In NY, more presidential votes for third party candidates found

from Ballot Access News
New York Finds More Votes for President from Last November
March 14th, 2009

The New York State Board of Elections recently revised its official November 2008 election returns, to include some votes from Queens that has been accidentally omitted from the earlier official tally. The new returns show 162 more votes for Ralph Nader, 82 more votes for Bob Barr, 72 more votes for Cynthia McKinney, 20 more write-in votes for Chuck Baldwin, 19 more votes for Roger Calero, and 10 more votes for Gloria La Riva. Here is a link to the new totals…

2 thoughts on “In NY, more presidential votes for third party candidates found

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    I hope everyone doesn’t think I posted this just because it is from over the way in Queens, New York.


    It is so difficult for third parties to get the respect and recognition they deserve. And, every vote counts. So, I thought it was interesting that new votes were uncovered. Wonder if any more turn up anywhere else? I know every vote for Cynthia McKinney meant a lot to me…

    Here is what I wrote as editorial comment on my web-site:

    Often, with a third party or independent campaign, there is a decision to be made at the end of the campaign: Focus exclusively on outreach/get out the vote, or put some resources towards poll-watching and organizing for poll watching. This story from New York suggests that poll watching and monitoring the board of elections can reap some rewards.

    The resurfaced votes are also a good reason for individual citizens and third party folks to help watchdog at the polls. When a candidate has a relatively small vote tally, 100 plus votes is a big deal. Numbers like these could affect comparisons between districts, friendly contests among locals, and possibly decisions about where your message has support or not.

    (And, to put it more bluntly: Everyone wants bragging rights for their candidate and their local. So, Go Queens! you got a few more votes than we all gave you credit for last November!!!)

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