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Ralph Nader has campaigned in all 50 states this year

VoteNader blog reports
(article is from yesterday):

Ralph Nader today is campaigning in Idaho — the 49th state he has campaigned in this year.

Tomorrow, Ralph will be in Montana — fulfilling his pledge to you to campaign in all fifty states this year.

74 year old Ralph Nader, seen here with Amber Lee “Obama Girl” Ettinger, also plans to set a new world record for campaign stops in one day this Saturday, with visits to 21 separate towns in Massachusetts.

His campaign is planning new radio ads to start today and target 22 markets in 12 states.The ads can be heard here.

According to the Nader blog,

On the ballot in 45 states and the District of Columbia, Nader has just concluded campaigning in all 50 states and will spend next week campaigning in the traditional battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Recent media reports and polls indicate that the “Nader Effect” could be the deciding factor in key swing states, including Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado.

As an example, a recent CNN poll conducted from October 11-14 show Ralph Nader at 5 percent of the vote in Missouri, 5 times the margin of difference between Obama and McCain. Newsweek ( reported this past week that Nader, in contrast to previous runs, seems to pulling more votes away from Republican, John McCain.

The recent Wall Street bailout by Congress supported by both McCain and Obama has angered a wide blanket of voters, making the election fertile ground for an independent candidate such as Nader who has a 40-year track record as a consumer advocate and for fighting corporate greed and abuse of power.

Ralph Nader for President Target Radio Markets:

• Upstate New York
• Northern California
• Michigan
• Ohio
• Connecticut
• Oregon
• Florida
• Minnesota
• North Dakota
• Pennsylvania
• West Virginia
• Virginia

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  1. SEXYJC SEXYJC October 22, 2008

    guys i need everyone’s help:

    I contacted and this was their email to me:

    Hi Jonathan,

    C-SPAN has confirmed for the event, though they have yet to confirm whether it will be live. If you would like to give them a call to request they broadcast it live, that’d be very useful. It’s the type of incentive that may help get all 4 candidates to confirm and make for the best debate possible.

    Please have others you know do the same if they’d to help this event get maximum exposure. Thanks.

    C-SPAN main #: (202) 737-3220

    PLease call and ask yourfriends to call, let’s make this event live

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