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AP profiles Boston Tea Party’s Jay

The AP has a generally positive feature piece on Boston Tea Party presidential candidate Charles Jay today. Jay said, “Obviously this is a party that wants low or no taxes, and I think we’re just naturally rebellious. We’re bad boys and bad girls.” Jay “said he and his party, which counts 500 members nationwide on its Web site, also have one clear goal. What they want, their party’s single-sentence platform, is to reduce the size, scope and power of government at all levels.’ Their four-point program is the same as former Republican primary candidate Ron Paul’s: to bring troops home from Iraq and other locations around the globe; to repeal the USA Patriot Act and other laws the party believes infringe on privacy and civil liberties; to not increase the national debt; and to end taxpayer bailouts of corporations and corporate subsidies.”

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  1. Eternaverse Eternaverse November 1, 2008

    This was story was reprinted in at least two newspapers, The Miami Herald in Florida and the Fort Mills Times in South Carolina.

  2. JimDavidson JimDavidson November 1, 2008

    It is an excellent article, and has been picked up very widely. I’ve gotten dozens of mentions from my Facebook friends, of which I have only a few.

    I think the article has brought in a few members the last few days. We’re over 600 now, less than two weeks after topping 500.

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