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Massachusetts Workers Party Candidate to Challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Brandon James Griffin, a member of the Workers Party of Massachusetts, announced this past Labor Day that he is challenging Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren in the upcoming US Senate election.

“Today, I am announcing that I have accepted the nomination to be the Workers Party of Massachusetts Candidate for The US Senate seat currently held by Elizabeth Warren,” he wrote in a recently issued press release, “I accept this nomination not out of ambition or for personal gain but out of necessity in these days of worsening conditions for the working class.”

As a candidate, Griffin’s goals broadly reflect those of the Workers Party. He seeks a society “free of capitalism and the many injustices it creates and perpetuates” before listing several examples of what that entails, including “endless war, police oppression, unequal access to health care, homelessness and housing insecurity, mass incarceration, environmental destruction, and bigotry.”

Griffin’s major concerns with Warren include her perceived mishandling of the global pandemic response, her intervention in labor disputes on “behalf of the capitalist class and against the workers,” and her support for ongoing military funding to NATO in response to the war in Ukraine, which Griffin sees as detracting from vital resources needed for the working class.

Griffin has run twice with the party, receiving 24.5% of the vote in his 2022 legislative run against Republican Rep. Alyson Sullivan. He is also the fifth candidate to enter the race against Warren, joining previous Senate candidate and independent Shiva Ayyudurai, Libertarian Louis Marino, and three Republicans competing for the Republican Party’s nomination.

In Massachusetts’ 2022 midterm election, the Workers Party candidate for Auditor earned roughly 50,000 votes, falling short of the 3% threshold for state recognition of the party. As a result, the Workers Party is instead a ballot designation, meaning Griffin can collect his 10,000 required signatures from registered voters regardless of partisan affiliation.

Formed in early 2020, the independent socialist Workers Party of Massachusetts aims to build working-class political influence, dismantle capitalism’s “system of exploitation,” and create a people-centered socialist economy, as outlined in its program. Since its beginnings, the Massachusetts-based party has fielded a single statewide candidate and several legislative candidates.

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