattle City Council, will open the day by spearheading a candidate support session and soliciting interested individuals ahead of the 2024 election cycle. Members will also deliberate on a series of proposed amendments to the party bylaws, including as they relate to national delegates, party membership, and the organization name.

Party activists will additionally fill several internal positions, including three open positions on the Coordinating Council, and nominate individuals for National Committee delegates and alternates. Gathering attendees are also expected to review the Washington affiliate’s online voting process.

Members of the Green Party of California General Assembly will convene for the last statewide gathering ahead of summer on June 10, 2023. In addition to state party leadership, members in attendance will have the opportunity to meet and engage with candidates involved with the Green Party of the United States and learn about getting involved in committees in both organizations.

The gathering will host multiple discussions for party membership, including an educational session on Ranked Choice Voting (sometimes known as Instant Runoff Voting) and how to understand better the process, as well as a discussion regarding the “future of Green Party of California decision-making” and what that will look like in a post-pandemic society. The floor will be open for the conversation surrounding the party’s future, and members can make direct suggestions.

Delegates will also decide upon the confirmation of Jared Laiti as the Liaison to the Secretary of State. The Liaison is the official contact of the Green Party of California with the California Secretary of State and serves for two years.

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