American Independent Party convention, and national affilliation

It was previously reported that the American Independent Party of California was attempting to disafilliate from the Constitution Party and ally with Alan Keyes‘ fledgling America’s Independent Party. This disafiliation atempt was being led by Edward Noonan and 3 other state central committeemembers. Noonan argued that they were the only legitimate members of the state central committee and therefor the only people who could make the decision on affilliation with a national entity and on presidential nominations. Noonan and his committeemembers made their decision via an “online convention” with four participants and no public notice, which is recquired by California election law.

On Saturday, June 28th the California American Independent Party formally called thier convention to order after announcing public notice to the Secretary of state and state media,as well as to all active party members. This convention was attended by 30 credentialed delegates and about 45 people alltogether.

An outside consultant was brought in to ensure parliamentarian fairness at the convention, and who wrote up a full report of minutes for both the state central committee meeting and the state convention. The Secretary of State’s office was also contacted about sending a representative, although its uncelar wether one attended or not.

Jim King was elected as chairman of the AIP-CA, replacing outgoing chair Ed Noonan. Don Grundmann, former presidential candidate, was elected vice-chair of the party to replace outgoing Mark Seidenberg.

The new vice-chair, Don Grundmann, immediately released a press release announcing the results of the state convention,especially their choice for presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

The American Independent Party of California, at its State Convention in Los Angeles on June 28th and 29th at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, announces its continued affiliation with the national Constitution Party and its endorsement of Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle as its Presidential and Vice-Presidential ticket in the coming November elections.

Newly elected State Chairman Jim King, and his fellow elected officers, celebrated the Baldwin/Castle ticket: “Chuck Baldwin is a fantastic candidate who stands for the greatest future for our nation and the solution of our greatest problems. Chuck Baldwin will solve the problems which Obama and McCain fear to address. He gives real straight talk and will bring real change and hope.”

Dr. Baldwin’s speech is being hailed by members of the AIP-CA as the best he has made yet. It was recorded, and i’ll make the video available here when I recieve it.

UPDATE: Richard Winger, of Ballot Access News, has indicated that he thinks the case for the Baldwin-allied AIP-CA convention seems “solid”.

6 thoughts on “American Independent Party convention, and national affilliation

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    So what about the election code claim Noonan makes about the CC? I get the impression both sides are going to run into problems…

  2. Trent Hill Post author


    I believe Noonan is incorrect when he cites the California election code. I’v had 3 lawyers familiar with California election code tell me so.

    Perhaps Richard Winger could fill us in though.

  3. RedPhillips

    Trent, is this all just about Keyes? It seems like there is something else going on here. Is there some unspoken underlying issue?

    I don’t know King, but congratulations to Don Grundmann, a nice guy and a party stalwart.

  4. Fred Church Ortiz

    Sounds good if true. That’s the bit that has me doubtful about the whole situation. Hopefully if it gets to the courts they don’t err on the side of “caution”.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    King is a longtime member of the party and a former chairman himself.

  6. Jerry S.

    Good News! Add 55 EC Votes eligible to the BaldWIN/Castle ticket. The more access to EC total Votes, the more credible the ticket to the common citizen. This gains access to over 200 of the needed 270 for victory and eligibility to some organization’s debate criteria. It would be outstanding to have ballot access to 400 or above EC Votes. But over 350 will be a good effort!

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