Open Thread: What do you plan to do for Election Day?

What is everyone here doing on Election Day? Will you be volunteering? Campaigning? Video taping the polls? Let us know!

19 thoughts on “Open Thread: What do you plan to do for Election Day?

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    Personally, I will be waking up at 6:30 am in order to get to a nearby polling place. I’ll be handing out literature for the Ni4D (click my name) and I have a whole table set up – it looks really professional.

    I’ll also be taping some stuff at the polls (click the link in the post) for and I’ve got an hour of tape, so that won’t take up too much time. After the polls close, I’ll be taping the results tapes.

    Long day.

  2. chinese_conservative

    I will be having an election day unparty. Where I will uncelebrate the election results.

  3. LaineRBT

    I will indignantly attempt to wave my Nader sign in a more frantic manner than my Democrat and Republican opponents. We will all look like fools in the drizzly Alaskan weather and ultimately I will go home, get high, sit with my cat, eat some beer battered Halibut and bitch about the next four years.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    I will speak with graduate school admissions departments, meet with my academic advisor, attend a class (politics of labor, with a good trotskyist Democrat who is unfortunately not a Catholic yet), then leave early to attend a special Catholic prayer service that my college’s Catholic Democrat-controlled Mission and Ministry center is putting on, then lobby my friends to go vote for Obama, then go to another class (causes of war) and then watch television all night, mostly in the cafeteria where my school has an election night party. I will pray for God to erase some of the votes of the Republicans and Naderites, and bring Obama and the Democrats to an earth-shattering and glorious victory. Don’t worry, I will be back to this blog later to gloat about the success of the Obama Revolution, and another failed year for third parties.

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    I’m going to sit at my desk and map out how to avoid South Central on the drive home.

  6. paulie cannoli

    It’s not that bad. I’ve lived there (Inglewood, more exactly).

    MacArthur Park area, (East) Hollywood, South side Chicago, Washington Heights, Spanish Harlem, South Bronx – you name ’em, I lived there.

    It’s really no big deal.

  7. Fred Church Ortiz

    I went to high school there, on a normal day it’s not that bad. However: the night of a big boxing match, Lakers championship,or New Year’s eve, it’s best not to drive through unless the roof of your car is reinforced with steel. I’m applying the same principle tomorrow.

  8. Mike Indiana

    It’s 12:00 pm in Indiana and I’m getting ready to go and vote in what everyone around me keeps saying will be a presidential election in which my vote will matter (Indiana is a supposedly a battleground state). Obamamania has landed in Terre Haute were I live (which ironically is the hometown of Eugene V Debs) bringing with it celebrities and politicos to a city of conservative Democrats which tends to lean Republican in national elections (vigo county has picked the winner within 3% points in all but two elections since 1892) . If my experiences are any indication expect Indiana to go for MaCain by at least 7-8% and the “Bradley Effect” to prove true. I personally have had interactions with Obama campaign staff and volunteers were I have been called a Racist for expressing doubts about voting for Obama (I’m an unapologetic liberal). This despite the fact I would state leanings towards writing-in McKinney/Clemente. Several friends and coworkers have had similar experiences when expressing any reservations with Obama. Importantly I should point out that almost without exception all of these incidents involved out of towner’s. This along with other pushy tactics from excited yet undisciplined staff have turned many off. I expect to watch the returns later tonight giving MaCain an easy yet expensive win in the state.

  9. G.E.

    Me, my wife, and two-year-old daughter will be walking a quarter mile to a nearby hotel, checking in, and watching the election results. We canceled our cable TV a few months ago and it was the best decision we’ve made in a long time. It makes things like this more fun, too.

  10. Trent Hill

    Voting around 6p.m., then watching the election night results with some friends while liveblogging here. Paulie–im going to try to help you out with your tedious burden,lol.

  11. Trent Hill

    “Her commentary will be just as valuable as any of the shills on TV.”

    Have you ever LISTENED to the shills on tv? Your daughter should ahve her own NETWORK.

  12. paulie cannoli

    Her commentary will be just as valuable as any of the shills on TV.

    Much better, I expect. Two year olds say some very interesting things. They often notice stuff that most adults have long trained themselves to look past, or see in one certain way.

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