Socialists Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander send their thanks

Ed, Art, Socialist Party Members, Family and Friends:

No, it is Stewart and I who wish to thank all of the SP members, friends, family and volunteers who worked so hard, and gave of themselves so generously in our 2008 campaign.

A special thanks goes out to Matt Erard, our National Ballot Access Coordinator, for his diligent, effective and smart efforts in helping us qualify on eight state ballots and 22 others as official “Write-In”
candidates. Matt was a real selfless workhorse, who could be depended upon day in and day out. We thank you immensely, Matt, for a job well done.

Another note of special thanks goes out to Darcy Richardson, our unofficial Campaign Manager, who used his knowledge, expertise, writing skills and political acumen to advise us with regard to strategy, publicity and stands on the issues. His selfless service and generosity was a priceless treasure for our campaign, and we could not have achieved the recognition and ballot successes without him. Thank you, Darcy.

Mark B. Brown, Esq., from Columbus, Ohio, and professor of Law at Capital University there, was our not-so-secret weapon in achieving court victories in Ohio several times, and almost being victorious as well in our legal efforts in Mississippi and Louisiana. Mark was always there for us, and worked tirelessly, long, long hours, for our party and our candidacies.
Thank you, Mark. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

And finally, a special word of thanks to Walt Brown, Esq, the party’s standard-bearer in 2004, who generously gave of his time, money (covering state fees in Colorado and Louisiana, to the tune of $500 each) and applying his experience in advising us in the various states for ballot access; along with setting strategy for increasing our number of states as well. His wife Beverley was an integral and instrumental force also in assisting Walt’s efforts.

Garrett Anderson, a young high school student, did a sparkling job in scheduling, posting, and uncovering radio and TV interviews and arranging of speeches and meetings, for that we thank you, Garrett. You were indispensable and came out of nowhere to add great luster to the campaign.
Congratulations and thank you, Garrett.

A special thanks to David Schaich for running the campaign website, and keeping members informed of our activities and efforts. David, you were always there, night and day, and diligent and a perfect oversight for our efforts. Great job.

The same can be said of our other members who helped us post and pass the word—-David McReynolds and Greg Pason. Greg was also instrumental in his home state as well as cooperating whenever we needed the support of the national SP office. Thank you, Greg. David kept everyone informed, plus, he added his important counsel when called upon.

Eric Chester was also a big help on the issues any time we asked. Eric was a rock of Gibraltar, especially in our efforts with the Peace and Freedom Party and efforts to convince them to go Socialist for their nominees.

Stewart and I also wish to applaud and express our sincere gratitude to those who coordinated efforts in individual states to help us gain ballot access or “write-In” status, or even to struggle unsuccessfully toward that goal. You are to be congratulated and recognized, along with key Electors who made concerted efforts in select state when necessary.

Please forgive us if we forget to acknowledge you, but we will attempt to recognize and say a special thank you to those who labored quietly and anonymously in their individual states (we will also send a follow up after this note if we leave anyone off who made significant contributions). The states follow. Thank you to:

Colorado: Walt Brown & Peter Hornbein (along with Daniel Conn, Zach Gompert, Brad Danforth and others); Louisiana: Dr. Coleman Pratt did an outstanding job of coordinating the state effort for Electors, along with Darryl Eschete, Brenda Connor, Will Harris, Paul Whetstone and more (Walt Brown from Oregon provided the initial $500 fee).

In Minnesota: Bill McGaughey was a life-saver on signature deadline day, plus the coordination by Stephanie Cholensky, and Brent Perry’s help outside the state as well (and others) Tennessee: Dr. Shela Van Ness (with help from Sally Joyner, Zack McAnally, Joe Eichler, Cecilia Miller and others)did a great job in succeeding to get us on the ballot; Mississippi: Ms. Linda Lee Bishop was a great help through her Natural Law Party; New Jersey: Greg Pason and Tino Rozzo made it look easy.

In Vermont: Peter Diamondstone and Mal Herbert and the many others there brought us on board in early January through the Liberty Union Party—great job!; Iowa: Grant Gray did an excellent job in coordinating with Matt Erard’s creative efforts to achieve ballot access; Ohio: Joe & Donna Murphy saved our day for the deadline, and Mark Brown, Esq. brought us home with his legal victory to get us on the ballot for the first time in 76 years;
Wisconsin: Sister Nan Pfefferle & Jerry Stastny and the many others did a herculean task in qualifying us in Wisconsin; Utah & Idaho: Rich Bergman helped us in both Idaho and Utah, Dennis Potter lead the way in Utah with Ruben Carter and Tom Brighton and Nick Gassoway helping also.

In the state of Washington: Henry Noble and Su Docekal of the Feminist Socialist Alliance in the state of Washington, and nationally, along with W.
Ivan King, were unwavering in their commitment and dedication and we thank you—Walt Brown had his hand in this state also financing petitioning efforts out of his own pocket of several people in our final days of efforts to qualify; New York: Samuel Rothenberg and Willy Wharton made efforts whenever we needed them, thank you; Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Matt Andrews and Chris Persampieri lead the way, along with Michael, Eric and Susan for Vermont petitioning, and others as well.

Connecticut: We wish to thank Todd Vachon, Cole Stangler (high school
student) and others for their fine efforts, while Todd campaigned for congress as well; Indiana: Ron Haldeman and Cain Toomey were steadfast and dependable, thank you; North Carolina: great job for “write-in” status, Paul Boyle; Texas: Eric Murillo and Raul Cano we also thank you for “write-in”
status; California: A big effort by Vice Presidential nominee Stewart Alexander, Tina Phillips, Cindy Henderson, Maggie Phair, Jack Gerson, and others for seeking convention delegates or electors for “write-in”
status—-great effort by all.

Edwin Laing was a terrific confidant on the issues, on socialism, and on targeting our various audiences and messages to convey. Thank you, Edwin, great job.

A special thanks also to Carol Zarek and Freda Radich in California, personal friends, who co-hosted our suite at the PFP convention in Sacramento, raised money and arranged for media interviews. Plus, Freda gave us some smart PR advise. Thank you, ladies.

Kudos to Linda Lee Bishop of Mississippi, the Chair of the Natural Law Party, who took it upon herself to give us the green light to see ballot access through her inactive party.

In Florida, Paul Werner was instrumental in overseeing many of the campaign efforts; Marc Luzietti oversaw the obtaining of voter registration rolls and names for the Elector preparation; Mark Harris was terrific in coordinating the collection of sufficient number of Electors from the Socialist Party to gain ballot access; and Professor Jay Jurie of Central Florida University arranged for a university speech, media coverage and issue advise. They were all outstanding.

From the Peace and Freedom Party in California, a special thanks to John Reiger, Norma Harrison and Marsha Feinland for your efforts to nominate us and speak on our behalf; and also to Debra Reiger and Kevin Aiken and Bill Callison, and many unnamed volunteers, supporters and party members who were helpful in our delegate efforts early on.

Philip Kirchner, Esq, in New Jersey, and Mark Brown, Esq., were a huge help to us in finding legal counsel in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana.
[a separate note will address this issue]

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News was fair and generous in reporting on our events and achievements throughout the campaign; likewise to Paul Canoli for his reporting of our efforts in Independent Political Report and to Austin Cassidy and Peter Orvetti in the Third Party Politics Journal.

Michael Sahm, a professional petitioner, gave us tons of information and advice on the laws and procedures for petitioning in various states, and a wise strategy in prioritizing the states.

And a special note of thanks to Quinn Brisben, our former presidential and vice-presidential candidate, who is seriously ill now, but continually provided us counsel and advise and strategy from the very beginning of the St. Louis convention, to almost the final month. We salute you, Quinn, thank you, for your generous spirit and heart, to you and your wife, Andrea.

We will send out a separate note listing the financial contributions made to our campaign, by the many party members, friends and colleagues. People were generous on a one-time basis, multiple times, and a handful were even gracious enough to contribute monthly during the duration of the campaign.

We thank you all. And we apologize to any who we inadvertantly left off.
Please know that your labor was not lost, nor ineffective, but a wonderful contribution to the ultimate embrace of Socialism in America and worldwide.

Thank you, colleagues, brothers and sisters, and friends.

Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander
November 10, 2008

15 thoughts on “Socialists Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander send their thanks

  1. paulie cannoli

    Thanks to Moore and Stewart on a great campaign.

    They’re great on peace and civil liberties issues, and I agree with them about the evil of big corporations (although not on their proposed solution).

    Their media access was truly remarkable, including Fox News, CNN, CSPAN, Comedy Central, and major newspapers like the LA Times and Chicago Tribune. Their ballot access was not the greatest – I helped in what ways I could – but they did manage to get registered write-in status in enough states to have a theoretical chance of winning, something no other explicitly socialist party did.

    I hope they get an early start on 2012 petitioning, which is advise I give to all the parties.

    I’m also happy to have done what I can to cover them here.

    I do have a question though….

    likewise to Paul Canoli for his reporting of our efforts in Independent Political Report and to Austin Cassidy and Peter Orvetti in the Third Party Politics Journal.

    What’s the Third Party Politics Journal? I haven’t heard of it.

  2. Libertarian Joseph

    Oh. But they call it socialism. What about Norway? How’s it going over there? Or was it Denmark? All the same, to me.

  3. Libertarian Joseph

    If you want an ever decreasing quality of healthcare you can let the government get more involved than it already is. That always helps.

  4. Libertarian Joseph

    “social scientists” aka socialists.

    hmm. how’s their economy? Certainly not booming. Don’t worry, it will all catch up to them.

  5. Ross Levin

    I don’t think the strength of an economy – measured in what terms exactly? – is really a measure of how successful a government/society is.

    “‘Social scientists’ aka socialists” – very convincing and thoughtful argument you have there.

  6. Libertarian Joseph

    lol. Whatever, Ross. It will all catch up to the government. If their healthcare is so great, why do the rich of that nation travel here to get treated?

    Don’t get me wrong, the healthcare in the US is *very* elitist, but it’s still more private than over there, so it gives you a good indication of what works and what doesn’t. How can government come up with new medical technology? The technology will always stay he same. They’re just relying on the new technologies of other countries, to import them.

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