Gene Amondson Dies

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Gene Amondson Dies

July 21st, 2009

On July 20, Gene Amondson died at the age of 65. He had been the Prohibition Party candidate for president in 2008, and had also been one of two competing Prohibition Party presidential candidates in 2004. He was 65. He had suffered a stroke the day before he died, which put him in a coma. Thanks to John Killian for this news.

There is a video at youtube of Gene Amondson speaking.

28 thoughts on “Gene Amondson Dies

  1. Dave Gillespie

    I met Amondson a few weeks ago. He was a good guy, pragmatic, seemingly vigorous, and witty as hell. He defied what many might see as the stereotype of the stuffy Prohibitionist. His death should be mourned by everyone on the third-party front, of whatever ideological stripe.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Rest in peace Gene. It was nice that Gene tried to debate his critics on the comments of that YouTube video. I disagree with him, as I believe that, though abortion should be illegalized, alcohol is very important and drugs should all be legal accept for meth. I also think he sounded drunk in that video. But I mourn his death.

  3. Joseph Grainer

    Haha! Good thing the Prohibition Party didn’t win the 2008 election, then. A loss of a President 7 months in would wreak havoc on the American public as well as the economy.

  4. Bryan

    I usually will post smart ass comments on the more “fringe” parties/candidates… but in this case I think he was sincere in his beliefs (however misguided), and that he added a little “spice” to “third” Party movements.

    RIP dude….

  5. mdh

    Goes to show ya, no matter how you live life, everyone dies. That’s why I plan to drink lots, smoke lots, and party hard. 🙂

    I’m kind of curious as well if his prohibition party will also fall now that he’s passed on.

    RIP Gene.

  6. Mike Theodore

    I’ve always had a good amount of respect for this man. I was always hoping to meet him someday. May his God go with him to his final resting place.

  7. Dave Gillespie

    For those in the area who want to pay their
    respect, the memorial service for Amondson
    is scheduled for 2 pm Saturday on Vashon
    Island in Washington state. For more information, call (206) 463 9300.

  8. NewFederalist

    As for the future of the party… see discussion at BAN. There is an endowment that virtually assures the party will continue. If the party could survive the death of Earl Dodge it can survive the death of Gene Amondson.

  9. Donald Raymond Lake

    Mike: One more thanks for turning this political site into ‘church chat’. Some of us are serious ’bout changing the world on a secular level. I personally know that there are dozens of religious sites out there!

    If you are in California and AIP – 1 or AIP – 2 you might consider:

    “We would appreciate hearing from you if you have an interest in running for political office here in California. There are many offices available for candidates throughout California , ranging from US Congress, State Senate and State Assembly.

    Its easier to do than you think, and we offer mentoring and coaching to show you how. The amount of time or effort is up to you, and can be done on a part time, casual basis. Being on ballot, just by itself, is a tremendous witness to our cause for Constitutional Government.
    Requirements: You must either be currently unregistered or registered as “Decline To State” or as “American Indpendent Party”.
    Unfortunately, if you are still registered with a political party, such as “Republican” , the California State election code deadline to switch parties for the 2010 elections passed back in March.

    If you have a serious interest in serving in this capacity, please send an email immediately to the following address along with your contact information:
    (click on link for email address form) bill.lussenheide@

    We appreciate your willingness to run for office and help build a new political majority in America under the guidance of the Constitution!”

    [Just be aware that Ed Noonan and or Deby Bowen can derail your efforts at a moment’s notice —– via the AIP /Constitutional Party split and the Reform Party John Blare style rip off of the official party title ……….]

  10. Catholic Trotskyist

    Don, Peter is exactly right. And why are you blaming Mike for turning this into church chat? I’ve been doing that for almost a year now, and don’t you remember John Lowell and Red Phillips who used to post here?

  11. Catholic Trotskyist

    I wonder what conditions are on the endowment. What if there is truly noone interested in the Prohibition Party, but what if some other third parties could take over and change the party’s platform in order to get the money?

  12. Dave Gillespie

    Catholic Trotskyist:
    I think the party is in much better shape than in
    the late Earl Dodge era, when it was terribly
    divided. There are still legal issues regarding the endowment, and I think the people who are devoted to the party are having to operate on a shoestring. And there is no doubt Amondson’s unexpected death has dealt a blow to the party. But there are a core of dedicated leaders, including Jim Hedges of Pennsylvania, Leroy Pletten of Michigan (he was the vp candidate with Amondson), William Bledsoe of Florida, and Don Webb of Mississippi.

  13. Donald Raymond Lake

    Secular public administration, secular public administration, secular public administration!

    Want to get ‘churchie’ —— go to a religious site!

    Protect my spirituality! Keep your religion out of my nation’s politics!

  14. Donald Raymond Lake

    CT, if you were not ‘too poor to pay attention’ you might notice that I do not respond a whole lot your rantings. Now, I love the first Amendment, but my response is to rarely read your stuff, and the few times I do, 85% of the time I do not respond!

    Shame on you for dragging religion into American secular public administration! Shame on you!

  15. Bryan

    I can’t believe that anybody is turning this into some nearly hostile post…

    I REALLY like my beer, I haven’t been to a church service (other than funerals) in almost 30 years.

    But I respected Gene for standing up for what he believed, even as some mocked him and others ignored him. As a “fellow” third party member, I know what he had to put up with… and he did it for years.

    All I would like to see, is people showing a little respect for someone who died, and because he was a religious man, and a member of a political organization that recognizes Christian principles, I think some of this respect should be for what he believed…As for me I hope that he found the end that he was seeking during his time on earth.

    Take the argument to another topic…

  16. Catholic Trotskyist

    Bryan, I appreciate your post. Don, at first I didn’t read your stuff either, but now I read 100% of it. Remember that Robert Milnes has called us three the Holy Roman triumverate, because we are creating confusion and excitement on this website and are widely thought to be insane.
    Religion is and will always be an important part of politics. The questions are how and why and when, not whether and what the hell.
    I think Robert Milnes should consider attempting a takeover of the Prohibition Party and consider using it to get the Progressive Alliance strategy off the ground.

  17. mdh

    I don’t think CT is insane.

    I think Milnes is clearly a gentleman who suffers from some mental illness, and all joking aside, I wish he would get the help he needs.

    Lake clearly has some mental illness issues as well, and I wish the same for him. I think he probably has had trouble getting the help he needs because of the VA being another incompetent government agency, and that’s a shame. A good case study on how government just doesn’t work.

  18. Don Lake .......... More Libs Lacking a Lib Perspective

    And I am off balanced ?????????

    Peter Orvetti // Jul 22, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    “This has nothing to do with “secular public administration”. It’s about a man who died. I don’t want religion in government either. But this is about a decent man who died ……”

    Lake: He is dead and you are an idiot! Regarding ‘Independent POLITICAL Report’! Duh!

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