Constitution Party’s Castle campaigns in Alabama

Alabama’s Huntsville Times reports this morning, “Exactly four people came to hear a lunch speech from Constitution Party vice presidential candidate Darrell Castle at Mullins Drive-In restaurant Wednesday. Two were journalists, one was the guy who organized the event, and the other was the candidate’s wife. It was a disappointing turnout but not unprecedented. Campaigning for a third-tier political party is full of unfulfilling — and un-seat filling — moments.”

Castle said, “It can be difficult. But we just keep going. We have an important message to get out there, and every single person we talk to is one more person who understands he does have options. … We haven’t raised $350 million like Obama or $200 million like McCain. The national media bases your credibility on how much money you raise, but you can’t raise money if you don’t have access to the national media.”

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party’s Castle campaigns in Alabama

  1. Trent Hill

    The South has a fairly active base that could’ve been mobilized,and these events in the south arent being sent out from the email alerts or put on the webpage. Its rediculous.

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