A fight between an independent and a Democrat in the Maine race for US Senate

A press release from Herbert Hoffman, independent running to represent Maine in the Senate:

November 2, 2008
Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Herbert Hoffman issued the following statement Sunday in response to reports that Democrat Tom Allen’s handlers would not let Allen meet with the editors of The Portland Phoenix unless the paper agreed not to interview Hoffman.

“In the October 31 issue of the Portland Phoenix the editors chose not to endorse a candidate for the United States Senate. The Phoenix indicated that neither Collins nor Allen responded to their requests to be interviewed. The editors fail to mention that I did not receive a similar request to be interviewed. This is the comment by the Phoenix:”

“Neither Republican Susan Collins, the incumbent, nor Democratic challenger Tom Allen would agree to talk with this paper.

“Collins, according to her campaign, was “too busy.” But at least the Collins people were polite.

“The Allen campaign played a rather bizarre and sleazy game. Allen press aide Carol Andrews said her candidate would only meet with the Phoenix if the paper promised not to meet with Herb Hoffman, a leftish independent ‘declared write-in’ candidate whom the Allen people see as a thorn in their side. After the Phoenix told the Allen campaign it was none of their business whom the paper spoke with, we invited them to set a date for a talk. The Phoenix never heard from Allen again. It is indeed dispiriting when veteran public officials such as Collins and Allen are either too timid or too arrogant to speak with the press.”

Hoffman continued, “While I have known that Tom Allen was afraid of my candidacy since we met on February 29 in his Portland campaign office and attempted to dissuade me from running, perhaps the media, too, are fearful about printing what I have to say. I do not know if the Phoenix was “either too timid or too arrogant to speak with” me, however it is indeed “dispiriting.” The failure of the Phoenix certainly contributed to the curtailment of a full and open discussion of the issues.”Hoffman, of Ogunquit, is an independent candidate for Senate. Though Hoffman was originally certified as a ballot candidate, the Maine Secretary of State — at the behest of the Maine Democratic Party — removed his name from the ballot after a series of legal maneuvers, forcing Hoffman to continue his campaign as a declared write-in candidate.

Any Maine voter may cast a write-in vote for Herbert Hoffman by writing in

Herbert Hoffman, Ogunquit

in the U.S. Senate section of their ballot, and then checking the box next to the write-in line.The latest Rasmussen poll of the Maine Senate race, based on 500 interviews taken Nov.1, 2008, shows Collins running 16 points ahead of Allen, 57 percent to 41 percent.

One thought on “A fight between an independent and a Democrat in the Maine race for US Senate

  1. richardwinger

    I’m glad Herb Hoffman is staying in the race. Allen deserves a thorn in his side, for having Hoffman removed from the ballot.

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