Barr back-paddling on ‘Fair’ tax?

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Appearing on BizRadio (Houston, Texas), Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr told host Daniel Frishberg on “The Money Man Report” that he sees a tremendous opportunity for change in the United States’ government and economic system.

Asked for his position on the IRS and the Fair Tax, Barr responded that the real issue is getting a handle on federal spending, ceasing federal intervention in the economy, and relinquishing federal responsibilities in social services. In his opinion, once these issues are dealt with, we can tackle the tax system. “If you don’t get a handle on federal spending, no matter what system of taxation you wind up with… it is going to be taking too much of people’s money,” Mr. Barr said.

5 thoughts on “Barr back-paddling on ‘Fair’ tax?

  1. inDglass

    Barr continues to focus on reducing spending every time he is faced with this question. Why won’t he come out an issue his policy for what comes next? His insistence on not answering this question makes me suspicious.

    I will not vote for a candidate who refuses to address this issue while there are other candidates available who have addressed it and concur with Ron Paul on it.

    Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin has concurred with Dr. Paul’s stance on the Federal Reserve and income tax. Charles Jay, who is expected to get the Boston Tea Party’s nomination later today, suggested the same in the BTP debate, as do the three VP candidates of the BTP.

  2. Fred Church Ortiz

    IMO, the two likely reasons Barr is backpedalling on the FairTax:

    1) He saw quite clearly that many (probably most, but who can say) LPers strongly opposed to it, that RP supporters weren’t interested in it, and so he risks seriously pissing off even more of the base he was counting on for activism if he pushes it – making larger-scale outreach impossible. Or…

    2) After being confronted on the matter by LPers that have railed against the FairTax as long as it’s existed, he came to realize the actual flaws inherent in it and genuinely wants to back off.

    In either case, I don’t expect a reversal reaching any further than this. There’s a word for it when you change your position in the middle of campaign season as sentiment clearly goes against it. Barr doesn’t want that label. I think the most we can expect is stuff like this, along the lines of “I put this forward early on, there’s plenty of other options out there that I’m open to, but here’s the real heart of the matter.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz

    Ignore the grammatical errors in my last comment, I spot-edited the crap out of it…

  4. trinman

    Give Barr credit for not espousing another tax stealing scam (though he should disavow it in passing), and focusing on the real issue. As long as the reprocrats continue to spend money they do not have, on things they should not be spending it on (cf. the U.S. Constitution just for starters), it will not matter a whit whether we advocate ending the IRS (whether replacing it with nothing or another scheme?).

    Barr, for all his faults, does grasp this issue well.

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