Prohibition Party national meeting will be June 17-18 in Tennessee

Politics 1 says:  “The Prohibition Party — founded in 1869 and billing themselves as ‘America’s Oldest Third Party’ — espouses a generally ultra-conservative Christian social agenda mixed with anti-drug and international anti-communist views.”

from Ballot Access News
Prohibition Party Sets National Committee Meeting

The Prohibition Party holds a national committee meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 17-18. Speakers include Rev. Dr. John Killian, and also History Professor J. David Gillespie, author of “Politics at the Periphery.” The meeting is at Barton-First Southern Methodist Church, 2869 Mendenhall Road.

9 thoughts on “Prohibition Party national meeting will be June 17-18 in Tennessee

  1. John C

    I think 2 or 3 of us should join and infiltrate the Prohibition Party and make it a majority pro-booze party.

  2. Mik Robertson

    Granola bars. I hear the party has been going through some infighting.

  3. NewFederalist

    Well, all kidding aside at least the Prohibition Party HAS a history and is mentioned in most history texts. They have even polled a higher popular vote percentage for president than either the Libertarians or the Constitutionalists AND if I am not mistaken they have actually elected a person to the U.S. House of Representatives from California and the governor of Florida. Not recently, of course, but what the hell. Tease away…

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