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Candidates rush to Colorado ballot

Ballot Access News reports presidential candidates Jonathan Allen (Heartquake 08), Gene Amondson (Prohibition), Gloria LaRiva (Socialism), Brian Moore (Socialist), Elvena Lloyd-Duffie (Republican), Bradford Lyttle (Pacifist), and Frank McEnulty (unaffiliated) filed for Colorado’s ballot by Tuesday’s deadline.

Since the Constitution, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican parties still have time to submit the names of their nominees, there could be more than a dozen presidential tickets on the Colorado ballot. Lloyd-Duffie will need to adopt a different party designation.

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  1. RockvilleSteve RockvilleSteve June 30, 2008

    Ballot Access News posted an updated list of the successful Colorado filings for president, adding:

    Charles Jay – The Boston Tea Party
    James Harris – Socialist Workers Party
    William R. Koenig
    Thomas Robert Stevens – Objectivist Party
    Alan Keyes
    Ralph Nader

  2. Jerry S. Jerry S. June 19, 2008

    Isn’t that refreshing ? Multiple choices sure beats two anyday and twice on tuesdays! We want multiple choices on everything in our lives, however when it comes to the most powerful position in the world we settle for only two handpicked choices. Now WHAT’S that all about?

    When it REALLY matters we go DUH otAY, eany meany miny MOE let’s pick the lesser of the TWO evils sixpack JOE. Another four years of war, debt, tyranny, death, heartache, misery, etc., and we WONDER why…

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