Georgia Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Buckley focuses on debt

In Sunday’s edition, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiles Georgia Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Allen Buckley, “a metro Atlanta attorney and CPA,” who “believes he has an issue that’s a winner — if he can only get voters to pay attention.” Buckley says the U.S. “is burying itself in debt, creating a crushing financial burden for our children and grandchildren and — unless it’s reduced — assuring the demise of the nation. The only way out of the mess, he said, is to cut spending, and he has a heavy-handed plan to get that done.”

Buckley “wants to trim back Medicare benefits expanded under Republican rule and hold a national referendum that would permit voters to either reduce Social Security benefits or — as a last resort — increase taxes to continue currently projected benefits. He would close most overseas military bases, but he wants to maintain strong armed forces. He would force a balanced federal budget — primarily through reducing entitlement programs and eliminating some government agencies. And he wants to dump the U.S. Department of Education and replace it with educational governance at the local level.” He “has raised about $15,300 for the 2008 race, including $5,000 the party gave him for the filing fee.”

3 thoughts on “Georgia Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Buckley focuses on debt

  1. langa

    Buckley’s not much of a libertarian, but he’s still a lot better than Barr’s buddy Saxby Chambliss, who’s 100% in the pocket of Big Agriculture.

  2. MattSwartz

    His last name alone is worth 1%. Whatever his campaigning and party label earns is just gravy. The GALP gets some relatively high vote totals, IIRC.

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