Former Green national committee member: GPUS, R.I.P.

John Walsh, a former member of the Green Party‘s national committee, has written an article for CounterPunch declaring the party “now lies in the political graveyard”, citing numerous examples of dysfunctional organization and counterproductive agendas in what he characterizes as a “badly needed postmortem”:

In the summer of 2007 when I was newly elected to the GPUS National Committee as a representative from MA, I felt that the GPUS was indeed viable. In fact I responded then in CounterPunch to an article by Joshua Frank, warning that the GPUS was breathing its last. In retrospect, he was a far better diagnostician than I. And I squandered a lot of time searching for signs of longevity in the GPUS. I write this in part to save others from a similar, futile, very unappetizing and at times downright painful experience.

Walsh goes on to criticize the National Committee’s super-majority requirement in the failure of resolution #324, which would have amended the party’s controversial delegate allocation process for its presidential nominating convention. He goes on to describe a lethargic ballot access and fundraising operation, connivances by a faction he calls “DemoGreens” and the imposition of Identity politics on the McKinney/Clemente campaign, referred to as “downright insulting” to McKinney. Walsh closes with a call to move forward:

There is no doubt that viable state Green parties have to break decisively with the national GPUS, the Identity Politicians, the various dogmatic interlopers and the DemoGreens, if there is to be any chance for progress. And Ralph Nader has begun an effort called “November 5.” The coming years with a depression upon us and empire run amok offer a chance for gaining ground last seen in the 1930s. We may even quote Rahm Emanuel, “Every crisis is an opportunity.” The multiple crises we now face offer a prospect that is breathtaking.

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