Jeremy Creamier: Libertarian for President, 2028?

A young man named Jeremy Creamier is running for president as part of a high-school government class project. His campaign video, which credits Joe Buckley as producer, is worth watching.

Creamier defines libertarianism in stark terms:

  • No war
  • No taxes
  • No debt
  • More freedom
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of business
  • Freedom of sexuality
  • Freedom to be who you want

Mr. Creamier and Mr. Buckley might make excellent Libertarian consultants for the upcoming campaign season.

Thanks to Jason Gatties for directing IPR to this video.

11 thoughts on “Jeremy Creamier: Libertarian for President, 2028?

  1. Deran

    Poor, lad. He’s all confused. He is under the mistaken, recent, myth that “libertarian” explictly implies free marketeteerism/neo-classical liberal economics.

    Ooops! Wrong! Libertarianism is not some recent Ayn Rand invention. Libertarian socialism/libertarian communism was an ideological term used during the 1870 Paris Commune.

    The guy really aught to real A People’s History of the United States, before he does run. He’d learn a lot more abt libertarianism’s history there, then on the neo-libertarian LP website.

  2. Mike Theodore

    The once unbeatable prospects of a 16 year old on the ticket with Milnes have been slaughtered by needless idealistic hope!
    I have no party! Except of course the LP…and some of this Fanta.


  3. hogarth

    Needs a copyeditor.But then so do most candidates. *sigh*

    Anyway, he sure doesn’t make the idea of freedom look very fun. Looks pretty grim to me.

  4. hogarth

    Every time you post I see “grim” so who are you to talk exactly?

    Touche 🙂

    But my comments are … commentary. Campaigning should be much more positive.

    It is great to see people this young who ‘get it’.

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