Open letter to Green Party by left-wing activist slams McKinney

Drew Pritt, who as a Democrat was the first openly gay man to run for statewide office in Arkansas, says that he doesn’t think he could vote Green if Cynthia McKinney is the party’s nominee for president.

“I have problems with [McKinney’s] candidacy,” Mr. Pritt says. “You see, running for President should mean that you have someone who has earned the right to represent the party, not use the party for political expediency.”

Pritt condemns McKinney for what he perceives as her antisemitism: “Cynthia McKinney has openly attacked members of the Jewish community. I am Jewish by heritage and I find her statements heinous and rather distasteful in the very least.”

He says that he met McKinney in 1996 and that she was then positive and full of promise, but she changed.

“She became divisive, obstructionist, and one who doesn’t look to unite but to divide,” Pritt says. “Cynthia McKinney, like H. Ross Perot in 1996, or Bob Barr this year, would do more to harm the gains your party has painstakingly made over the years.”

“For those of us who are in the Progressive Community, in the GLBT Community, in the Jewish-American community, and in many voting communities, the choice of Cynthia McKinney is no choice at all.”

Instead, Pritt says the Green Party should nominate Jesse Johnson.

Mr. Pritt says that he’s still a Democrat.

You can read his open letter in its entirety here.

90 thoughts on “Open letter to Green Party by left-wing activist slams McKinney

  1. G.E. Post author

    Commentary on Cynthia McKinney: Does she have THE WORST Web site ever, or what?

  2. Mike Theodore

    Jesse Johnson for a surprise nomination maybe? I wish I was in Chicago so I could go to the convention and cause havoc.
    If he really makes a name for himself, he’d be good for 2012.

  3. Deran

    No doubt Mr. Pritt is a Democrat. And so he wants the GP to nominate a weak unknown as their presidential candidate, hmmm.

    McKinney has been attacked by the US Israel lobby since she fist got elected to Congress, because she dared to criticize the US’ relationship to the government of Israel. They came after her in 2002 with boatloads of money. The FEC reports are pretty fascinating.

    I also think it’s a sad comment on the McKinney campaign that this can even pass for news! A Clintonista’s ramblings.

  4. darolew

    “Commentary on Cynthia McKinney: Does she have THE WORST Web site ever, or what?”

    I think Root’s was worse.

  5. Mike Theodore

    I frequented Milnes4president more than RootforAmerica. I had to email them to tell them to make it known he was the running like a week afterwards.

  6. G.E. Post author

    I don’t want to impugn the character of Mr. Pritt, whom I do not know, but I’m somewhat inclined to agree with Deran. Obviously, McKinney poses more of a threat to Obama’s vote total than does Jesse Johnson.

  7. Mike Theodore

    Barely. I don’t see her as a threat. The way I see it (gather round with your marshmallows), if this is a “close” election, those machines really can’t be trusted.
    Hair thin for McCain? No
    Not now.

  8. G.E. Post author

    I’m not sure to the extent that Cobb’s disastrous “safe state” strategy has torpedoed the Greens’ ballot access, but I will guarantee McKinney gets a higher share of the vote in the states she’s in than did Cobb.

  9. paulie cannoli

    Details please. Anyone who knows.

    What does McKinney’s alleged anti-Jewish bias manifest itself in, other than anti-Zionism, which is sometimes, but not at all always, the same thing?

    I’m aware of Judeophobic comments by her father, but as yet unaware of any by her herself.

    Also, in what ways is she antithetical to the Progressive Community, or the GLBT Community?

    Finally, isn’t this coming too late? The info I have is that she has more than enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. If I’m wrong, I’d like to know.

  10. G.E. Post author

    “I also think it’s a sad comment on the McKinney campaign that this can even pass for news! “

    Hey, IPR covers candidates with no chance of winning. Our definition of “newsworthy” is not exactly the same as Associated Press’s, and I think that’s a good thing.

  11. Mike Theodore

    Here, here G.E.!

    Paulie, I don’t watch the greens. At least not in this cycle.
    I don’t know who the designated green is on this site. I know G.E. used to be with them.

  12. drewpritt

    Deran you do not know me and I do not know you. So unlike your irrational statement, I shall not make a character judgement of you, as you unfairly did to me.

    No, there are no black helicopters and I am not part of some vast left-wing conspiracy. To say Cynthia McKinney will take away votes from Barack Obama, and not John McCain or Bob Barr even, simply because of the common color of their skin tone is rascist to say the least.

    I know Jesse Johnson on a personal level. I hate to think after all his years of hard work in the 3rd Party arena, he will be denied a nomination, by a woman who used the Green Party REPORTEDLY to pay off her debt, before she switched parties.

    Do you not find that sickening???

    If the Green Party is to thrive it has to appeal to progressives like myself. Cynthia McKinney does not appeal but repels.

  13. G.E. Post author

    Yes, leave it to a leftist to consider acknowledging fact to be “racist.”

    Black people are more inclined to vote for Black candidates. DUH!

    In addition, Cynthia is about, oh, I don’t know, 10 zillion times more well known than nobody Jesse Johnson.

  14. Mike Theodore

    Drew, is the party that divided, or is it a collective majority for McKinney?

    If it is the latter…why? Why they are flipped over like a happy dog for her, I do not know.

    Last, will they learn their lesson after this election, or keep going in the McKinney like direction?

  15. drewpritt

    GE, being well-known does not translate into votes. Otherwise Hillary Clinton would have defeated Barack Obama. Rudy Giuliani or even Fred Thompson would have rivaled and come close to John McCain, not “nobodies” like Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee.

    It’s the message, don’t you get it?

    Cynthia McKinney’s HIGH WATER MARK is 3%. Thats less than Johnson got statewide in West Virginia. Theres not even a guarantee McKinney, who touts her strength as a former Congresswoman, can qualify for Federal Matching Funds.

    The simple fact is this….”rambling Clintonistas” and other progressives are what the Green Party needs to go to the next level.

    Cynthia McKinney does not represent a future for the Green Party! Jesse Johnson has proven he can and will get results.

  16. drewpritt

    Look the beauty of Free Speech is it is guaranteed to every American.

    That open letter is my thoughts on my blog. To analyze it any differently than I the author express to you is a lie. When we utilize free speech to spread a lie….well we begin the road down to tyranny.

  17. drewpritt

    G.E. who are you? How do I abhor freedom? I am promoting free speech, and electing someone based on character and a record. You are just trying to start a war and I refuse to continue this silly discourse.

  18. M. D.

    Pritt’s not much of a left-wing activist. For one thing, he voted for Bush in 2000. (He also voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary, despite there being a Green Party primary in Arkansas)

    Also, Kennedy won 4%, not 15% in the Attorney General’s race.

    If you wanna have some fun, google Drew Pritt.

  19. Melty Rox

    McKinney got begged by Greens in 2004 to run for prez for the Greens and she turned them down cuz she was campaigning to get her old job back, which she did. Then later when the Democrats took over Congress and they did the same contemptable things as the Republicans did when they led it (blank check Iraq, pass draconian resolutions…) she quit the Democrat Party, and she officially joined the Green Party. Nader was never a member of the Green Party. When McKinney became a member Green last year, it was already pretty obvious – the nomination was good as bagged. She’ll be nominated this weekend by overwhelming popular demand.

    I could see someone questioning whether Barr represents the Lib Party (I’m a libertarian inclusivist and even i question it), but McKinney and the Greens? Ask a hundred Green Party members what they think once. I’m saying, Mister Pritt, I don’t understand you.

  20. Melty Rox

    Zionism is anti-Jewish.

    This accusation that McKinney’s a heeb-hater is baseless.

    Further I must add, if I were black I would say she’s one badass niggabitch, but I’m white so I’ll say this – McKinney’s got balls, I mean, ya know, as the saying goes. Like her or not, i don’t think there’s any denying it. She’s got balls.

    Of course, to say anything bad about the U. S. Government is to be anti-Semitic. Ergo, any politician with balls is an anti-Semite.

  21. paulie cannoli

    Zionism is neither inherently pro- or anti-Jewish.

    There are Jewish Zionists who sincerely believe that a Jewish homeland is the only way to solve the intractable problems faced through millenia of exile. There are some non-Jews who agree.

    There are religious Jewish anti-Zionists who believe that current Israel is illegitimate, and can not be properly restored until the Messiah comes. There are secular Jewish anti-Zionists who sympathize with the Palestinian cause.

    There are Christian Zionists who want to concentrate all the Jews in one place so they can get them into a nuclear war, to set off their interpretation of the battle of Armageddon in the Book of Revelations. I wouldn’t exactly call this a pro-Jewish position.

    Some nazis made an alliance with Zionists. These nazis just wanted to get Jews out of Europe, which is not exactly pro-Jewish either.

    The Brits were anti-Zionist in response, limiting Jewish immigration in British Occupied Palestine, and turning boatloads of Jews back to nazi occupied Europe or blasting them out of the water. Not very pro-Jewish.

    There are Jew-haters who want to destroy both Israel and non-Israeli Jews. Again, not pro-Jewish.

    There are probably more types of Zionists and anti-Zionists, bot Jewish and not, that I didn’t mention.

    So in short, being Jewish or Anti-Jewish has no direct corelation to being Zionist or anti-Zionist.

  22. richardwinger

    Jesse Johnson got 2.48% when he ran for Governor of West Virginia in 2004. He got 1.86% when he ran for US Senate in West Virginia in 2006.

  23. Jason_Gatties

    Damn cut this guy a break. He’s anti-McKinney just like many Libertarians have become anti-Barr. Different reasons sure, but its all the same.

    If you can point out how libertarians have railed against Barr’s recent sickening love fest with Helms is any different than this guy calling out Cynthia’s anti jewish statements are all that different, I would love to hear it.

  24. Mike Theodore

    Like I said,
    If I was to go to the Green Convention I would do more research. Frankly, with me still in Colorado, I see no reason to cover it.
    I would don my hat and suit and act like a real reporter too!

    Think about this. Two weeks before I came out here, the LP convention was a bus ride away from my current location. I come out here, and a few weeks before I go back to Chicago theres the Green convention. The Democratic convention (bus ride away) is a few weeks after I go back to Chicago.

    I bet the next Illinois LP convention, I’ll be gone as well. 😀

  25. paulie cannoli

    this guy calling out Cynthia’s anti jewish statements

    I missed where. I asked what does statements were. So far, no answer.

  26. G.E. Post author

    Gatties – Difference is that this guy is a Democrat, not a Green. It would be just like Republicans urging the LP to nominate Alden Link.

  27. Melty Rox

    Right. What anti-Jewish statements?
    And what disgruntled McKinney-bashing Greens?

    Thanks for the Zionist lowdown, Paulie.

  28. Deran

    I never suggestedd you are a part of a onspiracy Mr. Pritt, I do think you proposal for the GP is a sure way of minimizing their votes in November, which seems convenient for a Democrat.

    And as for Mr. Pritt calling McKinney antisemitic; of course there is no proof presented, there is no proof. Ms. McKinney has been a public critic of Israel’s policy toward Palestine and Israel’s apartheid-like system regarding Israeli Arabs. You do that, you get labeled antisemitic.

    I have donated to McKinney’s campaign, but I am not active in the GP or her campaign. And, reader’s of this blog have seen me criticize and question the way the McKinney campaign is run.

    G.E.; I very much appreciate the work you guys do on IPR. I was not suggesting this letter was unworthy of IPR, I was just being a bit forlorn that this screed is as big news as McKinney’s campaign is generating so far. Sad in that way, not that you posted it.

  29. drewpritt

    I disagree when you say there is no proof.

    The first proof comes the night Cynthia McKinney loses her bid for Congress, the first time. That first time in 2002, and her father said, IT WAS THE JEWS. Did Cynthia McKinney denounce it? No, she was silent. We just saw yesterday, Jesse Jackson, Jr. denounce statements his dad made. We saw Hillary Clinton denounce statements her husband made. Do not tell me silence is some form of loyalty to one’s family. Rather, when it was done in Cynthia McKinney’s name at her Election Night party, there was silence which equals acceptance. She never publicly apologized for the incident afterwards.

    Moreover, as a member of Congress, McKinney’s vociferous encouragement on the record that we leave Israel to stand on its own in the Middle East is not a sentiment shared by the Jewish community. The Jewish community seeks the revival and preservation of the State of Israel.

    About a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, McKinney wrote a letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal thanking him for his offer of $10 million to aid New York City — an offer which had been refused by Rudy Giuliani due to the comments which accompanied it. The prince wrote that the US “should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced view of the Palestinian cause.” It starts out a fair enough statement, though perhaps poorly timed — not to mention slightly ironic coming from a member of the Saudi royal family — but when he explains that these “policies” are America’s support of Israel, he stops looking so nice. Alwaleed was all but blaming the US-Israel relationship for Sept. 11, and McKinney was loving it. She thanked him, reviled Israel’s “atrocities,” and concluded by suggesting that his highness consult with her office, which would advise him on what to do with the $10 million.

    Okay then when she faced Hank Johnson in 2006, she had accepted on numerous occasions generous contribution money from normal and shady Muslim organizations. Also, because Johnson is Hindu, she blamed Indian-Americans.

  30. drewpritt

    Also, if you google me and you cite Encyclopedia Dramatica, you see a page without sources or proof where any individual can write outlandish half-truths or lies and act like its fact. So you can cite it, but it’s like citing Mad Magazine as a reputable source of news!

  31. RedPhillips

    “Yes, leave it to a leftist to consider acknowledging fact to be “racist.”

    Black people are more inclined to vote for Black candidates. DUH!”

    Thanks G.E. I was thinking that, but didn’t want to say anything for fear of precipitating another racism debate.

    “There are Christian Zionists who want to concentrate all the Jews in one place so they can get them into a nuclear war, to set off their interpretation of the battle of Armageddon in the Book of Revelations. I wouldn’t exactly call this a pro-Jewish position.”

    paulie, that is an outlandish spin. I am not necessarily a believer in that particular end-times interpretive system, but they do not want to gather Jews together to serve as some sort of sacrificial lamb. They see Israel restored and Jesus ruling from the Throne of David. It is a very philo-semitic belief system. Hence, conservative evangelicals of that belief system are some of the biggest supporters of Israel.

  32. G.E. Post author

    Ridiculous spin? He’s not talking about YOU or others like you (or not) Red. He’s saying what is demonstrably true of SOME Christian Zionists.

    You are awfully PC when it comes to Christians.

  33. RedPhillips

    G.E., dispensational pre-millennial Christians are philo-semitic and pro-Israel to the point of caricature. Yes they believe a battled is prophesied, but the idea that they want all the Jews gathered together so they will get killed is a unique spin to say the least. Israel wins that battle and becomes the seat of the government for the Millennium. That is hardly serving the Jews up on a platter.

  34. drewpritt

    It is a dream. Look, I am hampered at times by the fact that I have been outspoken and honest. When you are outspoken and honest, it scares people.

    You Google my name you find all sorts of heinous comments about me and my character at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Problem is, they are lives.

    I do not stomp squirrels, or masturbate in public, or do the other things I am accused of.

    Also, I have been the victim of people like Peter Orvetti, who prior to this evening I held in high regard, regurgitating gossip as fact.

    I have run for City Council, County Judge (County Executive), School Board, and Lt. Governor in Arkansas. I explored a bid for U.S. Congress in Wisconsin’s 5th District as I lived there working for a Congressional Campaign, a year prior. I chose not to run and return to my home state of Arkansas.

    I have family who have run or served in elective office in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee. But I have not run for office in those states.

    That being said, why should this become something questioning my character? This is a story about the character and effect of it that Cynthia McKinney will have on the Green Party.

  35. Mike Theodore

    As it would seem, I see none of the candidates having a positive effect. Maybe Johnson would make you feel more pure or something, but he wouldn’t change anything. None of them will get a large chunk of votes. Greens don’t appear to be trying much this time around, except in abundant down ticket candidacies. I commend the party for those, as there are many in my home state.

    Not that many people are attacking your character here, Drew. Mostly just question your accusations.

  36. green in brooklyn

    I disagree with a couple of comments up-post. First off, I think that McKinney represents the future of the Green party – not that she is necessarily going to be our candidate beyond 2008, but that in order for the Green Party to grow, elect candidates down ballot, and eventually have a seat at the table with the two corporate parties nationally is to build a coalition of our natural lefty constituencies: black, brown, native american, labor, envirnomentalist, etc. And the two places we are going to pick up our share of the vote is by getting people back into the process who do not vote, and to bleed the dems and left leaning independents of support, and McKinney is a good example of someone who has had enuf of the Dem party, and wants to fight from outside the system rather than inside. While I do think that Jesse Johnson represents another possible constituency, I think the image of two women of color representing

    I also disagree that McKinney is using the Green Party as a vehicle solely for her own ambitions. She is a strong advocate for local green candidates, and she represents all of the Green key values in a way that Nader did not, with a solid voting record on the war, health care, the environment, liberty (patriot act, etc), impeachment, NAFTA, etc, and she is someone who cannot be dismissed, as Nader has been, as someone who has not held public office. With 4 yrs in the GA legislature and 12 in Congress, much of that on the armed services committee, she is MUCH more experiences and qualified than the Dem nominee (as is Barr, I might add)

  37. green in brooklyn

    Sorry posted too quickly. Last line of first graph should read ‘the image of two women of color representing the Green Party is a powerful statement that can only be good for expanding the Green base of support.’

  38. Mike Theodore

    Brilliant. I’m enjoying the policy of supporting down ticket candidacies. I’ve always though as a state policy, all the states should just have a WHOLE bunch of candidates. They seem to be doing that.

  39. MisterHands

    Anybody unacquainted with Drew Pritt should understand that he’s a pathological liar with an ego the size of all outdoors who constantly suffers from delusions of grandeur. He often fashions himself a political pundit or a politician, depending on whether or not he’s pursuing a quixotic campaign for any number of offices that all almost exclusively end in him not even coming close to making the ballot. This man is a colossal loser and a fraud. His escapades and misadventures over the years have varied from hilariously pathetic to downright criminal (often both and everything in between). This guy is a joke both in the real world and on the internet. Don’t take any stock in a word he says. Quite frankly is doing itself a tremendous disservice by dignifying him with the title of “activist”. As an above poster said, do a Google search on him if you want a good chuckle.

  40. Melty Rox

    So it turns out the anti-Jewish statements from out of Cynthia McKinnney’s mouth are, she said….. nothing? and it’s some kind of guilt by association cuz she said nothing while her father and some Saudi prince said things that the Israel Lobby didn’t want to hear? All Cynthia said was that we should stop doling out to Israel? So it’s anti-Semitic to be non-interventionist? My previous statement still stands. The accusation is baseless.

  41. darolew

    “…you find all sorts of heinous comments about me and my character at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Problem is, they are [lies].”

    Lol, you don’t get Encyclopedia Dramatica at all. That entire site is not a serious encyclopedia. It’s written for lulz mostly by *chan-goers. If you look up any politician or famous person there, their article will make fun of them and be filled with lies. (By the way, many Encyclopedia Dramatica articles are highly NSFW, so go there at your discretion.)

  42. drewpritt

    Darolew, however, when idiots like “Mr. Hands” or others say Google me that site comes up. Many people think it’s a reputable site and believe the lies.

    Look at how “Mr. Hands” writes what he writes like its facts. Its disturbing when idiots like him pathologically stalk me on the internet.

    But there is a solution. I am now working with an advocacy group, that works with authorities to go after people like this individual who impugne and attack people’s character. But until legal means can resolve this issue, I have to defend myself accordingly.

  43. G.E. Post author

    “I am now working with an advocacy group,”

    I’m speechless. What a mistake it was to post this deranged individual’s open letter.

  44. M. D.

    So basically HaltAbuse will stop people from mentioning that Pritt won 8 votes in a School Board election, or that he bounced thousands of dollars worth in checks, or anything else hurting Drew’s feelings.

    Also, unless Roll Call is in on the anti-Pritt conspiracy.. then Pritt did run for Congress in Tennessee, but got disqualified for not gathering enough signatures. The signature threshold being 25, If I recall correctly.

    If he counts his Lt. Governor campaign as a campaign (that he never filed for), why not count his Tennessee candidacy?

    So, I wonder if the Arkansas authorities were amused that Drew had his brother’s voter registration sent to someone’s home who had no idea who he (David Pritt) was.

  45. drewpritt

    M.D. and G.E. you make lots of accusations, but you won’t reveal your identity. Why is that? What are you so scared of doing? Are you aware I know who you are, have tracked your I.P. addressesses and reported them to your internet providers?

    Look, if what you said is true, it could be verified by CREDIBLE sources. But it cannot, outside of mindless comment boards and places like Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.

    Give this game up, leave me alone, and get a life!

  46. G.E. Post author

    I’m unaware of even a single accusation I’ve made against you.

    Feel free to stop posting at my Web site any time you’d like.

  47. G.E. Post author

    Back at comment #23 Drew Pitt said he “refused to continue this silly discourse.”

    Here we are at comment #61, and Drew’s just two behind me.

  48. Mike Theodore

    G.E. your like the guy on the front porch with his gun on his lap.

    *picks it up*

    You can feel free to step off my property anytime you like.

  49. G.E. Post author

    No. Drew is perfectly free to continue making an ass of himself here if he’d like. Or he can leave. I’m just making sure he knows that the latter is an option.

  50. drewpritt

    G.E. do you realize your problem? You are a bully. The difference between you and I, is you are taking accusations….lies actually and saying them to make comments about me and my character. You seem scared to reveal your identity. Moreover, you think it makes you a better person to bully someone. Pick up your “virtual shotgun” but I warn you, be careful for the kickback when you try to shoot it will knock you on your ass!

    You’re a liar, a conniving trouble maker, a bully, and most of all a coward. You lack moral fiber or character, so you sit behind your computer screen and attack others who do things with their lives.

    I suggest letting this drop and for a 2nd time, leave me alone!

  51. G.E. Post author

    My identity is well know, Mr. Pitt. I am a professional freelance writer and I don’t like my petty squabbles with d-bags like you coming up when my employer does a Google search for my name. Probably every single person who posted in this thread, other than you, knows my Christian name.

    I’m a bit perplexed as to how I’m bullying you. I’ve made no accusations against you, which you say I have. I have only quoted your comments and offered a commentary on their nature. That’s not bullying. What am I trying to bully you into doing, exactly?

  52. drewpritt

    G.E. you are not bullying and lying???

    You turned up the heat and goaded me. Look at Comments # 21 & # 22.

    Lets look, shall we :

    1.) “Leftists truly do abhor freedom.”

    A LIE….I do not abhor freedom, nor do most leftists.

    2.) “What a mistake it was to post this deranged individual’s open letter.”

    Comment # 57, you call me a deranged individual. What a pompous ass you are to discredit someone you disagree with by questioning their mental state.

    Now, I apologize to you G.E. but when I see comments by “M.D.” or by “Mister Hands” that are lies, it gets frustrating and you seemed to goad them on. So I apologize if my wrath found a target in you but you can see from the factual evidence I just provided, you goaded this further, and turned the heat up so to speak.

  53. G.E. Post author

    “Deranged individual” is an insult, not a “lie.”

    Leftists absolutely DO abhor freedom as I define the term.

  54. M. D.

    “Are you aware I know who you are, have tracked your I.P. addressesses and reported them to your internet providers?”

    LOL What? I doubt you know what state I live in, much less enough info to “track my IP”, Mr. L33t h4xz0r.

    But HaltAbuse gives you a new angle to your usual freaking out whenever anybody doubts you. There’s a reason why people don’t like you very much.

  55. drewpritt

    “Mister Hands” & “M.D.” be aware when you post in WordPress, it logs your I.P. address. That information has been turned over to

    You can simply stop this behavior by leaving me alone.

  56. Mike Theodore

    Drew, chill man.
    This was a peaceful site before you came in here and shouted bloody murder.
    and I mean peaceful!
    Hookah pipes down by the meadow, birds singing, squirrels dancing. Then you come in and WAAAA!

  57. drewpritt


    Rather than asking me to chill, when I am publicly being attacked, why don’t you call out the ones who started it? You insinuate this was my fault.

    Why don’t you tell M.D., Mister Hands, and anyone else who belittles someone on here without provocation to back off?

  58. G.E. Post author

    I got an idea: Why don’t all you rabblerousers back off and return from whence you came?

  59. Mike Theodore

    Yes, Jason. You can.

    Especially after just visiting .
    I thought it was some (you know) “real” form of abuse site.
    He probably thinks this is the frontline for his battle against free speech..

  60. Please

    Ignore this loser. McKinney DID denounce anti-Semitism:

    Advertisements [?]

    “Anyone who makes blanket denunciations of Jews or ‘the Jew’ is certainly not a supporter of mine, not a staff member, not a consultant to, nor is welcome to be a volunteer in my campaign.” -Cynthia McKinney

    Oh, and Drew: based on what I have seen written here under your name, it is clear that no one should bother taking you seriously.
    This WAS in her Wikipedia entry last year, but it is now mysteriously absent.

    Drew is a Zionist, everyone. Throwing the same old garbage around that anyone who is anti-Zionist and stands up for Palestine is an anti-Semite.

    Drew, next time, try doing a minute amount of research before you slander someone.

  61. Please

    Notice that Drew does not point out specifically WHAT Cynthia said that was anti-semitic. Oh wait, he CAN’T becuase she never said anything anti-Semitic.

  62. G.E. Post author

    So was Jesse Johnson a neocon?

    Because Zionists seem to think the only people who aren’t anti-Semites are neocons.

  63. drewpritt

    Jesse Jackson, Jr. condemned his father’s statements, yet McKinney has yet to do so.

    Her father, Georgia state legislator Billy McKinney, shared his version with an Atlanta television reporter on August 19, 2002, the night before she lost. The reporter had asked Billy McKinney about his daughter’s use of a years-old, moth-balled endorsement from former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. Such endorsements were worthless, the elder McKinney replied, because “Jews have bought everybody. Jews.” In case the reporter didn’t understand, he spelled the word: “J-E-W-S.”


    The Council on American-Islamic Relations sent out an E-mail asking people to “support Cynthia McKinney … Pro-Muslim candidate. Supporter of Palestinian State for over 7 years. Against Secret Evidence. Against Aid to Israel.” Some three-quarters of McKinney’s contributions came from people with Muslim or Arab names, most from outside Georgia. She received contributions from people under federal investigation for links to terrorists and from people who have voiced support for Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Middle East.

    Source :

    Incidentally, I am a Zionist. Thats not an insult but rather a badge of honor for me. But I guess US News and World Report is in some sort of conspiracy with me? NOT!!!!!

  64. G.E. Post author

    Are you a practicing Jew? What does it say about honoring thy father? You would McKinney to renounce her dad?

    What the American-Islamic whatever said is true and not offensive.

    Um, yes, U.S. News & World Report is part of the neocon media, so, yeah, they are part of the “conspiracy.”

  65. Please

    Zionism is racism, Drew and it is your Arab-bashing, “Some three-quarters of McKinney’s contributions came from people with Muslim or Arab names” is racist.

    I do not condone Cynthia’s father’s word choice, and he was wrong to substitute the word “Jews” for the AIPAC and the American Zionist lobby who maliciously went after Cynthia because she was one of the few people on the hill who gave voice to Palestinian suffering under Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of their land. What they did to Cynthia is repugnent.

    But as I said, you Zionists do not speak for all Jews and yes, Bill McKinney should know that. But Cynthia as I pointed out, rebuked all anti-Semitism. And if you are a Zionist, the Green Party should be of no interest to you as its core membership is anti-Zionist.

    And you DO NOT speak for all Jewish people. And accusing those of us who call you out as a Zionist of being “conspiracy theorists” is intellectually lazy on your part.

    Also, you said in your original letter, “Cynthia McKinney has openly attacked members of the Jewish community…” these are your words, and now you are flip-flopping, going after her father after it has been proven that not only she did not say anything anti-Semitic, but that she denounced anti-Semitism. As I said, the truth is too inconvenient for you so now you are flip-flopping. Typical Democratic Party hack. Keep it up and maybe you’ll get a job with the DLC or with AIPAC.

  66. Please

    “The Council on American-Islamic Relations sent out an E-mail asking people to ‘support Cynthia McKinney … Pro-Muslim candidate. Supporter of Palestinian State for over 7 years. Against Secret Evidence. Against Aid to Israel.’ ”

    In other words, she stands for justice. As I said, most Greens would fit this description.

  67. Please

    I shot him down with fact. This person is a nobody who cannot document his allegations, that has been brought to light, and he cannot respond. It’s not about “picking” on someone. or ad hominems. As I said, I do not know why a Zionist would take such an interest in the Green party, anyway.

    Yes, we should move on.

    PS Nice sources from FOX NEWS, by the way.

  68. drewpritt

    You did not shoot anything down. The truth is so hard to take. Then you add your own spin. Only one source was FOX News. I guess CBS, CNN, US News and World Report, and DEMOCRACY NOW are all in on this supposed conspiracy? Give me a break!

    You also call me a Zionist like its a bad thing. Its not, I am proud to be a Zionist!

    What is a Zionist you may ask?

    Zionism is an international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Israel (Hebrew: Eretz Yisra’el, “the Land of Israel”), and continues primarily as support for the modern state of Israel.

  69. Please


    You still cannot back up what you say about Cynthia. Saw your YouTube posts on your blog. Old news, Drew, old news. Very old news. And this is your “proof”?????

    I already posted the link of McKinney’s statement denouncing anti-Semitism that she released after all of that happened.

    And you are also racially profiling her campaign contribution list. And you fail to support the statement that YOU made in your amateurish, hackneyed article: “Cynthia McKinney has openly attacked members of the Jewish community…”

    Where is the proof, Drew? Support your statements. Back your statements up, Drew, if you can’t, don’t post them and slander a woman who has done nothing but stand up and speak for those who are voiceless.

    Zionism is racism, and I certainly would not ask you to define anything as you do nothing but spin and lie and you are ahistorical. Zionism denies the existence of Palestine and its people, paints of Eurocentric picture of the Jewish people, and Zionism seeks to justify Israel’s monsterous theft of Palestine and continuous abuse of the Palestinian people.

  70. Please

    Jews Against The Occupation Defends Cynthia Against Libelous Charges Of Anti-Semitism

    November 3, 2004
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Dear Editor,

    Congratulations to Rep. Cynthia McKinney on her recent electoral victory! We are proud to offer collective Jewish support for her office and the courageous and principled public stand she continues to take by supporting a sustainable end to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    Along with many American Jews, Jews Against the Occupation does not support the Israeli military occupation of Palestine. We maintain that the wellbeing of Jews everywhere is not secured as long as the Palestinian people remain subjugated. A lasting peace is achieved through mutual respect and recognition of all peoples’ inherent right to self-determination.

    Criticism of Israel does not equal antisemitism. We applaud the people of metropolitan Atlanta for acknowledging this fact and reinstating a legislator of conscience.

    Jews Against the Occupation
    Prince Street Station, P.O. Box 494
    New York, NY 10012

    Local Contact: Rose Mishaan
    (404) 880-0446 (h)
    (917) 803-2201 (c)
    Jews Against the Occupation

  71. Please

    You may want to educate yourself on the definition of “Godwin’s Law” as no comparisons to the Nazis were made on this thread.

  72. karenstepanski

    Seriously? That’s surprising. Pritt usually describes people who disagree with him as being worse than Nazis, as shown in this charmer of a post from DailyKos:

    “Also, in my life, I face ridicule by a few individuals. Google, “DREW PRITT” sometime and see the trash written about me at a site called Encylopedia Dramatica or a site called Our Campaigns. These people don’t know me but they write gossip and lies and speak it like it’s truth. The Nazis could have taken lessons from them. They have no remorse”

  73. drewpritt

    If these references I cite as evidence were not relevant then you have nothing to fear. But look at how a few people have gone overtime to defend the ideas and opinions of one individual. They are trying to jack boot stomp out anyone who disagrees.

    For the record, Karen Stepanki is also a false i.d. It’s someone who lies about me and stalks me. It shows how little a life the person has to continually follow me around and stalk me.

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