Barr blog on heated Townhall thread

In a blog entry sent out by email to supporters, the Bob Barr campaign has drawn attention to the candidate’s latest article on, and some less than encouraging remarks left by the commenters there:

McCain supporter: “If you throw even a single state to Obama, we will hunt you with dogs”

So reads a comment left at, where Bob’s latest article appeared this morning. It’s possible that the commenter was upset by Bob’s opening paragraph:

The famed fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she’s warming up. Sen. John McCain’s campaign has the feel of a farewell tour. His imminent loss gives conservatives another reason to drop the Republican Party.

The thread referenced has attracted a mix Barr and McCain supporters sparring over long-familiar clichés of spoilerdom and the lesser-of-two-evils as well as some calls for Barr to step aside in favor of McCain. It can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Barr blog on heated Townhall thread

  1. Ross Levin

    How is McCain any more small-government than Obama?

    So maybe he’ll spend $2 billion less here and cut some social programs there, but those are really insignificant differences. Plus, if you’re going to have big government, you might as well run it well and help the people with it, rather than pretending it’s small government like Bush does.

  2. HumbleTravis

    McCain’s campaign is the only one more mismanaged than Barr’s! I can’t stand the idea that candidates are entitled to anybody’s votes. I remember hearing leftists saying that they hated Ralph Nader more than G W Bush!

  3. Spence

    “If you throw even a single state to Obama, we will hunt you with dogs”

    Funny…they think he actually has that kind of clout.

  4. paulie cannoli

    It’s not difficult to have that kind of clout. Some states might swing by a few hundred votes.

    But what difference does it make? Obama would beat McCain in the overall electoral vote with or without Barr.

    The KKKondomheads making this threat are just mad that a nigra will get to have his strings pulled, instead of the paleskin codger. As if it would make any real difference.

    And since they don’t have what it takes to take on the secret service, they have to find a target to scapegoat that they might be able to actually hit.

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