State Employees union endorses Pollina

Independent Vermont Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina secured the endorsement of the Vermont State Employees Association Saturday, in what the Burlington Free press characterized as a blow against his Democratic opponent, Gaye Symington:

The union, which represents about 8,000 state workers, cited Pollina’s work on labor issues as an activist, as well as specific support he’s offered this year as the Douglas administration launched efforts to cut 400 state jobs through attrition.

“He understands the negative impact this cutting without a plan is having on Vermonters, and he is opposed to the kind of wholesale cutting going on right now,” said VSEA President William Harkness. “He has also been vocal about the issue of merit bonuses for the governor’s highest-paid executives, and he joined VSEA publicly in support of the whistleblower legislation passed this session.”

Harkness said a two-thirds’ vote of the union’s council was needed to approve the endorsement. “It was pretty clear, we had more than two-thirds,” he said.

The article cites a questionnaire from the union both candidates submitted in seeking the endorsement, noting that Pollina’s responses were more definitively in sync with the union’s political line.

6 thoughts on “State Employees union endorses Pollina

  1. Arthur Torrey

    Hmmm….. To me a candidate that gets the endorsement of a “Public Employee’s Union” is offering a really good reason NOT to vote for him…

    I have problems w/ most unions given the way they operate, but especially government employee unions as they are NOT on the side of the taxpayers…

    (The fact that the majority of the Town Meeting in Billerica is composed of employee union members and relatives has a huge impact on our town budget…)


  2. G.E.

    Art – If Vermont wants to have a little socialist republic, then let them. If people object to living under socialism, let them move to another state. I’d really like to see the Left “get it” when it comes to secession — or as your candidate calls it, “neo-confederate holocaust denial.”

  3. Ross Levin

    I think it’s great that in the past few weeks we’ve been seeing various unions endorsing various independents. That’s a path that should be looked into more by independents and third partisans, if they don’t already.

  4. Trent Hill


    Although the LP is excepted from this by way of their ideology–the CP, Independents, Progressives, Greens, etc should all persue this. Jim Gilchrist, who was a CP candidate for Congress in California in 2005 (and their closest thing to a congressional win) was endorsed by a number of Unions in the area for his race. He was endorsed by the Teamsters, who donated thousands upon thousands to his race. He was also endorsed by the Border Patrol Union I believe.
    Pat Buchanan, in 2000, was endorsed by the Boilermaker’s Union…or maybe it was the Steelworkers…

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