California AIP switches national affiliation to new Keyes-backed party

It seems that the American Independent Party of California has decided to switch national affiliations from the Constitution Party to the newly formed America’s Independent Party.

Assuming this holds up, and that’s a big if, it means several things…

1. Alan Keyes will now be on the ballot in California and Chuck Badlwin will probably not be able to get a line.

2. Based on voter registration totals, the new AIP now claims to be America’s third largest political party.

Here is the press release…

Media contact:
Markham Robinson
American Independent Party of California

Sacramento CA – June 28, 2008

California’s American Independent Party, which has a forty-year history in the Golden State, today announced its affiliation nationally with the newly-formed America’s Independent Party of Fenton, MI. The Party had previously affiliated on a national basis with the Constitution Party of Lancaster, PA.

The State Central Committee of the American Independent Party voted unanimously in its Friday meeting to make the switch, after which the new 2008 national affiliation was duly filed with the Secretary of State’s office in accordance with the requirements of California’s Election Code.

State Chairman Edward C. Noonan, on hand in Sacramento for the official filing, stated, “We believe it is time to affiliate with a new party, one that has a will to win. In sixteen years, the Constitution Party has never elected a candidate. America’s Independent Party may be the best chance we have of stopping the never-ending advance of socialism.”

Friday’s move makes the newly-minted America’s Independent Party the third largest national political party in the United States based on voter registration.

0 thoughts on “California AIP switches national affiliation to new Keyes-backed party

  1. Eric Prindle

    Oh please. Enough of this silly game of counting “membership” on the basis of voter enrollment totals.

    Have any other state parties with enrolled voters affiliated with the new America’s Independent Party?

    If not, #1 is the Independence Party, which has 355,934 enrolled voters in New York. #2 is America’s Independent Party, which has 331,619 in California. #4, after the Green Party, is the Independent Party of Florida, which has 232,422.

    Do we see a pattern?

    And never mind the 21 states that don’t have voter enrollment by party, and the many others that don’t tally enrollment for some or all minor parties.

  2. Sean Scallon

    It figures that Noonan would try to steal what he could not buy. Sadly for the AIP and the CP they’ll have to spend money on finding lawyers for litigation rather than on Baldwin’s campaign.

  3. RockvilleSteve

    Hi all – the promotional claim of having the “third largest national party” in terms of number of registered voters seems a reasonable one to use. I see that the Independence Party of New York explicitly refers to itself as a state party, unaffiliated with any others. America’s Independent Party is a national party. I’ve been working on petitioning to get new party on the ballot here in Maryland, and the county board of elections accepted my personal voter registration affiliation change to the as-yet unrecognized party. I expect our new party to affiliate with America’s Independent Party this summer.

  4. richardwinger

    The American Independent Party of California has more than just four state central committee members. The California election code gives expansive powers to certain state party officers to appoint many members. This press release is trying to fool people. The tip-off is when it says the vote was “unanimous”.

  5. Deran

    And isn’t Nader using the title “Independent Party” in states where it is easiest to get a new party candidate on the ballot instead of as an independent?

    And didn’t the CP elect a MT state rep just in the last few years?

  6. Sean Scallon

    Gary Odom chimed in and said Noonan was full of crap. He was ousted as chair at the party’s convention last weekend and as result basically declared on his own he disaffiliating. A party of one so to speak.

  7. kalipay

    WELL, since Keyes has such a fabulous record of winning I hope they go far together… *sarcasm dripping*

    But Sean’s right, Gary is in the middle of all this right now. Noonan is very outnumbered.

  8. citizen1

    The Nevada affiliate also has had members elected to county positions in the past few years.

  9. Eric Prindle

    My previous comment was based on the presumption that the press release above was accurate, which is now being called into question.

    The Independence Party has recently launched as a national party. If we’re going to pretend that all these “indpendent/ce” parties gained their large voter enrollment totals on the merits of their platforms and organizing, we have to include the Independence Party as well.

  10. Trent Hill

    Give me a few hours–im putting all the info.

    This much is clear: This is a bogus announcement. The Secretary of State wont allow it becuase Noonan is clearly acting alone. The state convention took place this weekend and voted to remain affilliated with the CP. Im still gathering details–but i’ll give an expansive report tonight.

  11. MattSwartz

    Does Keyes even have ballot access in any other states?

    Maybe not yet, but there are some states where it’s easy.

  12. Trent Hill

    I suspect Keyes will get on in Colorado, New Jersey, Louisiana, Florida, and maybe 1 or 2 other states.

  13. RedPhillips

    Maybe I give Keyes too much credit, but you would think his massive ego would keep him for going forward with such a poor showing guaranteed. He needs to drop out and stop embarrassing himself.

  14. Trent Hill


    Then who would pay for his air conditioning bill?

    Oh wait–the libertarians!

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