California deals double whammy to Constitution Party

First, the California Secretary of State issued an opinion (litigation pending) that Alan Keyes, not Chuck Baldwin, would be on the AIP ballot line this year.

And now, more bad news from the Golden State for the CP in case it does wrestle back control of the AIP from Keyes: Ballot Access News reports

California has a new format for its voter registration form, for the “political party” choice. The form asks “Do you want to register with a political party?”. The “Yes” block is on the left; the “No” block is on the right.

Under the “Yes” block, the form lists the ballot-qualified parties in alphabetical order, with a checkbox next to the name of each. Of course there is also a blank line for someone who wants to register into a party that is not ballot-qualified.

The new form is designed to deal with the problem that some people wish to register “Independent”, but the legislature forbids the Secretary of State from listing that choice on the form. This has caused some people to register into the American Independent Party because they have thought that is the proper way to show oneself as an independent.

10 thoughts on “California deals double whammy to Constitution Party

  1. Gene Trosper

    It’s about time. Now the AIP’s voter rolls won’t be quite as padded with confused/mistaken registrations.

  2. donald raymond lake

    Resistance is not futile! Two decades of complaining and these small baby steps have been taken. How ever, to the best of my believe and knowledge, the state duopoly still refers to all NON BALLOT ACCESS parties and unqualified or unofficial parties, robbing them of their existence, and resion detriet.

    Time after time, year after year, the Golden State Secretary of State, Dem or GOP, states that ‘there are only XXXXX political parties in California’ . More correctly, ‘there are only XXXXXXX ballot access parties…..’

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves!

    Resistance is not futile!

  3. richardwinger

    I don’t agree that this is bad news for the AIP. What is bad for the AIP is the constant commentary about how many, if not most, of its registrants didn’t understand they were joining the AIP. The AIP will continue to have a huge registration in California, and now the news articles about the “mistakes” should cease, as the new card gets disseminated to all the places that provide cards to the public.

  4. darolew

    Well, the registration thing was well over-due.

    As for the other bit, Alan Keyes is a moron, and so are all his supporters. I wish the AIP luck in regaining their ballot line.

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    I’m glad it’ll be easier for the lazy and easily confused to register as they please now, but the AIP isn’t ever going to hear the end of it.

  6. Trent Hill

    I agree with Mr. Winger.

    Although the AIP’s voter rolls are inflated due to confusion,this is a good thing. The AIP has well over 100,000 REAL members (this is demonstrably true, simply look at recent statewide returns) and I even wish that the SoS could purge all members who meant to register as Independent.

  7. G.E.

    It will be interesting to hear the explanations from people who insist the AIP registrants actually know what they’re doing when the number of registered AIP voters plummets by 90%+

  8. paulie cannoli Post author

    I don’t expect it will fall that much. After all people who already registered will generally not re-register unless they move around a lot.

    I expect that among newly registering/updating voters their share will definitely shrink.


    the webpage is a bogus webpage and is not affiliated with the American independent party.
    (please Note) that the webpage changes title after to arrive there to “constitution party.” A deceptive and corrupt tactic…to try and fool the American voter. Please do not be duped.

  10. Don Grundmann

    Dear Citizens – The above writer,, is lying. This is documented at The American Independent Party has been attacked by Republican Party operatives working to destroy the 3rd party conservative movement in our nation. The REAL AIP, the non-corruption faction of the party which is fighting to save the AIP from their attack, is found at The ultra corrupt Republican Party moles are found at

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chaiaman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

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