Write-in candidate enters Michigan U.S. House race

Sharon Renier, who took 46% of the vote as the Democratic nominee in Michigan’s Seventh District U.S. House race in 2006, is now running for the seat as a write-in candidate after failing to win the Democratic nomination again this year, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports. Renier made an abrupt declaration of her intentions by showing up at a Monday candidate forum, where she “showed up and demanded to be seated with the rest of the panel, saying she was an independent write-in candidate,” the Jackson Citizen-Patriot reports.

Along with the Democratic and Republican candidates, Green Lynn Meadows and Libertarian Ken Proctor are also seeking the seat.

4 thoughts on “Write-in candidate enters Michigan U.S. House race

  1. G.E.


    Sharon Renier is my old opponent and friend.

    This is my old district. Ken Proctor and Lynn Meadows are also good friends. Meadows held a fundraiser for me in my GP days; Ken Proctor is the Libertarian opponent I had who exposed me to libertarianism.

    Tim Walberg, the incumbent, is pure evil — undone only by the crookedness of his Democratic machine challenger, Mark “Golden” Shower.

  2. Jared

    This is my district. I voted for Renier in the Democratic primary last month .

    I’ll vote for Proctor in November though…

  3. Jared

    I think it’s cool and it makes me respect her even more.

    I agree completely that Schauer would be worse. At least Walberg votes against some things, I can guarantee Schauer wouldn’t.

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