Michigan Green Party 2008 candidate Edward Pinkney reportedly released from prison

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Rev Pinkney home in time for Christmas
Fri, 12/26/2008 – 10:56 — Lou

Reports are circulating that Rev Pinkney was released from prison and was home in time for the holiday.

A very happy holiday to the Pinkneys, Benton Harbor and all fighters for justice.

10 thoughts on “Michigan Green Party 2008 candidate Edward Pinkney reportedly released from prison

  1. paulie cannoli Post author

    I live 1 town over, so I’m a pretty reliable source. Its true, he’s out on bond.


    Hopefully he’ll get locked back up again soon.


  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    1.He’s Guilty

    Of quoting the bible?

    2.He’s a racist (towards me anyways)

    Thats enough for me.

    Not for me. I don’t think being a racist or quoting the bible are reasons to put someone in prison.

  3. Rev Edward Pinkney

    Mr Gatties
    Equal justice means that ideally ,all Americans
    have equal rights and freedoms ,no matter if rich or poor,no matter if they exercise their freedom of speech or just go along to get along .No concept of law should be more important to Americans.

    Mr Gatties ,I do not know who you are ,if you are claiming that i am a racist then you are a liar.I do not defend myself against people like

  4. G.E.

    Racists certainly shouldn’t be locked up. Even preachers shouldn’t be locked up. What is he “guilty” of? On whose person or property did he aggress? Let him pay restitution to the victims, if there are any. No one should be locked in a state animal cage.

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