Cynthia McKinney: Radio Appearance and Writing About Federal Reserve

Amid rumors that Cynthia McKinney is pondering an upcoming run for Congress, McKinney has made two recent media hits: a radio interview with host  Hodari on (discussion about Gaza, depleted uranium, and Haiti) and the publication of an election wrap-up essay with reflections on her Power to the People/Green Party campaign for President, with extensive thoughts on the federal reserve system and the economic crisis.

The full article is posted at
From Cynthia McKinney: Buyer’s Remorse, Economic Collapse, Oligarchs, & War


…Increasingly, though, there’s another type of voter that is contacting me, expressing “Buyer’s Remorse” for having supported candidate Barack Obama…

Ms. McKinney pulls several quotes about our financial system from a 1964 government document. She quotes:

“Money Facts,” 169 questions and answers on money authored by the Subcommittee on Domestic Finance, House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Currency, 1964.

“What is the problem of political responsibility?

Since the Federal Reserve is independent it is not accountable to anyone for the economic policies it chooses to pursue. But this runs counter to normally accepted democratic principles. The President and Congress are responsible to the people on election – day for their past economic decisions. But the Federal Reserve is responsible neither to the people directly nor indirectly through the people’s elected representatives. Yet the Federal Reserve exercises great power in controlling the money-creating activities of the commercial banks.”

5 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney: Radio Appearance and Writing About Federal Reserve

  1. sunshinebatman

    You can go pull the document from the Library of Congress, free of charge.

  2. Brian

    Mr. Logan, Some times you actually have to go a law library or the Congressional archives. The web doesn’t have everything. The report is a real report . . . so the only thing that is a bit weak is your critique. No offense!

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