Socialist Workers candidate Calero: ‘I’m a worker’

The Recorder, the newspaper of Central Connecticut State University, interviewed Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate Roger Calero, who said of his candidacy, “I’m a worker — a worker who has been active in different struggles and in support for organizing unions. For example, when I was a meatpacker in the Midwest in Iowa and then in Minnesota, I had the chance to participate in an organizing effort at the meat-packing plant where I worked where after a hard-fought battle we were able to win the union and then a contract. I’ve been involved in different social movements, the fight for legalization of undocumented immigrants most recently for several years. I’ve participated in and helped organize some of the protests and marches against the raids and deportations that the government has been carrying out against undocumented immigrants. I’ve participated of the course of years in actions in defense of a woman;s right to choose abortion, including defending clinic against right-wing opponents. And against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan- and I’ve helped mobilize support and marches against the war. I believe that it’s important for a working class candidate to participate in the election.”

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