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Socialist Party USA candidate for president on FOX News

Earlier today, October 14th, Socialist Party USA presidential candidate Brian Moore went on Neil Cavuto’s FOX News show. The interview can be viewed below.


  1. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore October 14, 2008

    I have to say, Neil Cavuto is pretty generous when it comes to third party interviews. He has Barr and Root on frequently, and this is the second Moore interview. Note that to set the last one up, it only took a few phone calls as far as I know.

  2. Gary Fincher Gary Fincher October 15, 2008

    Jim Davidson in quotes: “Joseph Knight of New Mexico has sent me several dozen pages of information about Gary Fincher.”

    That wouldn’t be ‘information’, that would be ‘DIS-INFORMATION’.

    “In them, Joseph alleges fraudulent behaviors by Fincher”

    And I am alleging fraudulent behavior by Knight.

    ” in changing voter’s party affiliation without their consent,”

    No one on the drive did that, to my knowledge.

    ” falsifying social security numbers,”

    That’s a curious verb to use. I did my best to handle the SSN issue with the limited knowledge I had and the serious curtailment of good options available to me.

    ” and notes that LP political director Ron Crickenberger investigated and shared these concerns. ”

    That is bullshit. National Director Steve Dasbach (Crickenberger’s boss) said that they (meaning the entire national office staff) dismissed as non-credible, the allegations of changing their party affiliation without their knowledge. This allegation I can even prove false, and doesn’t even make sense.

    “Joseph sent along a private investigator’s report, news clippings, and e-mail exchanges.”

    The private investigator’s report cleared us, as I have explained many times on this blog (for those of you who can actually READ, you know this). The news clippings were basically media feeds from Knight who needed an out-of-state scapegoat, and email exchanges should (unless he censored those) show my explanation of what happened.

    ” He maintains that the LP of NM did its best to stand behind Fincher while the allegations mounted,”:

    That’s a complete lie; Knight did the EXACT OPPOSITE of stand behind us – he threw us to the wolves, based on a so-called private investigator who doesn’t know how to “read” smoking gun evidence in his own report! He SHOULD have stood behind us, but he chose to backstab us.

    ” but eventually became convinced by the overwhelming evidence.”

    No, he didn’t become convinced by the overwhelming evidence, since, if he had listened to the overwhelming evidence, it would have pointed to our not being guilty of the charges of doing anything without consent. This evidence ranges from the elections bureau coordinator’s affidavit in the so-called private investigator’s report, to several people watching us work and reporting back that we did the job right, to even out-of-state coordinators who vouched that we always do the job right, to my offer to go to KOB-TV studios to clear my name (and was dissuaded by Knight, why?) to the fact that Scott Kohlhaas was getting the same allegations and Knight stuck by him, why a double standard?

    ” Note that in the time since, they get many angry replies when they try to mail to registered Libertarian Party members in New Mexico”

    That would be because Knight basically planted an idea in their minds that they shouldn’t have registered Libertarian – how the fuck else they gonna respond when the state party chairman tells them that they were tricked, even if it didn’t square with their own experience?

    ” because many so listed were not agreeable to the party affiliation. ”

    If they weren’t agreeable, then why did they fill out a Libertarian voter registration when asked? This doesn’t make sense! To my way of thinking, telling someone that the Libertarian Party “needs more voter registrations” and then asking “will you fill one out” means that they WERE agreeable, once they pick up the pen and clipboard in response to the pitch. This is not rocket science, folks.

    “This kind of behavior is obviously very bad for the LP.”

    Joe Knight’s behavior is obviously very bad for the LP. Note that if he hadn’t tried to change the rules midstream and cheat us out of hundreds of dollars on registrations, I wouldn’t have been put in a POSITION to make such a mistake that made the party look bad. The ORIGINAL source of the problem was Knight; he had no business trying to get us to violate federal law or lose money. THAT is bad for the LP.

    “Roger accuses Fincher of beating and kicking a young woman in the parking lot of a Burger King until the police arrived. Roger writes, “What he did to her in the parking lot was brutal and I will never forget it. While I was parking the car he pushed her on to the asphalt and kicked her ribs and stomach until she passed out. I grabbed him and pulled him off just as the manager came out telling him that she had called the police. He ran off just before the police arrived. Poor Chrystal could hardly breath for weeks after and I was delegated to protecting her after Fincher stole her car and later returned it.” This appears to be eye witness testimony to a violent crime.”

    LOL. Wow, what a tall tale this one is. I can only surmise which incidents Roger (who suffers from a major mental delusional disorder) is embellishing upon, but in case anyone wants to know the accurate stories, here they are: We were at a Burger King in Maine, but Roger wasn’t going to “park the car”. Rather, the two of them (Roger & Crystal) had decided, in a vote of 2 to 1, to get Roger’s dog groomed on the LAST DAY OF THE PETITION DRIVE in Maine, when we were short on signatures by 300-400 or so. The dog grooming lady had come to the Burger King to pick up Roger and his dog, leaving Crystal and me in Roger’s jeep. I made mention of how foolish it was to squander the last day of a petition drive to groom a dog – something that could be done the day after the drive? – and Crystal, true to her form, started screaming at me for not being “with the program” (paraphrasing). Her outbursts were always loud, obnoxious, vile and highly offensive. I responded by yelling back at her, telling her that she was crazy, or something to the effect. The yelling match only went on for a moment, perhaps one to two minutes, but a manager from inside heard it (I do believe Crystal was much louder than I) and told us that if we didn’t stop the arguing, she was going to call the cops. I never want the cops called under ANY circumstances, so I left Crystal there at Roger’s jeep and walked off the Burger King site to a gas station across the street. I tried to call Roger on my cell phone but got no answer. After a while, I got to thinking about the Wal Mart that we had permission at to petition in Windham, and that I should be there, so I started walking down the road toward Windham (even though it was over 10 miles away). About 30 minutes after I started walking, I looked back to see Roger’s jeep coming, which pulled over, Roger driving. I bitched at Roger a little bit for my having to be in a position of limbo just because of his dog, but I was too pissed at Crystal to even talk to her. However, interestingly enough, nothing was mentioned, either in the jeep after picking me up on the side of the road, or in the Taco Bell where we collated our petition pages, or at the Wal Mart where we later petitioned, about the yelling/police-threat-by-manager incident. Strange, huh? If it had happened the way Roger described it, wouldn’t it have at the very least, been a topic of conversation at least in the jeep? Would Roger have even picked me up on the side of the road, for that matter? Would we have finished out the day working together? Wouldn’t he have called the police to have me picked up, rather than letting me hop in the jeep and never mention it again for the REST OF THE TIME WE HUNG OUT TOGETHER?

    The stolen-car delusion was actually a case of FORCING A CAR ON ME, rather than my forcing a car away from someone. As we were leaving the N.H. petition drive and travelling out to work on the N.D. petition drive, we decided to cut across Canada, and re-enter the U.S. at International Falls, Minn. Upon leaving Montreal one morning, Crystal had said she didn’t want to drive, that she wanted to ride with Roger in his jeep instead, and asked if I could drive her car (we had two vehicles). I didn’t mind caravanning, but figured that, in the long trip across Canada, there would be some driver/passenger exchanges going on. I charted out a rather scenic route on the map across Quebec and Ontario, and Roger and Crystal both seemed to be agreeable. That morning, though, I had our route set but Roger wanted to take this long, slow way through downtown, and thought that my way (which I knew to be quick – I had traveled Montreal before many times) would be slower than his. He thought it would take me an hour or more to get to the spot where the highway leads out of town to the northwest, and he was inside the motel office wasting a bunch of time with the desk clerk to find out something I already knew. So to demonstrate to him, I headed out of the parking lot and quickly – within 5 or 10 minutes – made my way up to the highway point, then called to tell him I was “already there”, and for them to “come on” and meet me there. However, his reaction, when I finally got a call back from him a while later, was to stubbornly refuse to meet me on the agreed upon route, and to tell me that they were “already well on their way” on a more southerly route not compatible with mine. He said to meet them in Minnesota. They had my mp3 player which represented all my music, and my luggage was also in his jeep. I got angry and told him that they basically were making me a SLAVE – by forcing me to drive her car all the way to Minnesota. I resented that, and never did I agree to do such a thing. So I told them that they couldn’t FORCE me to drive her car, that I could just park it where I’m at and then walk away from it, and find another way, or not even go to North Dakota. At that point, I started getting the voicemails that I’d better not strand her car, and my retorting that I can’t be FORCED to drive it. They did threaten to call the police if I did walk away from the car, but in retrospect, what crime is it to NOT AGREE to drive a car? I was really pissed and the tempation was strong to walk away from it, but in the final analysis, I didn’t have the heart to leave her in that position, plus I realized that I would be better off just swallowing my pride and driving the damn thing to the meeting point (which turned out to be Wawa, Ontario), so I did drive it until I got to the place where Crystal could take over and drive her own car. Interesting point: upon arriving in North Dakota, I had trouble finding car rental places, so I sat at a restaurant called Space Alien restaurant in Fargo, where I posed a deal to her that I would rent her car from her for $300 for the total time of the drive, then drop it off in Forest City, Iowa, for Roger to take Crystal to pick up later. If I had “stolen” her car, would she have agreed to rent it to me later, and trust me to take it to another state for dropoff? In fact, I think I still have the written contract she wrote on notebook paper! (See – I can prove or demonstrate pretty much all my sides of a story). When I got to Forest City, even though the car was on empty when I rented it, I filled the tank up with gas and changed her oil for her. Would I have done that, if I had been a car thief? Wow, they say no good deed goes unpunished, and this sure is a case in point!!

    “Roger alleges that Fincher has spoken openly about enjoying torturing animals.”

    Yes, I spoke openly about pulling legs off grasshoppers when I was a pre-teen. So what? Sue me.

    ” Roger alleges that Fincher “believes that all young girls who have had abortions are guilty of murder”

    Correct. I do believe that abortion is murder. But so does Ron Paul, and so did Harry Browne. So do a lot of libertarians.

    ” and deserve to die.”

    But no, I do not believe in the death penalty. I told Roger so many times – he just doesn’t like to listen.

    “These appear, to me, to be substantive complaints.”

    If they do, then it speaks VOLUMES as to how perceptive YOU are.

  3. darolew darolew October 15, 2008

    Fincher, pardon? Are you in the right thread?

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 15, 2008

    I would have to think not! Interesting story but nothing to do with Neil Cavuto or Brian Moore.

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