A profile of Matt Gonzalez

The San Francisco Chronicle’ Kenneth Baker recently conducted an interview with Matt Gonzalez, Ralph Nader’s Vice Presidential running mate in 2008.

In 2003, former Supervisor Matt Gonzalez narrowly lost the San Francisco mayoral election to Gavin Newsom. He has moved on, but many of his supporters apparently have not, still referring to him affectionately – out of his hearing at least – as “Mayor Matt.”

Not one to be daunted by uphill work, Gonzalez ran for vice president on the 2008 ticket with independent Ralph Nader. The two described their anti-corporatist campaign as a run against the two-party system, but even many liberals and supporters were critical of their efforts.

A lawyer in private practice in San Francisco and a part-time collage artist, Gonzalez spends much of his time “trying to talk people out of going to court,” as he once said in conversation.

At present he is working on a case taken by his late friend Peter Camejo, who was Nader’s vice presidential running mate in 2004 on the Green Party ticket. It involves a habeas corpus petition on behalf of a Folsom State Prison inmate who has already served 10 years of a life sentence mandated by the “three strikes” law after he cheated on a Department of Motor Vehicles test.

Q: Have you been in touch with Ralph Nader since the campaign?

A: I am in touch with Ralph. I last saw him when he was in the Bay Area for [California Green Party co-founder and three-time gubernatorial candidate] Peter Camejo’s memorial [in November].

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24 thoughts on “A profile of Matt Gonzalez

  1. Robert Milnes

    As soon as Nader chose Gonzalez I knew he would lose. Not because of Gonzalez perse, but because it was not a fusion ticket. Nader should pick a libertarian woman like I should to form a fusion ticket. But he probably will not & I will. So, vote for me.

  2. libertariangirl

    when nader chose Gonzalez thats when you knew he’d lose?


    come on now , i knew from the get go Barr , Nader , mcKinney and Baldwin would lose.

  3. Trent Hill

    Right, but you have the aid of your mental faculties. Milnes is not so lucky.

  4. WVGhostDog

    As a Nader supporter for the last 3 Pres. elections, I will tell you right now that Nader will run … again … in 2012 and that he will lose no matter who his running mate is.

    Mr. Milnes – Why don’t you run a demonstration project somewhere showing that someone can win some office using your precepts. Wasn’t your fusion concept used for the 2006 Maryland Senate race? Didn’t seem to work out too well there if I recall.

  5. Robert Milnes

    wvgd, not so fast. if nader had selected or does select a woman libertarian vp, that would create a whole new dynamic. his selecting a more or less dime a dozen left/progressive merely feeds into the dem/rep duopoly dynamic. he matches his niche vote instead of combining blocs. obama combined blocs-liberals, progressives & blacks to closely win the nomination. blacks voted for a black because he was black. progressives supported obama because his meme “change” fooled them into thinking he was a progressive & there was no other VIABLE progressive candidate. yes, something was tried in MD. hopelessly inadequate. what is needed is a mass movement of candidates willing to try one green OR one libertarian on EVERY ballot & voter education.

  6. Leymann Feldenstein

    Robert Milnes said: “vote for me.”

    I will if Cynthia McKinney is on the ticket.

  7. stir the pot

    Or how about “Deborah”, the TV anchor with whom you have already had a long, if transcendental relationship?

  8. Robert Milnes

    stir the pot. interesting suggestion. I understand she divorced her republican husband. perhaps she found her way to libertarianism. she is from the south- san antone. a possibility. doubtful though. unfortunately she colaborated with the fbi against me. that is a poor reference.

  9. stir the pot

    Yes. and there is a big difference between keeping tabs & stalking, thank you.

    I think the prosecution would call that a “gray area”.

    BTW, does she still send you telepathic messages?

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