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It’s official: Ron Paul endorses Bob Bird for U.S. Senate

From Ron Paul:

To Alaska, please

Subject: Please support Bob Bird for Senate

Dear Friend:

As I’m sure you know, Senator Ted Stevens was this week found guilty of corruption. With national Republicans, including John McCain and Sarah Palin, calling for Steven’s resignation, his re-election bid appears lost. However, defenders of Liberty like you and I cannot sit idly by and allow big government liberal and Harry Reid disciple Mark Begich to waltz right into the Senate for the next six years.

That is why I am endorsing Bob Bird for US Senate. Bob is a true warrior in the fight against big government. If elected, he has committed to caucus with the GOP, yet would retain the independence and integrity Alaskans expect and deserve.

The hour is growing late, and time is short. Will you help Bob Bird with your generous online contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even the legal maximum of $2,300?

Bob also needs all the volunteer support and energy you, your friends and family might provide.To pitch in, please contact him at You have stood with me as I campaigned for the Presidency to return our federal government to its proper role. Will you help me bring a reliable ally to Washington? Many thanks for all you have done.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul


  1. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    …*without* any one forcing me to…ss

  2. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    My natural born (God given) rights will always be left in the hands of God and no one else.

    I refuse to relenquish my freedom. I can be indpendent and still look after my neighbors and live strong together…with anyone forcing me to.

    We can’t take care of anyone else until we can take care of ourselves first.

    Bob Bird is not running with “pretend” conservatives. He is a conservative.

  3. Sivarticus Sivarticus October 29, 2008

    Ron Paul must’ve decided he has nothing to lose from going against the GOP’s will, as it looks like they’re going to get crushed on all fronts this year.

  4. Trent Hill Trent Hill October 29, 2008


    Early on, the idea was that Paul was NOT going to endorse people who were challenging Republican incumbents, or third-party challengers where a Republican candidate was running. This changed, it seems–but is still true for most races.

    I just wish Tom Brinkman (R) would’ve won his race in the Republican primary in Ohio-2.

  5. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    Ron Paul did endorse Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin for President. He has no reluctance in endorseing candidates he believes are Pro-Constitution. The (R) after his name does change his heart and what’s right for America. He’s a good man.

    He was right to wait…no hasty decisions.

  6. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist October 29, 2008

    Polar; yes, I want America as we know it to end, and all subjugated into a one-world socialist government, under the joint control of Christianity, Islam and secular humanism. The principle of the symbiotic universe shows that we all depend on each other, and this is the principle ofr Christianity and socialism. The socialist government will allow people to associate with and believe whatever they want, but housing and healthcare and education will be garunteed as the government will harshly regulat ebusiness, and thus make business more prosperous. With this one-world government, all invasive wars will end, and the financial system will be more stable, and there will be human rights throughout the world. Bob Bird does not support this most of this platform, so this is one reason why you should vote for him if you don’t like it. Ted Stevens is a corrupt trogledyte, as you all know, but he is also a candidate against the New Order. I am looking into whether Bird might be running with the support of those who pretend to be cosnervatives but are really for the New Order and want to take votes away from Stevens.

  7. Hugh Jass Hugh Jass October 29, 2008

    It seems like Paul is reluctant to endorse candidates running against Republicans. He hasn’t endorsed Bob Conley or other third-party candidates, and Ted Stevens was recently chared with corruption.

  8. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    Thank you for bringing that to my attention Andy. I didn’t realize I was annoying you…was not my intent. Sorry.

  9. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli October 29, 2008

    Also, those types of arguments are not going to sway a left/independent.

    I’m busy right now, but will try to make a better case a little later.

  10. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    God bless the Indpendents who wish to continue to push for our freedoms granted by natural law, God’s law, as written in the Constitution and Declaration.

  11. Andy Craig Andy Craig October 29, 2008

    By CAPITALIZING every OTHER WORD your posts are REALLY ANNOYING to READ. We can still UNDERSTAND what WORDS MEAN even if you — USE lower-case LETTERS.

  12. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    Catholic Trotskyist // Oct 29, 2008 at 6:09 pm Said: Obama is not evil and neither is Begich, they are part of the socialist New World Order revolution, amen amen.

    OMG!!! EVIL!!
    MY Constitution PROHIBITS such behavior! Socialism = fascism = tyranny.

    Such as Pre-K education. That responsibility starts at home with a well structured family. My boy did just fine and is graduating at the top of his class.

    Once you relenquish your personal responsibility to SOMEONE ELSE…you have relenquished your RIGHTS and your FREEDOM. You are now a slave.

    I REF– USE to give up my freedom!
    God help us refrain from a New World Order. That will be the death of America as we know it.

  13. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist October 29, 2008

    Also, I would like to announce that refusing to vote in a presidential congressional or senate race is a venial sin and will result in an extra year in purgatory when you die. The “lesser of two evils” (or three evils) law is God’s law of all life, and is the way of elections, so get over it. Whether you think Begich or Bird is less evil, it matters not. But you won’t catch me in a trap, Obama is not evil and neither is Begich, they are part of the socialist New World Order revolution, amen amen.

    god bless the good Republicans, Sam Reed and Charlie Crist. God bless Jeremiah Wright, god bless the pope and Barack Obama, amen.

  14. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    Begich wants more federal funding for PRE-K education! It’s unconstitutional! Education is suppose to be a STATE issue…WE decide how are children should be educated…not some guy in Georgia!

    Let’s return to the CONSTITUTION…vote Bob Bird.

  15. PolarSnooze PolarSnooze October 29, 2008

    No where on the Alaskan Independence Party website will you find the word “secession”.

    Bird is about LESS federal control over what are suppose to be STATE RIGHT issues. As the Constitution demands…for ALL states, not just AK.

    He’s been teaching the Constitution to HS seniors for over 35 years…HE KNOWS IT!

    I am definately voting Bob Bird because at this time, the Constitution is the only thing that can save our economy and freedoms.

    Just about every sitting politician has sworn an OATH to protect it and for over 100 years it has been walked on and “over-looked”. It was drafted for a reason…let’s — USE it! We wouldn’t be where we are today had it been used for it’s intended purpose.

  16. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist October 29, 2008

    Bird is more likely to oppose the war in Iraq strongly, most likely, I must say.

  17. LaineRBT LaineRBT October 29, 2008

    Alright, I am an independent, leftist, Nader supporter who is less than thrilled with Begich and Stevens. I am honestly considering not voting in the Senate race at all but can anyone convince me why I should vote for Bird?

    The hardcore, conservative aspects of Bird make him a horrible option for me but if anyone can give me some good points as to why he is a better option than Begich then I will at least listen.

  18. Andy Craig Andy Craig October 29, 2008

    Is Bird one of the ones that actually advocates full independence for Alaska? Or just one of the “get rid of all the Federal land holdings” types?

    Not that I have any problem with Alaskan independence- in fact I have little doubt that they’d both be better off and the instant new target for the Free State Project. I’m just wondering about possible reaction along the lines of “Ron Paul endorses secessionist!”, given the (largely abortive) attempt to smear Palin because of her and her husband’s friendly relationship with the AIP.

  19. Trent Hill Trent Hill October 29, 2008

    Probably not. It didnt go out to his entire list–I think only to his Alaska List.

  20. LaineRBT LaineRBT October 29, 2008

    Is there a link to Ron Paul’s page where he announced his endorsement?

  21. pdsa pdsa October 29, 2008

    “I don’t know much about all the precedents in terms of the Geneva Conventions and what is in the Army Field Manual…We know what is in here for money.”

    Senator Ted Stevens, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, Congressional Daily Record, October 5, 2005

  22. Trent Hill Trent Hill October 29, 2008

    How much is money going to help at this point? He should save the fundraising pitch for Tom McClintock and BJ Lawson.

  23. Trent Hill Trent Hill October 29, 2008

    Man,Ge is all over this. I’ve been trying to post it first and he ALWAYS beats me.

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