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Green Williams to run for Maine governor in 2010

The Bangor Daily News reports this morning that Maine Green Independent Party chair Lynne Williams has announced plans to run for governor in 2010. In 2002, Green Jonathan Carter won nine percent of the vote for governor; in 2006, Green Pat LaMarche won 10 percent.

In a statement, Williams said, “The Green party platform, and my own values, are particularly suited to guiding a state through this type of period. I seek to create a new definition of growth and progress, where such terms are not defined by how many Wal-Marts are in a region, but rather by how much people in that region support and patronize their own locally owned businesses.”

Williams, an attorney, ran for the state legislature as a Green in 2004. Williams “has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Southern California. She grew up in New York City and has a grown son who is in college in San Francisco.” PolitickerME also reports on Williams’s campaign.

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