Minor party candidates in Washington, D.C.

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Note: The DC Statehood Green Party is the Washington, DC affiliate of the national Green Party. It is a major party in Washington, DC.

Ralph Nader, Independent
Cynthia McKinney, DC Statehood Green

US Senator (no vote in Senate):
Damien Lincoln Ober, Libertarian
Keith Ware, DC Statehood Green

US Representative (no vote):
-Joyce Robinson-Paul, DC Statehood Green

Delegate to the US House (no vote in House):
Maude Louise Hills, DC Statehood Green

City Council:
-At-Large: Michael A. Brown, Independent
-At-Large: Mark H. Long, Independent
-At-Large: Dee Hunter, Independent
-At-Large: David Schwartzman, DC Statehood Green
-Ward 7: Jimmy Johnson, Independent
-Ward 8: Yavocka Young, Independent
Darrell Danny Gaston, Independent

4 thoughts on “Minor party candidates in Washington, D.C.

  1. Bradley in DC

    The Republicans do have major party status (I’m on the DCRC), along with the Democrats and DC Statehood Greens.

    Bob Barr filed in DC as a write-in candidate (I’m a presidential elector candidate for him).

  2. Bradley in DC

    Also, the three “independents” running in the At-Large council race are Democrats who switched parties to run for the reserved non-Democratic seat. Libertarians (big and small “L”) are voting for Republican Patrick Mara for that seat.

  3. Imperial

    No, Heller declined to run after they had gotten all the signatures and endorsement from the local Republicans. Considering politics, I suppose it is understandable.

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