Wilson: The LP’s problem …

James Leroy Wilson of Downsize DC thinks he knows what it is. From Wilson’s personal blog, Independent Country:

The Libertarian Party’s problem is that it focuses most where voters focus least: ideology and economics. The challenge is to nominate someone (and they’ll be nominating someone this weekend, in Denver) whose positions are right and do make economic sense, but who can package them in a way that persuades people this is best not only for themselves, but also for the American people as a whole.

And who might that be? Read all about it.

One thought on “Wilson: The LP’s problem …

  1. mlirshfl

    I just read Wilson: The LP’s problem and when I went to make a comment I was forced to go to another site and register. So this is the kind of person I want to give me advice. That throws Ideology out the window. Is this Mr. Barr of the same persona. One to play tricks to get what he wants. If you want to know what people really want go ask the guy that has never voted. Has anyone really done the math? Take the census in the last election. It breaks it down by age etc. Take the census and look at the number of people that were eligible to vote. Add a high ten percent or deduct that amount of people that are incarcerated, sick or incapacitated, and not eligible to vote. Now look at the voting numbers. Match your numbers against those that were eligible to vote but didn’t. Now can you say Americans spoke in any election? Doubt it. Reach these people and you will find your third party. People who are too busy living a hard life trying to get by with what they have. Bob Barr, who is this guy? Was he always an independent or one just to try and win a nomination? Good question. Anyone up to my challenge? Do your research. Get someone America will recognize. Tom Hanks or Bill Gates to start the ball rolling would be excellent candidates. Look what Gates did for MS. God with that kind of business savvy we could be out of debt and maybe turning the corner during his administration. Wise up guys. I would rather vote for Nader. At least I know where his heart is, even though I don’t know who Matt Gonzalez is.

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