Boston Tea Party nominates, schedules convention

The Boston Tea Party held an “informal convention” in Denver Sunday evening, in close proximity to the Libertarian Party’s national convention.

That convention placed the names of three candidates — George Phillies, Alden Link and Tom Stevens — into contention for the party’s 2008 presidential nomination. An online convention to choose the party’s presidential slate is scheduled for the 14th of June, with another convention in October to get the party back on track with respect to national committee elections, etc.

18 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party nominates, schedules convention

  1. Ross Levin

    Please tell me that their presidential candidate won’t campaign, and it’s more symbolic than anything else. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. It would be much more useful to focus on local races for the Boston Tea Party.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    Since the BTP is off the rails with respect to its own bylaws, it’s hard to tell what will happen. In theory, there should be a new program created in 2008; perhaps that will happen in October at the “full convention.”

    My initial inclination was to contest any actions arising from the Denver meeting, but I’m still considering whether or not I should follow through on that inclination. Advice welcome.

  3. Steve Perkins

    Phillies?!? That’s weird… he spent the last year pitching himself a centrist, gave a Party unity speech on national TV after the third round, as is pretty much the dictionary definition of “LP stalwart”. This is an interesting rumor, since Phillies was probably the closest candidate to me ideologically… but I can’t really take this seriously until I see more info about in from Phillies’ site directly.

  4. redgar

    I was at the Tea Party convention. Phillies showed up as well for the same reason as me, to see what was going on.
    When asked if he wanted the nomination he said that he would have to think about it. A short time later he left.
    After Phillies left they announced that Phillies had accepted the nomination. It was pointed out that this was not true, but no one seemed to care.
    I finished my dinner and fled!

  5. Steve Perkins

    That sounds a bit more plausible, redgar. If the BTP has to “date-rape” a nomination onto someone who didn’t consent to it, then they may as well pull the plug on their blog-party. It’ll be interesting to see if Phillies confirms or even addresses any of this publicly at all.

  6. Jason_Gatties

    I tried to inform the BTP people that I had an idea on how they could get on the ballot in Michigan. Yet to hear a response.

    Basically it involves going after the Natural Law Party’s Ballot line. 4 years ago, the Socialists got it just handed to them. Hell, put up a fight. Not a great label to have, but if you’re interested in the ballot line, not a bad option.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    It is my considered opinion, based in part on an email discussion with George, that he will not accept the BTP’s nomination if it is offered.

    Keep in mind that what this BTP “informal convention” did was place several names into contention for the BTP nomination. The actual nomination is supposed to occur on the 14th in an online convention.

    Phillies is actually positioned to run his own presidential campaign if he so desires. He’s already on the ballot AS THE LP’S CANDIDATE in New Hampshire. He chairs the Massachusetts LP and could very well persuade it to run him instead of the national LP ticket. And there are three or four other states where the BTP might be able to get on the ballot without great expenditure of money and effort.

  8. richardwinger

    The Michigan Natural Law Party (the only ballot-qualified state unit of that party) is firmly committed to nominating Ralph Nader this year.

    George Phillies is not “on” the ballot in New Hampshire. He is listed as the party’s presidential nominee on the petition. The petition has not been finished yet. The NH LP is asking the NH Secretary of State to approve “substitution”. If the NH Secretary of State says No, the NH LP will sue him. The NH ACLU may do this case for us.

    The Mass. LP is not on the ballot and has barely begun to petition. Any possible Phillies petition would be in competition with the Barr petition.

  9. Jason_Gatties

    Not that I doubt you, but 4 years ago, Nader “firmly” had the Natural Law Party ballot line and it ended up going to the Socialist.

    All I’m saying is, there is a chance.

  10. millerpolitics

    After Phillies’ speech to the convention after losing the nomination, I do not think he will be running for the Boston Tea Party or any other party’s presidential nomination.

    Phillies is a long time Libertarian Party member and I don’t see him leaving the party now.

  11. G.E.

    I just realized we didn’t have MillerPolitics on our blogroll. We’re going to add you!

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